Save on Telco Bill: GOMO is offering 30GB + 300 Mins for $20 only per month

Save Money with This Value Offer from GOMO (By Singtel)  

For those of you who have not heard of GOMO, GOMO is a fairly new plan launched by Singtel in 2019 and is designed with the intention to cater to the lifestyles of digital natives and millenials. As far as we know, GOMO utilizes Singtel infrastructure and should offer close to equivalent network speed and coverage at a significantly lower price than the usual Singtel plan.

In what seems to be an attempt to target difference customer segments, we observe that Singtel has been aggressively marketing GOMO under its own brand, with limited mention of Singtel as the parent company.

For those whose mobile contracts have expired and have not made up your plan to choose which Telco, our team at definitely recommends you to check out the latest value-for-money GOMO promotions below! 

Promo Plan 1: 50GB + 500 Mins + 500 SMSes

PROMO CODE: BINGE50 (Input at Checkout)

GOMO is currently offering up to a whopping 50GB and 500 mins for just $30. The offer is a SIM-Only plan and comes with free incoming call & Caller ID! This is definitely one of the cheapest telco plan in Singapore currently for the mobile data and free minutes included with the offer.

Promo Plan 2: 20GB FOR $20

PROMO CODE: No Code Required at Checkout

This is is currently the cheapest promo offering from GOMO with still relatively large 20GB plan at just $20. Similarly, the offer is a SIM-Only plan and comes with free incoming call & Caller ID! We think this is highly suitable for users who need less data and talk time.

Additional FREE 10GB For those who switch from other telco

PROMO CODE: AYEAROF30GB Required at Checkout

To encourage users to switch to their network, GOMO is offering a limited time offer (till 15th June) of FREE additional 10GB data for 12 months for new users. Use the promo code above to checkout to enjoy this offer! 

We think this is indeed another Red Hot SG Deal not to be missed! Those looking for other options, you may check out our review of an equally compelling and value-for-money $17.90 mobile plan from GRIDMOBILE  

Check out GOMO Website for full details.

Hope you enjoy this 1-FOR-1 Promo brought to you by

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