Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Review and Comparison of the Best Online Stock Brokerages in Singapore 

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Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Review and Comparison of the Best Brokerage in Singapore 

Online trading is getting more and more popular every day, with a variety of platforms available for everyone. But which one is the best for your needs? In this post, we will compare two of the most popular online brokers in the industry today, Tiger Brokers vs Moomoo.

Tiger Brokers and Moomoo are currently two of the top online trading platforms in Singapore. It’s a big decision picking the right broker, especially when you may have to pay up to $2-$10 per trade on your options or on stocks.

Fortunately, there are two great options out there for us to choose from. But which stock trading brokerage is better? Let’s find out.

Tiger Broker vs Moomoo Summary
  • Commission Free Trades: If you’re looking for an online broker that offers commission-free trades, then Moomoo is the right platform for you. It offers 180 days of commission-free trades on US stocks, ETFs, and options.
  • Moomoo stands out because it offers commission-free trade for its US securities, plus its welcome bonus offers 180 days of unlimited commission-free trades. However, it doesn’t offer mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrency, or forex.
  • Tiger Brokers, on the other hand, maintains its competitive edge by offering access to global shares in Australia and China. It also removed its deposit and withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, and account maintenance fees. The downside? It has a complex fee structure with 2 tiers – platform fees and commission fees.

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Trading App: Both Moomoo and Tiger Brokers have mobile apps that can be downloaded with ease from the Play Store or Apple Store. With these apps you can monitor your portfolio and place orders anywhere at any time!

Quick Verdict: Moomoo and Tiger Brokers are two of the best online brokerage platforms today. With desktop and mobile trading apps, and an easy sign-up process, these brokerage firms offer easy access to global trading.

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers In-depth Comparison

Both app offer similar functionalities and great ease of use. We wouldn’t particularly recommend any app over the other as it can come down to individual preference but instead, we would recommend you to take advantage of the current Moomoo Promotion and Tiger Brokers Promotion offering Free Apple Shares (worth $200+) each to try out both Moomoo and Tiger brokerage apps yourselves!  

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Trading Commission Fees, Exchanges, Trading Options 

  Moomoo Tiger Broker
Type of Products Available Stocks









Mutual funds



Minimum Deposit S$0 S$0
Maintenance Fee US market: $0.005 per share, min $1 per order



SGX: 0.03% of transaction amount, min S$1.50

Number of Exchanges Available 3 countries 5 countries
Trading Commissions Lower for SGX


Same for US

Lower for HKEX


Same for US

Exchange Rate Comparable Comparable
Pre and Aftermarket Funding Present Present
Ease of Opening Account Similar Similar
Funding Account Speed A few hours A few hours
Custodian Account Did not disclose who their custodians are As of 8 July 2020, Tiger Brokers Singapore appointed DBS Bank as their custodian bank
Trade markets in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. Trade blue-chip stocks in US, HK and SG Markets.
Account Funding Options
Bank transfer, DDA, FAST, PayNow Bank transfer
Advisory Services
No No
Android, iOS Android, iOS
Minimum Deposit
$0.00 $0.00
Minimum Trade
No minimum trade required No minimum trade required
Signup Bonus Gift
Receive stock vouchers and commission-free trades Enjoy 180 days unlimited commission and get 1 free AAPL share (Terms and conditions apply).
Copy Trading
No No
Crypto Trading
No No
cTrader Trading
No No
ETF Trading
Yes Yes
Forex Trading
No No
Fractional Share Trading
No No
Futures Trading
Yes No
International Markets Trading
Yes No
MetaTrader 4 Trading
No No
MetaTrader 5 Trading
No No
Mutual Funds Trading
No No
Options Trading
Yes No
OTCBB / Pink Sheets
No No
Paper Trading
Yes Yes
Penny Share Trading
No Yes
Social Trading
No No
Share Trading
Yes Yes
Tradable Assets
ETFs, Futures, Options, OTC, REITs, Shares ETFs, Shares, REITs
Tradable Markets
Broker Assisted Trades Fee
N/A $10.00
Brokerage Fee
$0.01 $0.03
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee
$0.00 $25.00
ETF Trade Fee
$0.01 $0.03
Funds Withdrawal Fee (Partial)
$0.00 $0.00
Funds Withdrawal Fee (Full)
$0.00 $0.00
International Wire Transfer Fee
Mutual Fund Trade Fee
Options (Base Fee)
Options (Per Contract Fee)
$0.65 N/A
Paper Confirmation Fee
Paper Statement Fee
N/A $3.00
Returned Wire Fee
Stock Certificate Delivery Fee
Stock Certificate Processing Fee
Stock Trade Fee
$0.01 $0.03
Order types
Order Type (Contingent)
N/A No
Order Type (Limit)
Yes Yes
Order Type (Market)
Yes No
Order Type (One Cancels The Other)
N/A No
Order Type (One Triggers and One Cancels The Other)
N/A No
Order Type (One Triggers The Other)
N/A No
Order Type (Stop)
Yes Yes
Order Type (Trailing Stop)
Yes Yes
Customer service
Email Support
Yes Yes
Live Chat Support
Yes Yes
Phone Support
Yes No

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Company Overview

Futu Moomoo Singapore Introduction

Futu Holdings Ltd (moomoo). (NASDAQ: FTHU) is a global financial services company with a presence in over 25 cities in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. The Company’s core businesses include electronic brokerage, securities agency, futures agency, investment banking and asset management.

moomoo has been around as early as 2016 but only recently started marketing in Singapore through social media advertisements, blogs and banner ads on news websites in early 2017, offering Free Apple Stock Promotions to entice new users to sign up. Moomoo has attracted over 220,000 registered users and more than 100,000 paying clients in less than three months since entering the Singapore market. 

The broker offers free tutorials and has a live chat option for any customer enquiries 24/7. 

The key difference between Moomoo and other platforms like DBS Vickers is that it does not have a minimum trading requirement. This means investors can start off small with just $100 by buying 1 share of a stock. They can even set up a “buy now” order if they want to buy more shares of an investment at a later date. In addition, there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing money into your bank account.

Tiger Brokers Singapore Introduction

Tiger Brokers is an online platform for investors of all levels to trade financial products in China and globally. The company is headquartered in Beijing, but it has offices around the world, including Sydney and New York.

The platform offers stocks, ETFs, REITs, funds, and more. Tiger Brokers promotes itself as a tech-focused company and they develop their own proprietary technology. Tiger Brokers has over 1.4 million accounts all over the world.

In recent years, the online Brokerage has also launched various attractive Tiger Broker promotions including giving out Free Apple shares to new users. The company ambitious growth plan is clear with it CEO’s quote: “Our vision is to make investing simpler, more convenient and more transparent. We want to do this by using technology that is simple and convenient for our customers. We are optimistic about our growth prospects in China, and we are excited to expand into the U.S., Australia and Singapore.”

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Trading Markets and Options

Moomoo Singapore Trading Products

You can trade the following on Moomoo:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • REITs
  • ADRs
  • Options

Aside from single stocks, investors can also trade options (on US and HK stocks) and SGX-listed futures.

With Moomoo, you can trade options from USD $0.65 per contract with a minimum fee of $1.99 per transaction. Plus, they also have a platform fee of $0.30 per contract.

At the moment, Moomoo has a limited portfolio but they have plans to offer a wider range of financial products in the future.

Tiger Brokers Trading Products

You can buy the following products using Tiger Broker’s platform:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • REITs
  • CBBCs
  • Mutual funds
  •  Futures
  • Options

You can choose to trade using your desktop or mobile. On the platform, you can trade futures and options. Plus, you can use Fund Mall to purchase mutual funds.

Both brokerage do not currently offer cryptocurrency trading on their mobile app.

Moomoo vs Tiger Brokers: Trading Markets

Stock Markets Moomoo Tiger Brokers
SGX ✔  ✔ 
HKEK ✔     ✔   
US ✔     ✔   
ASX (Australia) ✖ ✔    
SZSE and SSE (China) ✖ ✔   

As you can see, Tiger Brokers offers more markets – Australia and China. 

This makes it attractive to investors who want to trade in global markets. And while it offers access to ASX stocks, it also allows investors to trade in the US and Hongkong markets, plus on China. This is perfect for those who are on the lookout for investment overseas.

Commissions and Fees

In terms of brokerage fees, Moomoo and Tiger Brokers platforms offer very competitive rates. There are two types of fees you need to take into account:

  • Trading commission: This is also called a stock trading fee. It is charged when you sell or purchase stocks. You will also be charged with fees for buying or selling other investments, such as ETFs or options.
  • Platform fee: This is the fee that many online brokerage platforms charge to investors for using their platform/service.
Market Type of Fee Moomoo Tiger Brokers
SGX Commission Fee 0.03% *trade value


Min S$0.99/trade

0.04% * trade value
Platform Fee + 0.03% * trade value


Min SGD $1.50

+ 0.04% * trade value



No minimum

(until 31 Dec 2021)


Min $2.88 SGD/trade

(after 31 Dec 2021)

HKEX Commission Fee 0.03* trade value


Min 3 HKD/trade

0.03% * trade value
Platform Fee + 15 HKD/order + 0.03% * trade value


Min 15 HKD/trade

US Commission Fee USD 0.0049/share


Min USD $0.99/order

0.01 USD/share



+ platform fee)


Min 1.99 USD/trade

Platform Fee + USD 0.005/share


Min USD $1/order


At a glance, here are the total minimum fees you’ll incur depending on the market:

Market Moomoo Tiger Brokers
SGX Min S$2.49 per trade No minimum until 31 Dec 2021


Min S$2.88/trade

after 31 Dec 2021

HKEK Min 18 HKD/trade Min 15 HKD/trade
US Min USD $1.99/trade Min USD $1.99/trade


As you can see, trading on SGX, the minimum fee for both Moomoo and Tiger Brokers is attractive and comparable to what their competitors are charging. However, Tiger Brokers have an added edge since it is currently imposing no minimum order until 31 December 2021.

But between Moomoo and Tiger Brokers,  which one has lower fees after the promotions have ended?

Market Which one is cheaper?
SGX Moomoo
HKEK Tiger Brokers
US Have similar minimum fees


When choosing between Moomoo and Tiger Brokers,  you need to decide which market you’ll be investing in more. For instance, if you prefer to trade SGX, then Moomoo will be cheaper.

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