Waterloo Guanyin Temple Opens On 27 July for Public


Waterloo Guanyin Temple Opens for Public coming 27 July

Starting 27 Jul, Guanyin Temple at Waterloo has announced that they will be reopening, albeit with limited hours and a soon-to-be implemented entry ticket system.

Good news for worshippers as you can visit the temple again next week.

Do note that new schedule and their opening hours.

Waterloo Guanyin Temple Opening Hours and Period

Waterloo Guanyin Temple will be opened on a limited basis starting 27-30 Jul, and 3-6 Aug.

On 27 -30 July and 3 – 6 August Monday to Thursday, Waterloo Guanyin Temple will be opened from 7am-6.30pm, according to the notice below. After that on the weekend of 7-9 August, the Guanyin Temple will be opened again based on a ticketing system as described below. 

After this initial trial opening phase, Waterloo Guanyin Temple will release more information on the regular opening hours and days from 10 August onwards.  

Waterloo Guanyin Template Entry Ticketing System on 7 – 9 August

Starting 7 Aug, however, visits will be allowed via an entry ticket system for better crowd control and safe distancing.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, visiting hours are split into day and night sessions. You will have to notify the temple through designated email addresses depending on your planned time of visit.

  • Friday 7 Aug morning – 7aug2020AM@kwanim.org
  • Friday 7 Aug evening – 7aug2020PM@kwanim.org
  • Saturday 8 Aug morning – 8aug2020AM@kwanim.org
  • Saturday 8 Aug evening – 8aug2020PM@kwanim.org
  • Sunday 9 Aug morning – 9aug2020AM@kwanim.org
  • Sunday 9 Aug evening – 9aug2020PM@kwanim.org

Each session only allows a limited number of visitors, so not every applicant will be successful in getting an entry ticket.

About Waterloo Guanyin Temple

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple - Wikipedia

Waterloo Guanyin Temple is a traditional Chinese temple situated at 178 Waterloo Street in Singapore. The temple is of significance to the Chinese in Singapore, and is believed to bring worshippers good luck after praying to the Guan Yin, or Avalokiteśvara.

The Guanyin Temple is a popular place of worship for devotees of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy.

Lower Number of Visitors to the Temple

As reported by Straits Times earlier this year in March when we usually expect a spectacle of devotees, vendors and donation collectors during this time of year, the Guan Yin Temple received a noticeably smaller crowd on Thursday (March 12) as it celebrated the birthday of Guanyin. The crowds were also half of the usual during Chinese New Year, with lower visitorship because of the ongoing coronavirus.

Good news for worshipers overall as the Guan Yin Temple starts to open again coming August. Please keep safe distancing in your next visit to the temple!


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