Nike Sale: Up to 50% off Limited Time Sales on Shoes and Attire

nike sale 1
nike sale 1

Nike Sale: Up to 50% off Limited Time Sales on Shoes and Attire 

Bargain hunters alert! Sportswear company Nike is currently having a sitewide flash sales offering fans up to an amazing 40% off selected sports items!

The flash sale includes items like Nike sports shoes, sneakers, apparel & more for Men’s, Women’s and Kids – there’s something for everyone who’s looking to up their athleisure ante. 

We found a couple of great deals to grab on the cheap and worth checking out! For example, prices after discount for a pair of men’s Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surger is only $57.97 (U.P $140) – which is more than 50% discount!

Check out selected bargain deals below:

We have compiled some of the top bargains that might suit your budget and preference. Scroll down to shop for men’s and women’s items below!

Nike Sale: 50% off Nike Zoom X Super Rep Surge

Check out the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge for $57.97 only – (>50% off, U.P $140)

nike sale Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge
nike sale Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge

Nike Sale: 40% off Nike Revolution 5

Check out the Nike Revolution 5 Ext – running shoes for $39.97 only 

nike sale Nike Revolution 5 Ext
nike sale Nike Revolution 5 Ext

Nike Sale: 40% off Nike Metcon Sport Training Shoes

Check out the Nike Metcon Sport Men’s Training Shoes – $59.97 only (40% off, U.P $100) 

Nike Sale Nike Metcon Sport Mens Training Shoes
Nike Sale Nike Metcon Sport Mens Training Shoes

Nike Sale: 43% off Free RN Flyknit

Check out the Nike Women’s Free RN Flyknit – $67.97 only (43% off, U.P $120)

Nike Sale Nike Womens Free RN Flyknit
Nike Sale Nike Womens Free RN Flyknit

Nike Sale: 50% off Nike Fleece Women’s Pants

Check out the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Women’s Pants – $49.97 only (50% off, U.P $100)

Nike sale Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Womens Pant
Nike sale Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Womens Pant

Nike Sale: Up to 50% off with Energy Week Promotion

Check out this Nike Promotion offering reduced price of selected products on Nike online store for a limited time only.

New styles will be added every day! Take advantage of this offer before it’s over.

Promotion is available from /10/2020 at 00:00 to 25/10/2020 at 23:59 local time. All returns are subject to returns policy.

Enjoy 25% off with this Nike Promo Code: NIKE25FP (Till 6 Sep)

Nike has released a new promo code for this weekend!

You can get 25% off your order during checkout when you enter the promo code NIKE25FP.

Simply click “Do you have a promo code?” and enter NIKE25FP before entering your payment information in checkout. Take advantage of this offer before it’s over.


  • Valid till 06/09/20 (23:59) local time or while code redemption lasts.
  • Valid for full-priced products listed on this page, excluding Nike By You, SNKRS and select styles listed below.
  • Only one code can be applied per order.
  • Code is not valid for existing or previously placed orders.
  • Total discount is limited to $700 off your order.
  • Taxes and duties are recalculated after code is applied to your order.
  • Code cannot be used in combination with other offers.
  • Free delivery is calculated after code is applied to your order.
  • All purchases are subject to our return policy.
  • NIKE Inc. reserves the right to cancel your order if the code is misused.
  • NIKE Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without notice.
  • Code isn’t applicable for following products:

CW6399-010, CW6406-010, CV9910-010, CV1348-010, CV1348-100, CV1348-685, DA2983-010, DA2983-414, DA2991-010, DA2991-050, DB8260-072, DB8260-454, CV7783-614, CV7783-010, DA2989-010, DA2989-414, CV1298-100, DA2981-010, DA2981-094, CV1201-010, CV1201-454, CV7795-010, CZ3767-010, DA2979-010, DA2979-414, CV1259-454, CV1259-685, CV9902-010, CV1356-094, CV1356-685, DA2985-010, DA2985-063, DA2985-414, CV1346-100, CZ1457-010, CZ1457-100, CZ1457-695, CZ4139-010, CZ4139-100, CZ4139-674, CZ4139-063, DJ0471-010, DA5206-060, DA5404-010, CZ3366-010, CU1405-302, DA1884-010, CV3669-364, CZ3350-010, CZ3308-644, CT1943-010, CV3671-364, CZ2692-060, CZ3309-010, CZ2655-687, CU1408-364, CZ2784-010, CZ2784-100, CZ3364-010, CD0695-100, CD0696-430, CD0697-100, CD0699-100, CD0700-498, CD0703-336, CD0704-687, CD0711-010, CD0712-819, CD0894-430, CD0896-100, CD0897-498, CD1032-430, CD1034-100, CD1036-498, CD1038-336, CD1040-687, CD2577-600, CD2578-100, CD2579-010, CD2587-100, CD2588-010, CK7817-851, CK7819-654, CK7831-720, CK7882-654, CT4224-364, CT4225-100, CT4233-100, CT4244-100, CT4246-100, CU1417-100, CU6468-100, CZ2635-354, CZ2636-687, CZ2647-687, CZ2685-010, CZ3197-060, CZ3200-060, CZ3204-060, CZ3305-644, CZ3311-010, CZ3329-644, CZ8182-100, CZ8182-657, CZ8183-010, CZ8210-010, CZ8249-010, CZ8249-658, CZ8263-063, CU1399-302, CT2400-636, CT8411-010, CT8411-634, CU4299-693, CU6530-325, CV2547-657, CV8960-010, CW4608-010, CV8961-010, CK9242-325, CT1042-010, CT3269-010, CT3269-043, CT3269-355, CZ4678-010, CZ4678-097, CW2419-010, CW2419-100, CW2419-475, CZ4695-010, CZ4695-063, CZ7821-063, DA4104-010, DA4104-739, CK5623-385, CT3267-010, CT3267-043, CT3267-355, CT3267-475, CT4310-045, CT4310-308, CT4310-634, CU4694-271, CV3675-643, CW8000-693, CZ4697-010, CZ4697-097, CU0273-325, CK4988-021, CT1053-010, CT4311-063, CV0643-010, CV0652-010, CV0652-216, CV0683-010, CW7328-010, CZ4701-611, DC4080-010, DC4080-643, DC4080-843, DD3345-121, DD3345-341, CD6394-050, CT1045-010, CT4312-063, CT4316-045, CT4316-308, CU0462-010, CU2500-010, CU2500-100, CU4684-010, CU4684-271, CV0656-247, CV0659-010, CV0661-010, CV0661-247, CW8001-623, CZ4698-010, CZ4698-063, DA0330-010, DA4105-010, DA4105-739, DB9570-121, DB9571-010, BV8051-010, CK4809-702, CK9250-325, CT4315-045, CT4315-634, CU1582-498, CU2502-010, CU2502-100, CU4690-010, CU4690-271, CZ4700-611, CT1044-010, CU1581-657, CU2477-010, CU2477-100, CU2481-010, CU4616-271, CU4686-010, CU8260-477, CW7994-693, CW8002-358, CZ4690-010, CZ4690-063, CU0460-010, CU2234-020, CU9253-100, CU9259-100, CW2295-325, CW9981-100, CZ0083-063, CZ0089-663, DA2383-410, DC4082-010, DC4082-100, DC4082-643, DC4087-010, DC4087-643, DD3071-010, DD3071-121, DD3343-010, DD3343-121, DD3343-341, CZ4683-010, CZ4683-100, CK4811-702, CU4699-063, CU4699-133, CU4699-140, CZ4694-010, DB9568-723, DB9569-077, CT1058-010, CU2480-010, CZ4680-010, CK4977-315, CK4977-891, CU0974-010, BV8054-731, CW7996-623, CZ4699-010, CV0643-643, CK6519-010, DA2073-010, CN6953-100, DA1465-687, DA1466-354, DA4067-750, CN5775-485, CN5779-100, CQ8042-750, DA2071-687, CZ1407-010, CZ7940-010, BQ6826-003, CN8345-001, CT6680-100, CU7349-001, CV9499-100, BQ6817-600, BQ6817-100, BQ6817-400, BQ6832-001, CI3836-001, CJ5378-700, CJ7891-200, CT2552-800, CU3244-100, CU9220-100, CU9220-400, CU9224-100, CU9224-400, CV0316-400, CV5980-100, CV5980-400, CZ4620-200, CW7093-600, 555088-126, 555088-201, 555088-015, 555088-030, 555088-041, 555088-500, 575441-029, 575441-126, 575441-041, BQ4422-600, BV0006-900, CD0461-601, CD0461-046, CD0461-100, CK5666-100, CQ3835-002, CT0979-001, CT4897-002, CW2414-001, DB4612-300, DC1788-029, DC1788-100, DC3481-900, 505836-160, 528896-160, 553558-123, 553558-130, 553558-606, 553558-126, 553558-301, 553558-604, 553558-611, 553558-410, 553560-123, 553560-130, 553560-606, 554723-601, BQ6066-130, CD4991-500, CD4991-101, CD4991-700, CD4991-100, CD4991-400, CD5008-600, CK3022-013, CK5424-001, CK5424-005, CT6416-001, CT8014-100, CZ4776-107, CZ8454-400, DA0907-002, DA3655-001, DA6809-700, DB4689-600, DB5455-100, DC0774-005, 136027-500, 378037-061, 378038-061, 378039-061, 378040-061, 408452-146, 414571-061, 414571-404, 440888-102, 440890-102, 554724-131, 554724-069, 554724-126, 554724-066, 554724-141, 554725-130, 554725-131, 554725-173, 555112-103, 852542-100, 852542-101, 852542-102, 852542-011, 884129-404, AR4237-902, AR4237-005, AT3745-117, AT3745-163, BQ5397-002, BQ5397-003, BQ6472-005, BQ6472-112, BQ6472-164, BQ6472-110, BQ6472-800, BQ6931-105, BQ7196-016, BQ7196-117, BQ7196-010, BQ7197-016, BQ7197-117, BQ7197-010, CD0458-900, CI5441-008, CJ1289-600, CK5692-600, CK5707-001, CK5707-100, CK5707-600, CK6587-100, CK6635-001, CK9246-108, CN9138-001, CN9138-100, CK9183-001, CK9183-100, CK9183-101, CK9183-103, CK9183-106, CK9183-004, CK9184-100, CQ4228-001, CQ7629-100, CQ9283-002, CQ9283-004, CQ9597-401, CT0978-005, CT1971-200, CT1971-400, CT1971-300, CT1971-002, CT8529-062, CT8532-400, CT8532-104, CU1110-010, CU2802-100, CU2805-100, CV2444-002, CV2444-003, CV2444-101, CV2444-400, CV2444-001, CV3583-003, CV5276-001, CV5276-107, CV8079-900, CV9388-100, CW1140-100, CW2805-160, CZ6431-100, CZ6634-100, DA1897-100, DA1341-100, DA1911-102, DA1951-001, DA2371-100, DA2378-100, DA2553-800, DA3595-100, DA6806-100, DB0442-100, DB0443-100, DB3335-100, DB5454-001, DB8148-801, DC0499-100, DC0500-100, DC0501-100, DC1493-001, DC9533-001, CK9387-706, CK9388-020, CK9388-032, CT1242-400, CW6882-006, BQ5435-110, CJ0980-110, CU7544-600, CU7544-001, CZ8149-100, CZ8149-700, CZ8149-101, CZ8149-002, DA1639-101, 315115-112, 315115-157, 315122-001, 315122-111, AQ3692-001, BQ4153-100, BV0073-001, BV0073-002, BV0073-101, CD3476-101, CD3476-700, CD3476-001, CD3476-100, CD8178-400, CD8180-001, CD9664-001, CD9664-100, CI0804-001, CI0804-100, CI0804-700, CI1474-001, CI1474-200, CJ0609-300, CJ0693-001, CJ0693-002, CJ1229-100, CJ2033-002, CJ2033-003, CJ2033-101, CJ2033-010, CJ2033-100, CJ2033-004, CJ5290-400, CJ6740-001, CJ6740-003, CJ6740-400, CJ6740-002, CJ6741-002, CJ9179-200, CJ9918-100, CK6467-001, CK6478-001, CK6654-100, CK7173-001, CK7173-100, CK7173-700, CK7663-102, CN0866-001, CN0866-002, CN2405-900, CN2873-101, CN9838-100, CQ0493-001, CQ2230-001, CQ2230-700, CQ3986-002, CQ3986-001, CQ3988-002, CQ3988-001, CQ3989-002, CQ3989-001, CQ5486-200, CQ8713-001, CQ8713-200, CQ8714-001, CT0856-100, CT0856-600, CT0856-700, CT1823-400, CT1986-001, CT1986-100, CT2298-200, CT2298-101, CT2317-200, CT2317-100, CT2816-001, CT2816-100, CT2864-200, CT2904-002, CT4894-300, CT4894-600, CT5050-500, CU1646-400, CU1706-001, CU1726-100, CU1726-101, CU1726-500, CU1727-800, CU1727-100, CU1727-700, CU1854-001, CU6015-700, CU7909-100, CU9189-900, CU9371-001, CU9371-100, CV0697-001, CV0697-400, CV1363-001, CV1363-100, CW2360-300, CW2787-001, CW2787-300, CW2787-600, CW3918-001, CW9427-001, CZ1524-001, CZ1524-100, CZ2667-400, CZ3990-900, CZ3992-900, CZ4337-001, CZ6148-002, CZ6398-101, CZ6398-700, CZ9084-001, CZ9313-001, CZ9747-900, DA1469-200, DA8984-100, DC1500-001, DC1982-001, DC1982-400, DC1982-600, DC5154-458, DC5239-001, DC5239-300, DC5239-100, DC5255-043, DC7504-700, DD3223-100, DD9519-001, 315123-111, BV0072-002, CI1392-100, CI1392-400, CU8054-100, CV8927-001, CW2300-500, CZ3775-900, CZ4609-300, CZ8915-100, DA7233-100, DC5185-133, CV0258-100, CT3303-001, CT3303-400, CZ3776-001, AO4568-001, AO4568-102, AO4568-400, AO4568-800, BQ9646-007, BQ9646-103, BQ9646-001, BQ9646-002, BQ9646-003, BQ9646-004, BQ9646-400, BQ9646-401, BQ9646-010, BQ9647-006, BQ9647-103, BQ9647-004, BQ9647-601, BQ9647-001, BQ9647-002, BQ9647-101, BQ9647-600, BQ9647-102, BQ9647-007, BQ9647-500, CI9923-001, CI9923-002, CI9923-100, CI9924-001, CI9924-100, CI9924-102, CI9924-800, CI9925-100, CI9925-400, CI9925-800, CK8474-003, CK8474-100, CK8474-001, CK8605-003, CK8605-001, CQ9977-100, CT1505-001, CV0266-001, CV1889-102, CV1889-001, CZ1514-400, CZ2853-102, CZ2853-001, CZ5923-001, CZ6720-006, CZ6720-401, CZ6720-009, CZ6721-500, CZ6721-005, DD8877-100, AT3160-020, AT3160-096, CT1246-460, DC9053-101, 314192-117, 314193-117, 314193-009, CJ2099-112, CJ2099-001, CJ2099-050, CJ2099-600, CJ4069-003, CN8574-001, CN8574-003, CQ4565-900, CT0911-900, CT4681-001, CV2413-200, CV2414-200, CW7375-700, CW7410-700, CW7444-700, DB4605-400, DC8315-200, DC8315-001, CT4080-002, CT4080-400, CT4087-400, CT4980-002, CT4980-400, CW2760-002, CT6047-600, CT6047-100, CT2898-001, CT2898-002, CT2898-003, CT2898-201, CT2898-400, CT2898-401, CZ5588-002, CK4124-001, CK4124-800, 505835-160, AH7860-100, CK1227-100, CK1228-100, 130690-160, AQ9129-100, CD2722-001, CI1184-146, CT8528-002, CZ1786-001, AT3375-200, CT5342-007.


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