McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin Promotion: $4.50 Sausage McMuffin Breakfast Saver Meal

7. McDonalds BreakFast McSaver
7. McDonalds BreakFast McSaver

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McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin Promotion: $4.50 Sausage McMuffin Breakfast Saver Meal from April 29

Have a craving for McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin? Check out this new McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin Promotion starting tomorrow! 

For just six weeks – starting 29 April, McDonald’s is offering a new promotion offering the classic Sausage McMuffin® with Egg in its Breakfast McSaver Meals!

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From just $4.50, diners can choose between the Egg McMuffin®, Sausage McMuffin®, Chicken Muffin and now Sausage McMuffin® with Egg!

Plus, you’ll also get a Hash Brown and a hot McCafé Premium Roast Coffee or tea. 

The Breakfast McSaver Meals are available seven (7) days a week, and even during Public Holidays. So, make the first meal of your day the Breakfast McSaver Meal.

Check out our coverage on McDonald’s Promo for the latest McDonald’s promo & deals.

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