FREE $10 FairPrice Group Gift Card by completing 15 mins LTA Survey! (2023 Update)

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Snag a FREE $10 FairPrice Group gift card by completing 15 mins LTA Survey! (2023 Update)

Looking for an effortless way to earn some extra savings? Here’s an unbeatable deal just for you. By sparing a mere 15 minutes of your time, local residents in Singapore are entitled to a $10 FairPrice Group Voucher! Simply participate in LTA’s brief survey on Transport & Travel Patterns and enjoy this amazing reward.

All local residents in Singapore are eligible to complete the LTA survey to redeem the free FairPrice Group gift card.
LTA Survey FairPrice Vouchers
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The survey itself takes a maximum of ~15 minutes (we took only 10 mins to complete) (4 sections).
User will receive a SGD 10 FairPrice giftcard after survey completion via email. All info has to be valid, phone, email, address etc to be eligible to receive the giftcard.
Redeem the $10 FairPrice Group gift card by answering the survey here. (Note: If you face any issues with the link, try reopening the link again using your browser incognito window) 
Update: We have successfully received and redeemed a $10 FairPrice Voucher after completing the survey. No minimum spend required.
To qualify for the reward, please make sure the following are submitted in the survey:
1) Valid Singapore Phone number (+65) only 
2) Completion of Survey via this link here. Once you have completed the survey, you should see the screen below.
4) Visit the survey page and login using your mobile number again to redeem the voucher after 3 days.
 LTA Survey FairPrice Vouchers 2023WhatsApp Image at .. PM
lta survey
Definitely an easy way to earn $10 voucher that you can use for the above popular brands by completing a short survey while simultaneously support our public sector transport planning initiative.
Redeem the $10 FairPrice Group gift card by answering the survey here

Detailed LTA Survey Reward Redemption Guide

For those who have completed the survey but yet to receive any email after 3 days, you may try visiting the survey link here again (using the same browser and device). Below is what we see when we visit the same link again and login to our account via mobile number. 
lta survey
Click on the button “Go to Profile”, you should see the earned reward points from your completed survey as below which can be used to redeem rewards.
You should see the link to your awarded FairPrice Group gift card as below. Click on Redeem points to redeem the rewards.
So, why wait? Dive into the survey, benefit from this deal, and simultaneously support our nation’s public sector transport planning initiative!

Household Travel Survey (HTS)

The added incentive behind this fantastic promotion is the Household Travel Survey (HTS). LTA’s dedication to creating an efficient transport system in Singapore is highly dependent on the insights gained from this survey. Conducted every four to five years, the HTS is a large-scale endeavour reaching out to approximately 60,000 respondents islandwide.

Your invaluable participation in the HTS is a step forward in enhancing Singapore’s transportation. The collected data gives LTA a deeper understanding of the daily commutes of Singaporeans, from trips to work and school to town centres. The survey also examines the evolving travel patterns, like the proportion of Singaporeans driving, owning multiple cars, and their frequency in using public transport like the MRT and buses.

LTA has set an ambitious goal to collect 10,000 survey responses this year, offering respondents the flexibility to participate either online in multiple languages or through face-to-face interviews. The latter will be overseen by LTA’s appointed vendor Affle International Pte Ltd and their partner EA Research & Consulting Pte Ltd. Rest assured, LTA upholds stringent data protection standards, ensuring all responses are securely stored.

To join the HTS 2023, navigate to the Household Travel Survey website. Act swiftly, as the survey will close either on 17 Nov 2023 or once 10,000 responses have been achieved.