CDC Vouchers 2023: CDC Voucher Where to Use & Redeem Guide | CDC Merchant List 2023 (Updated)

cdc vouchers how to redeem
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CDC Vouchers 2023: CDC Voucher Where to Use & Redeem Guide | CDC Merchant List 2023 (Updated)

All Singaporean households can collect $300 worth of CDC vouchers starting January 2023 that they can spend more than 10,000 participating CDC merchants and hawkers in Singapore.

The announcement was made by the five CDCs and the People’s Association (PA) on Tuesday (Dec 20). The CDC vouchers will be given to Singaporean households as part of the latest round of support measures, which gives eligible Singaporeans up t to $500 cash.

Note: Check out our guide to GST Vouchers 2023 for details on GST Vouchers Rebates & Cash top-ups 

CDC Vouchers 2023: Announcement

The community development council (CDC) vouchers, worth $130 million in total and given out to 1.3 million households, are available for collection digitally and can be used till Dec 31, 2023.

Each Singaporean household can redeem a total of S$300 CDC Vouchers – starting from January 2023:

  • S$150 which can be spent at participating hawkers and heartland merchants
  • the other S$150 at participating supermarkets, to offer residents more choices to meet their needs
  • Only 1 member needs to claim on behalf of the household

One Singaporean per household can claim the vouchers through an online link that requires the use of Singpass. He will then receive a link at his registered mobile number.

Read on for our guide to where to use CDC Vouchers, how to redeem the vouchers and the full list of CDC Voucher Merchants for 2023.

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CDC Vouchers 2023: How to Redeem – Step by Step Guide

CDC has confirmed in Jan 2023 that there is no change in voucher claiming process. 

cdc vouchers how to redeem

Follow the steps below to redeem your CDC Vouchers:

  1. Visit
  2. Select CDC Vouchers 2023
  3. Login with Singpass to claim the vouchers!
  4. A new SMS voucher link for CDC Vouchers 2023 will be sent to you

CDC Vouchers 2023 Validity Period

As confirmed by the Community Development Council, CDC Vouchers 2023 are valid and can be used till 31 December 2013.

CDC Vouchers 2023: How to Use Your CDC Vouchers – Step by Step Guide 

After redeeming your CDC Vouchers 2023 using the guide above, follow these steps below to start using your CDC Vouchers. 

  1. To spend your CDC Vouchers, simply click on the SMS link that was sent by RedeemSG
  2. Select which vouchers you want to use (choose between Hawkers/Heartland merchants and Supermarkets)
    1. Note $150 can be spent at Hawkers/Heartland merchants while the other $150 can be spent at participating supermarkets
  3. Choose the amount you want to spend and tap show voucher
  4. Show QR Code to shop staff to scan and complete the transaction

CDC Vouchers 2023: How to Redeem (without Smartphone or Singpass)

For those without smartphone or Singpass. bring along your NRIC to the nearest Community Club/Centre for assistance. CC staff and volunteers will be able to assist. Call CDC hotline 6225 5322 for any questions or assistance.

Queue priority will be given to seniors and people with disabilities at the community centres or clubs, as announced by the CDC agencies.

“SG Digital Office Digital Ambassadors will be deployed at the SG Digital Community Hubs to provide assistance for residents who need help to claim their digital vouchers. Residents without smartphones or who need to set up their Singpass or reset their Singpass password will also be assisted at the CCs.”  

Additionally, a group of Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassadors, volunteers from youth networks and student volunteers will be stationed at selected CCs for the first two weeks of the launch. 

CDC Voucher Singapore: Where to Use and Redeem (General)

Where to Use CDC Vouchers

CDC vouchers can be used at participating heartland merchants, hawkers and supermarkets. Look out for the CDC Vouchers decal displayed at the merchant/hawker stall shopfront to know where the vouchers can be used at, and also take this opportunity to explore and get to know your neighbourhood.    

There is no limit to the number of vouchers that can be spent at any one time. You can stack the vouchers and spend all the vouchers in a single transaction.

CDC Voucher Singapore: Where to Use and Redeem (Supermarkets)

As of Jan 2023, there are only 5 supermarkets where you can use CDC Vouchers 2023:

  • HAO Mart
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Prime Supermarket
  • Sheng Siong
  • U Stars Supermarket

Below is an overview of the types of participating businesses that accept your CDC vouchers based on CDC Vouchers Participating Merchants in 2022 for reference:

  • Food and beverage businesses e.g. hawker centres, food courts, coffee shops, cafes, bakeries
  • Mama/provision shops, minimarts, and selected supermarkets
  • Hair salons and barber shops
  • Dental clinics and optical shops
  • Beauty parlours and spa services
  • Electronic stores and photo-printing shops
  • Pet shops
  • Florists

In addition to the above, CDCs  have confirmed that there will be participating supermarkets for CDC Vouchers in 2023 – the list yet to be announced. Note: Looking for more supermarket vouchers, redeem free NTUC Vouchers simply by signing up using Trust Bank referral code today!

Read on our guide below to find the list of CDC Vouchers Merchants in the past for reference. We will update the article whenever the new CDC Voucher Merchant List for 2023 is released.


All CDC vouchers are not available for e-commerce or online transactions. The vouchers also cannot be used to purchase certain goods/services such as lottery, petrol, diesel, alcohol, cigarettes.


Similar to other vouchers like supermarket vouchers, there will be no change / refund provided if the purchase amount is less than the vouchers used.

CDC Voucher Merchant List 2023

Below is the full list of CDC Vouchers Merchant List 2023, updated as of Jan 2023. You can search for the merchant name or filter by region to view the list of merchants. Disclaimer: Note the table below is extracted from and is accurate as of Jan 2023. Refer to the official page for the latest updates.

CDC Voucher Singapore: How to Redeem

To spend the voucher digitally, the resident has to click on the CDC vouchers link, select the amount to be used and show the QR code to a participating merchant, who will then scan it using the RedeemSG App.

There is no need for residents to download any mobile application. Simply claim your vouchers by going to The voucher link will be sent to your verified mobile number. You can then use the voucher by presenting the QR code vouchers at participating hawkers and heartland merchants identified by the CDC Vouchers decal.

Steps required to redeem the CDC Vouchers include:

  • Login with Singpass and verify your personal particulars to claim your voucher(s).
  • Each household with at least 1 Singaporean will be able to claim $100 in vouchers.
  • These vouchers can be used at participating merchants with a CDC decal.
  • This takes ~5 minutes to complete.

Those using hard copy vouchers have to show the merchant the QR code on the voucher, which the merchant will then scan.

No change will be given, so residents have to select the suitable denominations of vouchers and top up the extra, or forfeit the remaining value.

The vouchers are not allowed to be resold, and each resident’s address is stated on the voucher link to deter reselling.

CDC Voucher Singapore: Voucher Eligibility & Sharing

All Singaporean households are eligible for the scheme. Each Singaporean household can claim $100 in CDC vouchers that can be spent at participating heartland merchants and hawkers. Note that only one member from the household can redeem the $100 CDC vouchers.

Vouchers can be shared with your household members via the following method:

  • Click on “Share My Vouchers” button to copy the unique voucher link and paste into any preferred messaging apps e.g. SMS/ Whatsapp/ Telegram. Please refer to diagram below for illustration.
  • Do note that sharing your voucher link constitutes providing them with access to your voucher. Anyone with the voucher link can use your vouchers.

You can also authorize a non-household member to claim your CDC Voucher on your behalf. He or she should bring along your notification letter sent to your household, a completed Authorisation Form and necessary supporting documents (specified in the authorisation form) to the CC.

CDC Voucher Singapore: Donations of Vouchers

As pe CDC announcement, “While Singaporean households are encouraged to claim and spend their vouchers before they expire on Dec 31, 2022, the CDCs have received public feedback that some Singapore households would like to share the balance amount of their vouchers with those who might need it more amidst concern over rising cost of living,” 

“The CDCs are now offering Singaporean households more flexibility in using CDC vouchers through a donation option.”

To donate your household’s remaining vouchers, head to the CDC vouchers scheme website and click on Donate CDC Vouchers. Then select a listed charity and log in with Singpass to pledge your household’s voucher balance as of Dec 31.

Categories of eligible charities include: Animal welfare, arts and heritage, children and youth, education, elderly, environment, families and children, healthcare, migrant community, persons with disabilities, and sports.

“The CDC vouchers would be donated in cash value instead of vouchers,” the CDCs and PA said.

CDC Voucher Singapore: How to apply

There is no need to apply for the scheme. All Singaporean households will receive a notification letter on how to claim their CDC vouchers at Only one member of each household needs to log in via Singpass to claim the vouchers.

Note: You might be interested to check out our compilations of credit card promotions in Singapore.

You will require a valid Singpass account and smartphone to login and claim your vouchers. Singpass is needed to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent claims on behalf of your household.

CDC Voucher Singapore: How to check Remaining Value

You may access your voucher link found in the SMS sent by RedeemSG to find out the remaining balance of your CDC Vouchers. The value is shown at the top of the webpage. 

CDC Voucher Merchant List 2023, 2022 & 2021

Below is the latest CDC Voucher Merchant List for All CDCs in Singapore that has been released in 2021 and 2022.

Disclaimer: The following CDC merchants list are non-exhaustive and subject to personal ratings. Please conduct your own research before purchasing or enlisting their services. 

The CDC merchant lists cover the areas below (click on link to jump to respective list). Please visit our dedicated pages to obtain the CDC Voucher Merchant list for a specific area:

We will refresh the tables as the latest CDC Merchant list is finalized and released. Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates!

CDC Voucher Merchant Go Where Website Launched on 23rd December 2021

To make it easier for Singaporean households to spend their vouchers, the five CDCs in partnership with Government Technology Agency have launched the CDC Vouchers Merchants Go Where website on Dec. 23. 

Users can enter your postal code or street name to search for the nearest participating hawkers and heartland merchants.

cdc voucher merchant list

However, note that the official government CDC Vouchers Merchants Go Where website does not allow searching specific business or stall names. You’re only allowed to search by street name or postal code. To search by merchant names, please visit our dedicated pages to obtain the CDC Voucher Merchant list for a specific area below, in which we list down the full list of participating merchants.

After you have keyed in your postal code and street name, a list of merchants within 2km of your location will be displayed under the search results.   

cdc voucher merchant list updated cdc voucher merchant list

Head over to CDC Go Where website to start searching for the latest CDC Merchant around your neighbourhood.

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