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Sign up with WEBUY with the referral code: 4QXBM9 or referral link and receive 1% cashback on your orders.

How do I use WEBUY?

  • Join a group: First, search and join a group near your location.
  • Purchase: You may then browse and place orders for your desired products under that group.
  • Self-collect / Delivery: Collect your orders from the hosts/marts/stores when the products arrive or opt for delivery! Delivery may be free depending on order value.

What can I buy on WEBUY?

The list is constantly expanding but categories include:

  • Beauty: brands include Estee Lauder, Kiehl’s, Lancome, L’Occitane, SK-II…
  • Digital Products
  • Drinks
  • Food: brands include The Soup Spoon, Tung Lok Food…
  • Fruits: Durians
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables

Reasons to buy on WEBUY

  • After-sales commitments:
    • Out of stock with no prior notice => Full refund + $3 no min. spend voucher
    • Product damaged >50% => Full refund + reissue product.
    • Product damaged >20% => Full refund.
    • Product damaged <20% -> double the compensation.

      WEBUY after-sales commitments [as on 30/12/2020]
  • Cashback: get 1% cashback off orders when you sign up with my referral code.
  • Deals: access deals like daily specials and flash deals and use coupons.
There is a $5 New User Gift coupon and special ‘New User’ deals. Note that you can only choose one ‘New User’ deal item for your first purchase. Add more than one and the shopping cart will revert to the original price.


Examples of ‘New User’ deals
  • Unique items access to unique items not usually found in marts.