Tiger Sugar Menu: Tiger Sugar Singapore Menu Updated 2020

tiger sugar menu
tiger sugar menu

Guide to Tiger Sugar Menu: Tiger Sugar Singapore Menu | Tiger Sugar Delivery Menu 

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Tiger Sugar Menu Introduction

Image from Instagram @a18ee.t

The Tiger Sugar brand do not prefer a complicated menu but rather focus making each drink by a series of quality controls in the process to bring out the taste of each ingredient.

Tiger Sugar prides itself on using only high quality and imported ingredients to craft their beverages. The menu is kept simple to highlight its signature Tiger Brown Sugar syrup, which is made up of four types of Taiwanese brown sugar syrup

The main best sellers on Tiger Sugar Menu are the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, Brown Sugar Boba with Pearls with Cream Mousse and Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse.

Therefore, you cannot customise the sugar level, amount of ice or toppings, compared to all the other bubble tea brands.

Tiger Sugar Menu Highlight: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse

Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse - Picture of Tiger Sugar, Hong Kong  - Tripadvisor

Considered the signature drink that propelled Tiger Sugar to fame, this best-selling drink is a wonderful combination of cold, fresh milk and warm brown sugar pearls topped with a thick mousse for a slightly cheesy taste. 

This is all-time fan favorite and highly recommended choice for first-timer on Tiger Sugar Menu!

Tiger Sugar Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of Tiger Sugar Singapore Menu for 2020! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!  


Tiger Sugar Menu 2020: In-store Menu and Price

tiger sugar menu
tiger sugar menu


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Tiger Sugar Promotion: 2nd Cup at $4

Tiger Sugar is having a new promotion offering $4 Brown Sugar Coffee Milk series with a single cup purchase. 

The Tiger Sugar Promotion is available from now till 30 Sep.

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