Liho K-Strawberry Series returns to Menu on 26th Jan | Liho Menu and Pricing 2022 Compilation

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LiHo Menu: Liho K-Strawberry Series returns to menu on 26th Jan

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Fall in love at first sight with Liho 2022 K-Strawberry Series – its yearly strawberry series is back and it is better than ever! 

liho menu strawberry tea drink
Liho has retained 2 crowd favourites; K-Strawberry Latte & K-Strawberry Jing Syuan and added a brand new wonderful flavour: K-Strawberry Magic Spirulina. 

Prices of the new Liho Menu drinks start from $7.50 for a medium-sized cup as follows:
  • K-Strawberry Latte is priced at $7.90 (M) 
  • K-Strawberry Magic Spirulina is priced at $7.90 (M)
  • K-Strawberry Jing Syuan is priced at $7.50 (M) 
Drinks are poured into the most adorable and photogenic strawberry-shaped cups* that are made convenient to drink from with a hole for the straw right at the top of the leafy green bottle cap. 
*While stocks last! Do note that our strawberry drinks are available across 20 selected LiHO TEA Outlets initially. Available at all outlets from 26 Jan 2022 onwards.

You may view the latest LiHo Store menu below.

LiHo Menu: Bubble Tea Menu & Prices liho menu liho menu

LiHo Menu: Bubble Tea Menu & Prices (2021 – Old)

liho menu 2021
liho menu 2021

LiHo Menu: In-store Menu & Prices (2021)

liho menu 2021 panel
liho menu 2021 panel

LiHo Menu 2020: In-store Menu (LiHo Avocado, Da Hong Pao, Cheezoh Tea, Taro & More) 

LiHo Menu 2020: In-store Menu (LiHo Avocado, Da Hong Pao, Cheezoh Tea, Taro & More) 
LiHo Menu 2020: In-store Menu (LiHo Avocado, Da Hong Pao, Cheezoh Tea, Taro & More) 

LiHo Menu 2020: LiHo Dajia Taro & Korea Strawberry Tea and Latte

LiHo Menu 2020: LiHo Dajia Taro & Korea Strawberry Tea and Latte
LiHo Menu 2020: LiHo Dajia Taro & Korea Strawberry Tea and Latte

LiHo Menu 2020: Dalgona Blueberry Latte, Dalgona Brown Sugar Pearl Coffee and Dalgona Brown Sugar Pearl Coffee

LiHO launches new Dalgona Coffee Series from $4.90, has Blueberry ...
LiHO launches new Dalgona Coffee Series from $4.90, has Blueberry …

LiHo Menu and Pricing

Popular Liho Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Singapore Fruit TeaSGD 5.80
Lychee Rose Jing Syuan TeaSGD 5.30


Menu ItemsPrice
Da Hong Pao WonderlandSGD 7.00
Golden AvocadoSGD 5.80
Royal Oolong DoubleSGD 4.60
Cookies MachiSGD 5.00
Peach Gum RoseSGD 7.00
QQ MacaronSGD 7.40
Triple Peach PomeloSGD 4.80
Sunrise CoconutSGD 5.30

Ice-Cream Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Oreo Coffee SundaeSGD 7.00
Da Hong Pao WonderlandSGD 7.00
Earl Grey Soy Good!SGD 7.00
Choco Pudding PartySGD 8.00

Fresh Milk Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Cookies MachiSGD 5.00
YO YO LatteSGD 6.00
QQ MacaronSGD 7.40
Royal Oolong DoubleSGD 4.60
Whirlwind CocoSGD 4.60

Frui Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Calpis LemonSGD 4.60
Singapore Fruit TeaSGD 5.80
Plum Green TeaSGD 4.00
Honey Lemon BoboSGD 4.60
Lychee Aloe HaSGD 4.60
Calpis Triple PeachSGD 4.60
Triple Peach PomeloSGD 4.80
Lychee Rose Jing Syuan TeaSGD 5.30
Passion Aloe Ha TeaSGD 5.30

Milk Fruit Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Sunrise CoconutSGD 5.30
Brown Bobo AvoSGD 6.00
Tropical AvocadoSGD 7.00
Peach CheeseSGD 7.00
Mango CheeseSGD 7.40
Avocado CheeseSGD 7.40
Golden AvocadoSGD 5.80
Mango DelightSGD 6.40

Lit Coffee

Menu ItemsPrice
LiHO Signature CoffeeSGD 4.60
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk CoffeeSGD 5.30
Salted Caramel Milk CoffeeSGD 5.30
Avocado Milk CoffeeSGD 7.00

Migh Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Peach Gum LemonSGD 7.00
Collagen+ LycheeSGD 7.40
Red Bull Passion CoolerSGD 8.00
Red Bull Mango BoosterSGD 8.00
Peach Gum RoseSGD 7.00
Collagen+ PeachSGD 7.40


Menu ItemsPrice
Golden Oolong Oat LatteSGD 5.80
Mango Sago Oat LatteSGD 7.40
Brown Sugar Pearl Oat LatteSGD 7.00

Healthier Choice

Menu ItemsPrice
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 2.80
Roasted Oolong TeaSGD 2.80
Jing Syuan TeaSGD 2.80
Earlgrey TeaSGD 2.80
Fresh Lemon Jasmine Green TeaSGD 3.80
Fresh Lemon Roasted Oolong TeaSGD 3.80
Fresh Lemon Jing Syuan TeaSGD 3.80

Build Your Own

Menu ItemsPrice
Jing Syuan TeaSGD 2.80
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 2.80
Roasted Oolong TeaSGD 2.80
Earl Grey TeaSGD 2.80
Winter Melon TeaSGD 2.80
Earl Grey Milk TeaSGD 3.60
Milk Green TeaSGD 3.60
Winter Melon Milk TeaSGD 3.60
Da Hong Pao Milk TeaSGD 4.20
Chocolate MilkSGD 4.20

Guide to LiHo Menu: LiHo Singapore Menu | LiHo Delivery Menu 

Looking for the latest LiHo Bubble Tea Menu in 2024? You have arrived at the right place! 

Below you will find a single page with the latest LiHo Menu in Singapore. All LiHo Menu are sourced directly from various sources online.

We aim to make sure all LiHo Menu are up-to-date. Please email us at if any of menu is not updated. 

LiHo Menu 2021 Update: New LiHo Menu Launch in May 2021

LiHO has launched a new menu on May 6, 2021.

Under the new LiHo Menu for 2021, drinks are categorised into six signature series:

  1. Ice Cream Tea
  2. Fresh Milk Tea
  3. Fruit Tea
  4. Milk Fruitea
  5. Lit Coffee 
  6. Mighttea

Among the six, three (Ice Cream Tea, Milk Fruitea, and Mightea) are new categories.

See our writeup below for the full newly revamped LiHo Menu.

LiHo Menu 2021 Update: Ice Cream Tea

LiHo Ice Cream Bubble teas come with savoury cheese ice cream. Cheese with bubble tea has been pretty common since LiHo started the trend way back in 2017 when it relaunched.

LiHo Menu 2021 Update: Lit Coffee

LiHO’s Lit Coffee uses a medium roast blend of Ethiopia, Brazil and Laos beans, which is supposed to delivery a bold yet smooth consistency.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Mighttea

According to LiHO, LiHo Mighttea are “beverages with health benefits beyond their nutritional value,” with purported positive benefits on one or more target functions in the body or mind. LiHo Redbull drinks are classified under this category.

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Update: LiHo Pink Panda
Bubble Tea – new flavor added to menu on 24th July 2020  

If you are looking for LiHo Promotions instead of LiHo Menu, visit our homepage at all to check out our coverage on the latest promotions around Singapore!  Check out our guide to LiHo outlets too to learn about all LiHo locations & opening hours!

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LiHo Menu Highlight: Singapore Tea Sling

On 16th Jan 2021, LiHo introduced their long awaited K-Strawberry Series!
This year, LiHo brought back their bestseller, K-Strawberry Latte and K-Strawberry Jing Syuan!
A new addition to the menu will be LiHo K-Strawberry CheezHO cake. This drink features multiple ingredients like Royal T Jelly, white Pearls and even Chocolate sauce! Think of it as a dessert in a cup. It’s also available exclusively on @foodpandasg only.
So hurry! Get your sweet strawberries from any LiHO TEA outlets now!
In conjunction with the new launch, LiHo is offering new deals with discounts on the drink. Check out our coverage on Liho Promotions for more information.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Singapore Tea Sling

On 30th October 2020, LiHO launches its own take on Singapore Tea Sling by adding LiHo Singapore Tea Sling Drink to its menu.
Dropping by Resorts World Sentosa for a holiday? Try out LiHo new Singapore Tea Sling.
The latest drink addition to LiHo Menu is described as “the best drink to quench your thirst under this hot weather”
Only exclusively available at Resort World Sentosa Station and Beach Station!
Check out our coverage on Liho Singapore Tea Sling for details.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Shizuoka Matcha Series

liho menu matcha drinks
liho menu matcha drinks

LiHo has just launched a new Shizuoka Matcha drink series to its menu!

LiHO TEA describes itself as the only brand that uses this premium grade matcha – the rich aroma from the leaves, combined with the smooth creaminess of real milk, transforms into an indulgent spread that strikes the perfect balance of bittersweet and milky!
Non-matcha drinkers, can enjoy fruits like mango and avocado that have the best flavor pairing and complements the Shizuoka Matcha flavor notes perfectly.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Da Hong Pao Milk Tea

LiHo Menu Highlight: Da Hong Pao Milk Tea
LiHo Menu Highlight: Da Hong Pao Milk Tea

In January 2019, LiHO Singapore launched a new CNY drink called Da Hong Pao Milk Tea to add on to its menu.

The tea Da Hong Pao (大红袍) means Big Red Robe in Chinese and comes from a premium Oolong tea plant grown in Wuyi Mountains, China. 大红袍 Da Hong Pao is a dark Oolong tea grown in the Wuyi mountains and it is one of the worlds most expensive and premium tea. Fans can expect a stronger and more flavourful milk tea with this version of their Premium milk tea.

LiHo Da Hong Pao Milk Tea is definitely among one of the favourite menu choices among fans in Singapore – definitely worth a try! Our editors at AllSGPromo totally recommends it if you prefer a stronger tea flavor in your cup of bubble tea!

LiHo Menu Highlight: Dajia Taro with Unicorn Pearls

LiHo Menu: Dajia Taro with Unicorn Pearls
LiHo Menu: Dajia Taro with Unicorn Pearls

These new drinks are made with taro specially imported from a small town in Taichung, Taiwan which apparently grows the best taro due to suitable weather. Furthermore, the taro is then steamed, peeled and mashed regularly here to ensure freshness. 

They come in three flavours: Dajia Taro Fresh Milk, Dajia Taro Coconut Milk and Dajia Taro Matcha Latte. The LiHo Taro bubble teas are made naturally from five ingredients which are: Dajia Taro, Purple Potato, Beetroot, Matcha and Sweet Potato.

The Taro bubble tea is definitely a great sweet addition to LiHo Menu!  

LiHo Menu Highlight: Golden Avocado Milk

LiHO Tea - Toa Payoh Central - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood SG

Launched in 2017 on LiHo menu, LiHo Golden Avocado Milk is a milkier version of their Avocado Smoothie with healthy and refreshing with hints of Gula Melaka. If you are a huge lover of milk, the Golden Avocado Milk tastes great with its milky Avocado Smoothie taste, just without the cheese. 

LiHo Menu Highlight: Pink Panda

LiHO x Foodpanda Pink Panda Drink Collab – Exclusive Creamy Red Velvet Milk  Tea with Golden Pearls and White Chocolate Balls (Media) – Chue On It

This July, LiHo Singapore just introduced a fresh new addition to their drinks menu – Pink Panda Bubble Tea!

This new drink from LiHo is an exclusive drink currently only available via foodpanda. Check out our LiHo article for full details and related promos.

Pink Panda features red velvet milk tea, fresh golden pearls, and topped with crunchy white chocolate balls. Looks like a yummy refreshing drink and an interesting mix of flavors and colors with red velvet, white chocolate and white chocolate pearls.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Oat Latte Series

liho oat latte series
liho oat latte series

In August 2020, LiHo launched a new Latte Oat Series, a nut- and dairy-free series of drinks first introduced in selected outlets during the Circuit Breaker. 

The New Latte Oat Series contains of three new drink additions to LiHo Menu:

  • LiHo Brown Sugar Pearl Oat Latte: non-dairy brown sugar boba milk drink
  • LiHo Golden Oolong Oat Latte: fragrant oolong tea and LiHo TEA’s chewy golden pearls
  • LiHo Mango Sago Oat Latte: LiHo tea with multi-coloured unicorn pearls with cubes of fresh mango and beads of sago

These non-dairy bubble teas bring variety and are certainly a great addition to LiHo Menu!

LiHo Menu Highlight: LiHo Cheese Ice Cream

liho cheese ice cream series 1
liho cheese ice cream series 1

Introduced on 26 Sep, this latest LiHo ice cream drink series is an interesting and refreshing addition to LiHo menu.

The LiHo Cheese Ice Cream series is best to quench your thirst as it is very refreshing! The cheese ice cream can also be added to your regular drinks as well as top up.

Check out our coverage on LiHo Cheese Ice Cream for full details.

LiHo Menu Highlight: Limited Edition LiHo Tea Tumbler

Introduced by LiHo on the 6th October 2020 in support of the Say YES To Waste Less campaign, an initiative by the National Environment Agency, LiHo fans will be able to purchase a Limited Edition LiHO TEA Tumbler worth only $19.90! (U.P $23.90).
By using the LiHO TEA Tumbler, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:
– FREE Classic Milk Tea (L) or Honey Green Tea (L) for first time use! And in fact, you’ll get more as the tumbler is larger than our large drink.
– 10% OFF total bill if you bring it back till end of the year!
Only limited quantity available at all outlets, hurry get yours today!

LiHo Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of LiHo Singapore Menu for 2024! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!  


In this section below, we have listed LiHo Promotions that you might be interested in.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Red Bull Fruit Tea Line at all Outlets (Till 9 Apr)

LiHo has a new 1 for 1 promo for its new Red Bull Fruit Tea line.

Simply grab your favourite office buddy and head down to any LiHO Tea outlet for a 1-for-1 deal on any LiHo Red Bull Fruit Tea drinks.
Promotion is available at all outlets from 7 – 9 April. Check out our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 All Drinks at Dhoby Ghaut Outlet Till 6th Jan

LiHo Tea is having a new 1 for 1 promotion at its latest outlet at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station! Promotion is available from today till 6th January. Check out our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 2 for $5 Classic Milk Tea at Tekka Place

Enjoy 2 Classic Milk Tea (M) for $5 only at TEKKA PLACE!

LiHo Menu Promotion: 50% off 2nd Bubble Tea Drink at Selected Outlets

LiHo fans rejoice! Check out this latest LiHo Promotion offering 50% off your second cup of LiHo Bubble Tea!

Promotion is valid from today till 23rd Oct 2020 and only available at selected outlets below.

Check out our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Bubble Tea Promo at The Aperia Mall

LiHo is having a 1 for 1 promotion at the Aperia mall every Saturday and Sunday! Promotion is available till an unspecified period.

Bring your loved ones to aperia.mall during weekend and redeem your 1 for 1 vouchers to enjoy 1 for 1 LiHO TEA drinks!

Check out our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details! 

LiHo Menu Promotion: Free Foodpanda Delivery with min. $15 Spend

LiHo is having an ongoing free delivery promotion with Foodpanda. Simply order your favourite LiHO TEA from Foodpanda and enjoy FREE DELIVERY with min spend of $15.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Bubble Tea Flash Deal to Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival (1st Oct) 

To celebrate Mid Autumn Festival today, LiHO TEA will be offering 1 FOR 1 these 6 selected drinks:

1. CheezHO Melon Tea
2. Roasted Oolong Tea
3. Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk
4. Salted Caramel Milk Coffee
5. Da Hong Pao Milk Tea
6. Recherché Collagen Beauty Tea

Check our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Da Hong Pao Promo at One Raffles Place

LiHo Da Hong Pao lovers alert! Check out this latest LiHo Promotions offering a 1 FOR 1 PROMO at One Raffles Place!

Enjoy 1 FOR 1 Da Hong Pao Milk Tea from now till 30th October 2020, only available at One Raffles Place.

Check our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Drinks at New Outlets (Till 14 Sep)

LiHo fans rejoyce! LiHo has just announced new 1 for 1 promotions at 3 new outlets for all drinks!

To celebrate the 3 new outlets that just opened, LiHo running a 1 for 1 for ALL DRINKS from 12-14 Sept 2020 at the 3 outlets – Raffles City, Kallang MRT and Woodlands Galaxy CC.
Check our coverage on LiHo Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1-for-1 Dalgona Coffee at Capitaland Malls

Having a craving for LiHo? Check out this new LiHo 1 for 1 promotion for its Dalgona Coffee Series at selected Capitaland mails.

LiHo Dalgona Coffee Series include (1) Dalgona Brown Sugar Pearl Coffee (2) Dalgona Brown Sugar Pearl Yuan Yang (3) Dalgona Blueberry Latte. 

This promotion is only valid at selected LiHo outlet and is valid till 9 August. Check our coverage on LiHo 1 for 1 Dalgona Coffee Promotion for full details.

LiHo Menu Promotion: Free LiHo Bubble Tea when you purchase USS or Aquarium Ticket

Liho has just announced a free Bubble Tea promotion exclusively for Sentosa. From now till 31 August, enjoy a cup of Free LiHO TEA with Universal Studios Singapore or S.E.A. Aquarium ticket.

Check out our full coverage with details of the LiHo promotion here 

LiHo Menu Promotion: 1 for 1 Bubble Tea

Liho fans alert! LiHo is currently having a new 1 for 1 promotion offering 1 for 1 selected drinks using a secret promo code when you complete the bubble tea personality quiz!

Flash this promo code LIHOMICHELIN to enjoy 1-for-1 on Da Hong Pao + Brown Sugar Pearl, Calpis Triple Peach, CheezHO Blueberry Jing Syuan Slush, Recherchè Collagen Beauty Tea and Salted Caramel Milk Tea from 30th Jul – 1st Aug.

Check out our full coverage with details of the LiHo promotion here 

Hope you enjoy our compilation of Liho K-Strawberry Series returns to Menu on 26th Jan | Liho Menu and Pricing 2022 Compilation brought to you by

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