Zenyum Promo: Free Sterilisation Box (worth $150) for new sign-ups for Aligner Treatment

zenyum promotion
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Zenyum Teeth Aligner Promo: Free Sterilisation Box (worth $150) for new sign-ups 

Zenyum Singapore is gifting a Zenyum Sterilisation Box (worth $150) for free when you sign up with them today !

zenyum box

Zenyum is a Smile Cosmetics startup that aims to make invisible braces more accessible in Asia. Their Zenyum Invisible Braces starts from as low as $2,400, treated by dentists for a greater smile. The company uses 3D scans, CAD software, and 3D-printing to customise their clear aligners to achieve an excellent mix of comfort, clarity and strength.

The main marketing pitch for Zenyum is that it is purportedly up to 70% more affordable than traditional teeth-straightening options.

For those interested to get braces, this might be a good deal to check out. Sign up at Zenyum Singapore to enjoy the offer.