Lalamove Promo Code (LALAMOVEIT): FREE 3 x 50% Off Delivery Coupons for New Users & More (Till 31 Oct)

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Lalamove Coupon Code: 50% Off On-Demand Delivery for New Users | 20% Off On-Demand Delivery for Existing Users

Got items to deliver? Lalamove is having a flash promotion offering up to 50% off coupons for users to try out their service this October!

Whether it’s documents, groceries, appliances or furniture, you can save money by leveraging this 50% off promo for your next on-demand delivery, within the day or hour

Enter promo code LALAMOVEIT to enjoy the following deals:

  • New customers: Enjoy 3 x 50% off coupons
  • Existing users: Enjoy 3 x 20% off coupons

Simply install Lalamove app (iOSAndroid), apply your promo code to redeem your free coupons today.  

Lalamove coupon

Promotion is available to both new and existing Lalamove users. Download Lalamove’s 24/7 app (Lalamove for iOS | Lalamove for Android) to get started. 

Promo is valid till 31st October 2021. Visit Lalamove today to enjoy 50% off your next 3 deliveries!

Read on to learn more about Lalamove service!

What is Lalamove?

Established in 2013, Lalamove is a leading on-demand delivery technology company, connecting millions of users around the world with delivery drivers in their local area with their efficient, and reliable delivery app (Lalamove for iOS | Lalamove for Android).

Lalamove’s on-demand same day delivery platform lets users place orders via their application or website. This means you can get your items delivered on the very same day!

Furthermore, they can deliver almost anything you need! Whether you’re managing a popular online furniture store that ships hundreds of orders a day, or handling your own online business, Lalamove is a great option when it comes to timely, reliable deliveries. 

Lalamove delivery

However, do note that they do have restrictions to illegal goods, animals and certain types of bulky items like pianos. Drop their customer service team a quick query to find out if you are unsure your item can be delivered. Lalamove team operates daily from 8am to 10pm.

Visit Lalamove today to enjoy 50% off your next 3 deliveries!

What type of vehicles do Lalamove drivers have?

The Lalamove fleet consists of Motorbike, Cars, Vans and Lorries. You can choose the right vehicle best suited for your needs.

Even if you’re not planning on starting a business, Lalamove’s two-wheel and four-wheel fleet offers up plenty of options – be it motorbikes, cars, vans and even lorries: you’ll have the right tool for the job. 

lalamove vehicle type

How do I know which vehicle type I need?

We have broken down which vehicle will be best suited for your items:


Aside from the typical motorcycle, you can request for an MPV (MultiPurpose Vehicle) that can carry up to 300KGs and 600KGs as well as light trucks that can carry anywhere from 1000KG to 2000KG. You may also schedule your deliveries ahead of time.

Unlike standard courier services, Lalamove allows you to track the rider real-time and gauge how much time it’ll take for them to arrive. It also adds a layer of protection for both sender and recipient. Lalamove will text you with a unique link that opens in your phone’s browser with the tracker. 

Visit Lalamove today to enjoy 50% off your next 3 deliveries!

What is Lalamove Delivery Pricing? 

Below is Lalamove Delivery Pricing as of Oct 2021. Visit Lalamove to check out the most up-to-date pricing.


The way Lalamove helps to maximize savings for customers is through their highly efficient multi-stop and route optimization, making them the most cost efficient way to send or receive goods within a specific time.

Visit Lalamove today to enjoy 50% off your next 3 deliveries! 

How to Use Lalamove Delivery Service?

Step 1: Log in to your Lalamove account.

Step 2: Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations.

Step 3: Add stops if you need multi-stop delivery.

TIP – If you need multi-stop delivery and do not have specifications about the delivery route, you can use their optimize function so that the system will be able to plan your route strategically and help you to reduce your order cost in return!

Step 4: Place order and wait while your driver is assigned to you.

Step 5: Once driver has been assigned, await a phone call from driver to confirm your order

Step 6: Relax and wait for your delivery to be complete. You can track your driver’s location with our real time tracking function.

Step 7: Once your order is successfully complete, rate your driver or even add him into your favourite drivers list!

It’s as simple as that! Drop them an email at if you any more questions related to your delivery needs.

To get started, make sure to utilize Lalamove Coupon Code <LALAMOVEIT> and enjoy 50% off your on-demand deliveries now! New customers enjoy 3 x 50% off coupons while existing users get 3 x 20% off coupons.

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