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Below you will find a single page with the most updated KOI Menu for Signature, Express and Delivery. All KOI Menu are sourced directly from various sources including KOI Company website.

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KOI Menu Types

KOI has two different menu based on the outlet types: KOI Signature and KOI Express. Each KOI outlet has its own distinct menu serving different types of flavored bubble teas to cater to different crowds. Signature KOI is a premium version Of the regular KOI Express Outlets, serving premium bubble tea menu with prices up to 50% higher depending on your bubble tea choices. The new concept store Signature KOI opened in 2019 and offers dine-in options with tables and seating at Jewel Changi Airport, on top of the regular cup of bubble tea on its menu. 

KOI Menu Highlight: Biscuit and Mango Drink Series

koi biscuit and mango milk tea
koi biscuit and mango milk tea

Launched on 8 Sep 2020, KOI Biscuit Milk and Coco Mango Seasons Tea are the two latest additions to Koi Menu!

The KOI Biscuit Milk Tea’s main ingredient is made with a popular Lotus Biscoff biscuitsmashed into tiny bits and mixed into the drink, giving it an extra crunch on every sip. The KOI Mango Seasons Tea comes comes a scoop of vanilla ice cream with Green Tea.

KOI Menu Highlight: Vanilla Milk Tea Ice Cream

koi vanilla milk tea ice cream
koi vanilla milk tea ice cream

On 5 Aug 2020, KOI Vanilla Ice Cream returns to the Koi Menu for all fans to enjoy! The ice cream has a milky texture and has been a favourite among many KOI fans in Singapore.

Get yourself a treat if you have the chance, only at all KOI thé outlet!

KOI Menu Highlight: Peach Four Seasons Tea

KOI Menu Highlight: Peach Four Seasons Tea
KOI Menu Highlight: Peach Four Seasons Tea

In January 2020, Koi Singapore launched a new CNY drink called Peach Four Seasons Tea to add on to its menu. Peach Four Seasons Tea is one of the newest addition to Koi menu and spot a strong dark orange fruity color, making it appear more of a fruity drink than other choices on Koi Menu.

The Koi Peach Four Seasons tea is a drink on the lighter side, nicely blend with proportionate amount of peach and tea flavor. The Four Season tea consist of freshly-picked tea leaves selected to be made into tea that can satisfy the choosiest palate. 

The tea is a sweet, fruity beverage that has a refreshing fruity taste – perfect for a post-meal refreshing drink! You may add toppings such as Aloe Vera & Koi’s famous Golden Bubble to give the drink extra texture.

Overall, Koi Peach Four Seasons Tea Tea is definitely a great addition to Koi Singapore Menu and is recommended for those looking for something new to try on KOI menu with a lighter flavor profile! Our editors at AllSGPromo would recommend it to those who prefer a refreshing taste in your cup of bubble tea!

KOI Menu Highlight: Golden Bubble Milk Tea

KOI Menu Highlight: Golden Bubble Milk Tea
KOI Menu Highlight: Golden Bubble Milk Tea

Golden Bubble Milk Tea

The Golden Bubble Milk Tea is arguable one of Koi’s most popular drink on its menu. The rich and creamy milk tea is further elevated when combined with Koi one-of-a-kind golden bubbles. You would be able to enjoy the blended flavors and textures of bubbles bouncing around in your mouth as you take a sip through the drink. The Golden Bubble pearls are also chewy and soft, which makes it easy and light to consume.


Overall Koi Golden Bubble Milk Tea has a stronger emphasis on the dairy flavours with a milkier and creamier texture. We would recommend Bubble Tea fans to choose this drink on Koi Menu only if you enjoy a stronger milk taste and aroma in your cup of bubble tea.

KOI Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of KOI Singapore Menu for 2021! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!  

Koi Menu

KOI Menu Singapore: KOI Signature Menu (Hot Beverage)

koi signature menu singapore
koi signature menu singapore

KOI Menu Singapore: KOI Signature Menu (Cold Beverage)

koi signature menu singapore cold
koi signature menu singapore cold

KOI Menu Singapore: KOI Express Menu

KOI Menu Singapore: KOI The Menu 

Below are KOI Promotions you might be interested in.

KOI Menu Promotion: 7 Drinks for $22 Gift Card Promo

Celebrate Christmas with your loved ones with a gift curated by KOI especially for the Seasons of Joy. 

Koi is having a promotion offering 7 Koi drinks for $22!
The card includes the following vouchers:
 2x Vanilla Ice Cream Black Tea/Vanilla Ice Cream Black Tea Latte
 2x Mango Seasons Tea Macchiato
 2x Signature Pearl Earl Grey Milk Tea
 1x Any Beverage of your choice

Also comes with a Limited Xmas Edition cardholder.
Terms & Conditions:⁣
 Beverages exclusively redeemable at:⁣
• KOI Thé – Vanilla Ice Cream Black Tea / Vanilla Ice Cream Black Tea Latte / Beverage of your choice⁣
• KOI Express (except Changi Airport) – Mango Seasons Tea Macchiato / Beverage of your choice⁣
• Signature KOI (except Jewel, Changi Airport) – Signature Pearl Earl Grey Milk Tea⁣
Vouchers are valid till 31 January 2021⁣
Strictly no upsize, non-exchangeable and non-refundable


Below are other KOI Menu for outlets in other countries for fans to compare the flavors (and the prices!) in different cities.

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About KOI Singapore

Video of KOI Singapore Outlets and Drinks

KOI’s brand is focused on bringing out the following: selection of raw material, tea-brewing process, precision and consistency, and friendly service. The KOI brand is founded in 2006 with a focus on quality.

Its signature heart-warming hospitality were successfully brought overseas with the opening of the first Singapore outlet in 2007. As part of an effort to expand the brand internationally, the Singapore branch helped trigger enthusiasm for Taiwanese bubble tea across the city state.

In 2015, in order better convey its brand philosophy and to nurture tea culture, Ms. Khloé Ma officially changed the brand name to KOI Thé to put an emphasis on tea. 

Since then, KOI has gradually grown and firmly established as an international brand with more than 39 Branches worldwide in Taiwan, Singapore, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Macau, Indonesia and Cambodia.

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