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  • R&B Tea Strawberry Green Tea with Cheese Cream and Strawberry Yakult – new flavor added to menu on 1st Aug 2020

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About R&B Tea

R&B Tea stands for the initials of the Taiwanese owners, Rex and Bruce, who missed bubble tea from home while working in China and decided to venture into the bubble tea arena.

The R&B Bubble Tea Franchise have over 500 R&B 巡茶 outlets in China and Vietnam, with outlets in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands, Marina Square Cookhouse, Toa Payoh, Singapore Polytechnic, and Punggol Oasis Terraces.

 R&B Tea Singapore is most well-known for their Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee on their menu.

R&B Tea Menu Highlight: Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea (青蛙撞奶)

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Launched in Feb 2018 on R&B Tea Menu, Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea (青蛙撞奶) is a bubble tea with warm, chewy tapioca pearls mixed with chilled fresh milk in a pleasing combination that’s an instant perk-me-up – with a strong yummy brown sugar flavour in chewy pearls.  

The tea “青蛙撞奶” means “frogs knocking on milk”, as the boba pearls supposedly look like frog eggs.

The R&B Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea (青蛙撞奶) is a favourite choice on its menu among fans in Singapore and we would recommend this drink to people who love the taste of warm soft pearls, mixed in with cold smooth milk, and like their cup of bubble tea to be flavorful and sweet!

R&B Tea Menu Highlight: Strawberry Green Tea with Cheese Cream

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The R&B Strawberry Green Tea is the latest addition to R&B Tea Menu to celebrate Singapore 55th National Day.  

This all-new bubble tea seems like a great refreshing fruity addition to R&B Tea Menu! Let us know at our Instagram your thoughts on this new flavor!  


R&B Tea Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of R&B Tea Singapore Menu for 2020! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!  


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rb tea menu3
rb tea menu

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A whole variety of bubble tea selections to choose from in R&B Tea shop.


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