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Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Boost Juice Cheesecake Smoothies

On 1st November 2020, Boost Juice Bars Singapore introduced a new item onto its menu – the Cheesecake Smoothies!
boost juice bar cheesecake menu
boost juice bar cheesecake menu
Boost Juice Bars serve the Cheesecakes classic in SMOOTHIES form with 3 mouth-watering flavours that you don’t want to miss it as below:
NY Blueberry Cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: All Berry Bang

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: All Berry Bang
Boost Juice Menu Highlight: All Berry Bang

All Berry Bang is an all-time favourite among fans of Boost Juice Singapore. It contained an extremely healthy and tasty berry combo consisting of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple juice, TD4 strawberry yoghurt and ice.

Our favourite is definitely All Berry Bang fruit juice and we reckon it is a must try on Boost Juice Menu!  

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Mango Magic

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Mango Magic
Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Mango Magic

Boost Juice’s Mango Magic is our second choice to the popular All Berry Bang juice. Its refreshing mango taste and low-fat ice cream is a great thirst quencher for all Boost Juice fans! Although prices can be a bit steep, we think the healthy plus tasty fragrant juice combo offers great value for anyone with some spare cash to splurge on a drink!

The ingredients in Mango Magic are Mango, Banana, Mango Nectar, TD4 Vanilla yoghurt and ice!  

Definitely a second MUST TRY on Boost Juice Menu! Especially if you are sweating in the hot weather and looking for a cooling refreshing drink!   

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Strawberry Squeeze 

Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Strawberry Squeeze 
Boost Juice Menu Highlight: Strawberry Squeeze

Boost Juice Strawberry Squeeze is a delightful treat with a strong core strawberry base mixed in with tinge of banana, apple and yoghurt taste. This juice is a popular choice among fans internationally and is a great choice to try if you are looking for other choices beyeond the two drinks above.

The ingredients in Strawberry Squeeze are Strawberries, banana, apple juice, TD4 strawberry yoghurt and ice!  

So this is our 3rd recommended drink on Boost Juice Menu! A great sweet treat with a sour taste and strawberry aroma!   

Boost Juice Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of Boost Juice Singapore Menu for 2021! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!  

Introduction of Boost Juice

boost juice logo

Back in 2000, a woman with no business experience – but unlimited passion and family support – opened her first juice bar in Adelaide.

The idea was brilliantly simple: make healthy living both tasty and fun.

That woman was Australian adventurer and entrepreneur Janine Allis. And the bar was Boost Juice – now one of our most popular and loved juice and smoothie brands, with 500 stores in 13 countries… and counting.

About Boost Juice Menu

Today, the world can’t get enough of Boost Juice. The brand’s winning combination of fresh fruit, blended and squeezed into delicious smoothies and juices, has been a remarkable success story.

Boost Juice Menu 2020: Boost Juice Menu At Bugis Junction Outlet

Boost Juice Menu 2020: Boost Juice Menu at Bukit Timah Outlet

Boost Juice Menu 2020: Boost Juice Menu at Bukit Timah Outlet
Boost Juice Menu 2020: Boost Juice Menu at Bukit Timah Outlet

Boost Juice Menu 2020: Healthy Booster Menu

Boost Juice Bars Menu Promotion: $1 for Second Drink at Suntec City  (6 and 9 April)

Boost Juice Bars is having a special promotion offering its second drink for only $1! This is almost equivalent to 1 for 1 promotion, except you have to pay $1 to enjoy the offer. 

Note that the promotion is only available at Boost Juice Bars outlet at Suntec City Mall B1-K9, and applicable for only its Most Popular drinks. Promo is also valid on 6th April 2021 and 9th April 2021 only.

Great deal to check out if you’re planning to grab a drink on the 6th and 9th April. Check out our coverage on Boost Juice Bars Promotion for details.

Boost Juice Bars Menu Promotion: 2 Cheesecake Smoothies for $11 (Till 30 Nov)

Check out this new Boost Juice Bars Promotion offering 2 Cheesecake Smoothies at $11 (U.P $14)!

Promotion is available starting from now until the end of the month.

Check out coverage on Boost Juice Bars Promotion for details! 

Boost Juice Menu and Pricing 2021


Menu ItemsPrice
All Berry BangSGD 5.00
Strawberry SqueezeSGD 5.00
Banana BuzzSGD 5.00
Cookies & CreamSGD 5.00
King William ChocolateSGD 5.00
Watermelon Lychee CrushSGD 4.50

Most Popular Smoothies

Menu ItemsPrice
All Berry BangSGD 5.00
Strawberry SqueezeSGD 5.00
Banana BuzzSGD 5.00
Cookies & CreamSGD 5.00
King William ChocolateSGD 5.00

Most Popular Crushes

Menu ItemsPrice
Watermelon Lychee CrushSGD 4.50
Berry CrushSGD 4.50

Fresh Juice Bar

Menu ItemsPrice
5 A Day JuiceSGD 5.50
Wild Berry JuiceSGD 5.50
Energiser JuiceSGD 5.50
Veggie JuiceSGD 5.50
Immunity JuiceSGD 5.50
Vita C Detox JuiceSGD 5.50
Lean & Green JuiceSGD 5.50

Calorie Counters

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure EdenSGD 7.50
Red RoyaleSGD 7.50
Wonder MelonSGD 5.50

Protein & Energy

Menu ItemsPrice
Protein SupremeSGD 9.00
Strawbrekkie ProteinSGD 7.00
Superfruit EnergySGD 7.00
Brekkie To Go GoSGD 7.00
Gym JunkieSGD 6.50
Skinny DipSGD 6.50

Boost Foods

Menu ItemsPrice
Muesli YoghurtSGD 5.00
Berry Muesli YoghurtSGD 5.00
Whole Fruit- BananaSGD 1.00
Protein Ball – White ChocolateSGD 1.50
Protein Ball – Peanut ButterSGD 1.50
Protein Ball – Chocolate and DatesSGD 1.50
Banana BreadSGD 1.50
Muesli BarSGD 2.50
Carrot Chocolate Chip MuffinSGD 2.00
Carrot Raisin CakeSGD 2.00

Boost Juice Bars Outlets, Location and Opening Hours

Bedok Mall

#01-04 Bedok Mall,
311 New Upper Changi Road,

Parkway Parade

#B1-K4 Parkway Parade,
80 Marine Parade Road,

Heartland Mall

#01-23/24, Heartland Mall Kovan,
205, Hougang Street 21,

Nex Shopping Mall

#B2-48, Nex Shopping Mall,
23 Serangoon Central,

Tampines One

#01-63 Tampines One,
10 Tampine Central 1,


Eastpoint Mall

Unit #01-06, Eastpoint Mall,
3 Simei Street 6,

City Square

#B1-K16, City Square Mall,
180 Kitchener Road,

Changi City Point

Unit No. #01-42,
Changi City Point,


About Boost Juice Bars

boost juice menu singapore website
boost juice menu singapore website

Boost Juice is an Australian retail outlet that specialise in selling fruit juice and smoothies and was formed in 2000 with the first store located in Adelaide, South Australia.

The company has expanded internationally with Boost Juice branded stores in Asia, Europe, South Africa, India, South America, and the United Kingdom through franchising. 

 A distinctive characteristics of Boost Juice Menu is that it offers a healthy alternative to fast food. Their menu offers real fruit juices, crushes and delicious low-fat smoothies made with top secret TD4 (To Die For) low-fat frozen yogurt. All products are at least 98% fat-free and no artificial flavours, colours, sugar or water are added.

Its smoothies are a healthy alternative to other less healthy sweet milkshakes and Boost Juice is definitely the go-to place for your smoothie cravings with fruits, yogurt, milk and ice cream as its main ingredients in their refreshing blends. 

Hope you enjoy our compilation of Boost Juice Menu: Boost Juice Singapore Menu Updated 2021 brought to you by

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