Here’s where to find Taiwan’s best-selling Chia Te pineapple tarts 

Been craving for pineapple tarts from Taiwan, yet cannot travel out of Singapore?

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I Love Taimei (我爱台妹) Lazada flagship store 

Fret not, we found out that they are made available on I Love Taimei (我爱台妹) store on Lazada

Sold at $14.90 for 6 pcs, these sweet and tasty treats make for a delightful tea time snack. 

Order now from I Love Taimei’s Lazada website.


Alternatively, you can also choose to order from Klook as they ship to Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. 

Order now from Klook’s website. 

Do keep in mind that Chia Te’s pineapple tarts have a shelf life of 40 days

Happy eating!

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