Telegram Group Singapore | 36 Best Telegram Channels to join in Singapore| Feb 2023 Update

Student Perks
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Telegram’s tagline is “Be Fast” — and it means a lot. The free messaging app allows you to message and call friends and groups across all of your devices. It’s a great way to stay connected — which why it’s one of the largest social networks in the world. And by tapping into Singapore’s awesome telegram channels, you can also keep up-to-date with life hacks, learn about the latest news, go shopping for stuff at huge discounts, and even connect with brands directly.

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Besides, you’d be surprised how many useful and entertaining channels there are on Telegram. Some will let you get a taste of local culture and history; others will help you get around in every country that you’ll visit, and some even provide tips on how to survive in the wild. Here is the list of Singaporean Telegram channels we think you should know about.

Singapore Telegram Channels that are “Must” to Join

Promotions and Deals:

Telegram Group: AllSGPromo


Stay ahead of the crowd with a wealth of promos, deals, and discounts at your fingertips. Get coupon codes for discounts for thousands of stores in Singapore as well as 1 for 1 restaurant deals. Find special dining deals every day and enjoy exclusive promos from AllSGPromo Telegram Channel!

Join the Telegram Channel here.

Telegram Group: Dateideas Singapore

Unique experiences, precious memories, all in one click! Whether it’s an extravagant celebration with your loved ones, a romantic weekend getaway or a thrilling adventure to a special place, Dateideas Singapore Telegram channel is here to help you create a memorable time for you and your special someone.

The only way to get last minute information on the best deals and treats for your lover is to join the telegram channel!

Join the Telegram here.

Telegram Group: Lovet SG Fans

Are you a local fashionista who’s looking for ways to source for brand new, high-quality pieces? Or do you have some preloved Lovet items that need a new home? Levet Fam’s Telegram is here for you! A fashion-focused social media platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade their BNWT Lovet clothing.

For Lovet fans, you can join this telegram channel to get the latest brand’s updates!

Join the Telegram here.

Telegram Group: SkillsFutureSG

SkillsFutureSG Telegram channel empowers individuals to learn for life, pursue skills mastery and develop fulfilling careers, for a future-ready Singapore. Through unique apprenticeship model that blends online and offline learning, this Telegram partners with enterprises to upskill their workforce.

This Telegram allows you to find like-minded individuals to learn with, pursue mastery together and grow your knowledge and skillset.

Join the Telegram here.

Telegram Group: Best Things to Do (SG) – FindPlanGo

Looking for unique and fun things to do in Singapore? Join this channel and you won’t be disappointed!

With Best Things to Do (SG) Telegram Channel, you can discover the best events in Singapore – from weekly meetups, art exhibitions and activities in your neighborhood to festivals, concerts, museums and more!

Join the Telegram here.


Telegram Group: SG Concerts

SG Concerts Telegram channel is a platform for users to get updates straight from the source. With its team of experts and admins constantly keeping you updated on the latest concerts, you can be sure that you will always be provided with accurate information.

Stay on top of your favorite artists and events ‘cause they got all the latest updates from your favourite artists, and even venues that you can’t miss!

Join the Telegram here.


Telegram Group: Student Perks (Private Channel)

Student Perks


There are many perks for being a student, but who says you can’t find even more? As students, there’s always the struggle of budgeting your daily expenses. That’s why Student Perks is a private channel created for students like you! This channel is filled with many benefits which include student-exclusive discounts on food and drink, activity suggestions, and more.

You no longer need to be afraid of missing out on great deals while you’re at school because Student Perks will be your go-to toolkit for everything your university experience needs.

Take note that this telegram channel can only be joined through an exclusive invite link provided in this page.

Join the Telegram Channel here.

Telegram Group: Nightlife Collective

night life collective


Nightlife Collective brings you the latest updates from DC’s nightlife scene in one place, making it easier than ever to plan the perfect night. Interested in happy hours for a date, dinner parties for fun with friends, or even late-night 1am openings? It goes to the trouble of collecting all the must-know details on drinks, food and events, so you don’t have to.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Health, Fitness, and Wellness:

Telegram Group: Fitness Level Up

fitness level up

You want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start? We have you covered! Become a Fitness Level Up Telegram Channel member and get updates on all fit-related info you need – gym membership promos, equipment discounts, or latest fad diets. Step into the channel for exclusive membership to the hottest deals!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: NEA Singapore

NEA singapore

The NEA’s Telegram Channel is live and keeps you informed with the latest dengue news, hawker centre cleanliness ratings, tips for living a greener, sustainable life. You can also provide feedback or read through a variety of FAQs.

Sign up for NEASingapore Telegram Channel to be the first to know about NEA Singapore’s latest happenings and announcements.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Fitness & Health

SG Fitness and Health

Do you love working out? Say no more, SG Fitness and Health’s Telegram channel is your go-to solution for S’pore’s hottest deals on lifestyle products, fitness classes and events. Its dedicated employees will keep you posted with the latest updates for all of your fitness-related needs ranging from sportswear brands such as Adidas, Puma and Asics to the latest hot and trendy class such as boxing at Ground Zero. Keep yourself fit in the midst of all that work!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Travel Updates, Notifications, and Destinations:

Telegram Group: SG MRT

SG Mrt

Keep up-to-date with the latest MRT breakdowns and changes to train lines, so that you’re not stuck waiting in the dark between stations. Instead of fiddling around with the Twitter feed to check out live updates on MRT breakdowns, subscribe to SG MRT Telegram Channel that will give you more detailed information of what exactly is happening.

Notify yourself with first-hand information on station closures, train disruption and more!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Road Updates

SG Road Update

Follow SG Road Updates Telegram Channel that’s specifically for drivers and riders. With up-to-date information from this channel you can avoid the road blocks, accidents, and heavy traffic seen around Singapore. SG Road Updates is a Telegram channel that has been helping many road users to plan their routes ahead and avoid traffic jams. So, stay updated with the latest information about traffic news and be one step ahead of the congestion.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: ComfortDelgro Taxi

This Telegram Channel helps you stay updated on the latest ComfortDelgro taxi promo codes from Singapore! Subscribed members will receive updates on new promotions as they are released and can take advantage of this convenient system before booking a ride.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: NParks Buzz

NParks Buzz


Following Singapore’s parks on Telegram is a great way to ensure you never miss out on events, promotions and fun facts about the animals. With mountains to conquer and trails to trek, there’s always something exciting happening in our parks – follow the official Nparks Telegram Channel and let nature be your guide.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG

TRIP.COM SG Telegram channel provides you the best hotel for your holidays. With its low-cost flights and easy and secured online booking, and from instant confirmations and exclusive deals, you’ll find this Telegram channel a real travel expert!

 Join the Telegram Channel here.

Telegram Group: LTA Singapore

LTA Singapore

Life is full of surprises, and you know what they say – a traveller without surprises is a traveller without life! And if there’s one thing that can put a dent in your travel plans, it’s being caught in a sudden traffic jam. Well, worry no more! We’ve got you covered. The Land Transport Authority’s Telegram channel LTA Singapore will be where you get news on road closures, traffic updates and even uncongested routes from other road user- all at the click of a button on your phone.

Be one step ahead of the curve – Never get stuck in a traffic jam with LTA’s Telegram Channel!

Join this Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Klook SG Deals & Travel Tips


Klook SG Deals and Travel Tips’ Telegram channel is your channel for deals and travel tips on local dining, shopping, travel and events in Singapore. By subscribing to this Telegram channel, you get access to exclusive deals that can’t be found anywhere else on- and offline, anywhere in the world.

Join the Telegram Channel here.


Telegram Group: News Outpost

News Outpost

News Outpost is a news channel that curates top local, international & trending stories from credible sources like Straits Times, CNA, Gov.SG, Mothership and more.

News Outpost lets you stay on top of the latest news in Singapore, with its no-frills design that allows you to get information at the click of a button.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: MS News


Aesthetically-appealing and satirical, the MS News Telegram channel covers the latest happenings with a different spin that resonates with Singaporean readers. From conflicts to politics, controversies to breaking news, Singaporeans can be assured that MS News channel has you covered under the same roof for all that’s happening in—or not—here in Singapore.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:

Did you know that the government is using a Telegram channel to disseminate information to Singapore residents? They announced their move to a new social media platform in this post, and are looking for feedback on how to best keep you informed.

Government of Singapore on a wide range of issues from currency, utilities, health benefits, and updates about COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Ministry of Manpower

SG Ministry of Manpower

The Ministry of Manpower’s Telegram channel is a free service that gives employers and employees an instant avenue to obtain critical resources on issues such as manpower forecasting, tests and surveys, safety standards and more.

No more waiting around – the Ministry of Manpower’s Telegram channel brings you updated news as it happens, on the go!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong

Did you know that our PM Lee Hsien Loong has his own Telegram Channel? The channel shares news Singaporeans ought to know, from current affairs to the future of Singapore. Go beyond the mainstream news, get the ‘news that matter’ on PM Lee Hsien Loong’s telegram channel.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: The Straits Times

The Strait Times

The Strait Times Telegram channel is a household name among Singaporeans, delivering the latest news in a quick and convenient way. With Telegram Channel, you can stay up to date with the latest news from your favourite content creators!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:


This Telegram Channel is for anyone who seeks an outlet to voice out what is happening in their local area. News such as gossips, talk of the town and latest updates can be found here.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Today


Today’s Telegram Channel delivers the latest news and headlines from around the world. Follow topics that interest you so you can catch up on news and sports scores at your convenience. Find more content and information anytime, on any device, with their Telegram channel.

Join the Telegram Channel here.


Telegram Group: Singapore Part Time Jobs

Singapore Part Time JObs

Whether you are looking for part time work, casual jobs or full-time jobs, Singapore Part Time Jobs will have interesting job opportunities for you. From event set up crew to brand ambassador and administrative assistants, the channel shares a wide range of job vacancies with our fellow Singaporeans.

Singapore Part Time Jobs Telegram Channel brings you a large variety of jobs that are available in Singapore. If you are looking for a temporary job or even a part-time job to make some money, this is right channel for you. The channel shares opportunities as they arise.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Internships

SG Internships

Are you looking to kick start your career as a fresh graduate? Looking to get some valuable industry experience under your belt before fully jumping into the workforce? Singapore Internship Opportunities might just be the right channel for you.

Singapore Internship Opportunities telegram channel boasts almost all of the available internship opportunities in Singapore, and with its extensive list of employers, you’re sure to find something that fits you!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Singapore Full Time Jobs

Singapore Part Time JObs

Are you a Singaporean who aims to make a career switch? If yes, then here’s your place to be! Singapore Full Time Jobs telegram channel shares job tips, interview questions, interviews with aspirants and job vacancies from marketplaces. It also provides information about full-time jobs ranging from office administration jobs to lifestyle-based ones like dog handlers and yoga instructors. Apply for one of the vacancies today!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: WerkWerk SG

WerkWerk SG

WerkWerk SG’s Telegram channel provides job search and professional advice. Be in touch with thousands of relevant events and companies, ask career advice and polls & get inspired along with your questions via the WerkWerkBot.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG United Jobs

SG United Jobs

Are you looking for a job, or preparing to re-enter the workforce? Visit SG United Jobs’ Telegram channel today to get instant access to the latest jobs, career events, as well as job search tips and career advice by Workforce Singapore. This channel makes it easy for you to find out about all new job opportunities that interest you.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: SG Ask Everyone

SG Ask Everyone

Are you stuck with an idea but don’t know which direction to take it in? Many of us have brilliant ideas and theories, but sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to help us make the next step. That’s where SG Ask Everyone comes into play. This Telegram channel makes it easy to build consensus around your idea or theory by allowing you to send polls and quizzes that can be easily answered by other members of this telegram channel.

If you need more opinions on the topic of your question, post it on Ask Everyone!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Singapore Freebies


Do you have old items at home taking up space and gathering dust? Why not let other people put them to good use? Singapore Freebies by Sharetings Telegram Channel is an online marketplace where people can offer their old items for donation to those in need. Its mission is to reduce excess waste and help the needy during the holidays by connecting them with people clearing out their homes.

Get updates on furniture, footwear, and clothes for both men and women at little or no cost as good as new.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: Parent Code

Parent code

Looking for tips and tricks to manage your kids? Stay up-to-date on the best deals for parents and family events at Parent Code. This Telegram channel has the information that you need to keep you sane 24/7 around your child with its wide network of useful parent tips.

Join Parent Code today to be part of its global parenting community.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Parent Things

SG Parent Things

Raising a kid these days are not easy. From diapers to milk powder, from fun cafes to birthday parties, all can add up to the cost of living. Luckily, SG Parent Things Telegram channel brings you all the promotions for groceries, activities and more. You also get to find out latest news on kids-friendly events and activities at SG Parent Things Telegram channel, so what are you waiting for?

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: Vanity Suite

Vanity Suite

Join one of the Singapore’s leading online store for beauty, fashion and wellness at Telegram Channel-Vanity Suite. It is a one-stop channel for all your needs. Here, you can find the latest products from coveted overseas brands, from high-end makeup to skincare, from beautiful lingerie to swimwear. All are for sale at a wallet-friendly price. Other services include product advice and tutorials shared by beauty experts.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:


Zula’s Telegram Channel is a one-stop destination for everything female-centric. With your daily dose of wedding tips, the latest about Starbucks promo designs, and other relevant articles, Zula helps to restore balance in your life. It is also a great site for posting.

Here you’ll find exclusive artworks, crowdfunded goodies, reviews, plus-sized shopping tips and more!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Budget Babes

SG Budget Babes

The team behind SG Budget Babes are like your go-to friends who share everything they have discovered and learned about beauty, makeup and fashion in Singapore. From beauty hauls to makeup tutorials, we compile up to date promotions that keep your lifestyle exciting and affordable.

The SG Budget Babes Telegram channel helps solve this problem with an easy-to-navigate and quick way of finding all these promotions at once.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Safety Tips

Telegram Group: SG Hitch Female Drivers Riders

SG Hitch

Hitch SG is a telegram channel built in-house to protect women from harassment cases. Created by the Hitch community, it is a cheaper alternative as it eliminates the middleman and lower chances of sexual harassment which is common on private carpooling services that have a long list of male riders. It’s trying to build a bridge between drivers and hitchers to support the cause, and prevent sexual harassment cases so that everyone feels safe when using this platform!

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: SG Dance Channel

SG Dance

When it comes to keeping up with the latest in the Singapore sports scene, the SG Dance telegram channel has you covered. Whether you’re into dancing or not, the photos and videos from local productions and dance-related events are great for getting your creative juices flowing. From contemporary to ballet, you’re sure to discover something that makes you want to get off the couch.

Upcoming performances and classes are updated regularly on the Telegram SG Dance channel, so dance enthusiasts need not worry about missing out.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Home Tips

Telegram Group: Singapore HDB 


Are you someone who’s planning to buy a new home? First-time homebuyers may feel lost in the process, but Singapore HDB Channel has advice to guide you. From tips on financial planning to BTO exercises, updates on the purchase process, and interior design ideas, Singapore HDB Telegram Channel will aid you all the way to home ownership. Don’t miss out!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Renovation

SG Renovation

If you’re thinking of renovating your house, join SG Renovation Telegram channel for instant access to a pool of advice and information. Members ask and answer common questions regarding renovations. They also share their renovation experiences/advice to help support each other.

Join the Telegram Channel here.

Telegram Group: Homeowners SG

Homeowners SG

So many good home deals, so little time to organize them. Follow this Homeowners SG’s Telegram channel to be the first to hear about home organization ideas and the latest deals!

Join the Telegram Channel here.


Telegram Group: UglyFood Fresh Produce

UgllFood Fresh Produce

Ugly Food Fresh Produce is changing the way we buy fruit and vegetables. Their bundles help fill your fridge without breaking the bank, and support food sustainability by saving “unfresh” produce from being thrown away.

Founded on an initiative to reduce food wastage, Ugly Food Fresh Produce has bundles of fresh fruits and vegetables such as cauliflowers, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, and grapes for extremely affordable prices. Get them delivered to your doorstep!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Eatbook



People find it difficult to know where to eat in Singapore, with so many choices and food outlets. This can be frustrating and time consuming. Eatbook Telegram channel takes the guesswork out of eating out. It goes the lengths to review hawkers, fast food chains, fine dining restaurants, cafes through undercover reviews, listicles on food trends.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: sgFoodies

SG Foodies

Food for your stomach, not for your wallet. The food crawlers in Singapore are constantly looking out for the next food promotions. Join SG Foodies through Telegram to get notified first when that new dessert place opens up or when that tasty burger stall is planning their next big launch party. Who knows where they’ll take you next?

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:  SG Kiasu Foodies

Kiasu Foodies

Eating out is a great way to unwind, but not if the bill turns out to be higher than expected. At SG Kiasu Foodies’ Telegram channel, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant that offers locals discounts, or deals on lunch or dinner menus, it has all the food deals that you actually want.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Bubble Tea

SG Bubble Tea

Ever said “bubble tea is life”? If so, this channel is for you! Here you will find 1-for-1 deals, discounted prices, and the latest bubble tea news from around the world.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: TOTOhuatbot


Are you sick of constantly missing the jackpot? Have you set reminders to check your ticket only to discover that you’ve missed out on the big prize again? Do you spend time searching for 4D and TOTO updates manually? Look no further — TOTOhuatbot is here for you!

TOTOhuatbot will remind you when to buy your lottery ticket, what kind of numbers are drawn and how much prizes you can win.

Join this Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: Next In Tech

Next in Tech

Don’t let back pain or fatigue keep you from enjoying the best that your favorite games have to offer. Next in Tech knows your needs for high-performance desktop setups. Whether it’s a gaming chair, a monitor screen, or a CPU, this channel provides you with news updates, best product reviews, and buying guides.

It doesn’t matter where your game takes you; this channel will follow you there and back again.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Tech & Games

SG Tech and Games

Tech and gaming have come a long way, with new announcements happening on a daily basis. For the latest updates that all Singaporeans will enjoy, check out SG Tech & Games Telegram channel for a daily curated list of the best games and exclusive discount codes.

Follow SG Tech & Games’ channel on Telegram to stay updated with top tech and gaming news straight from our home.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Tech in Asia

TIA News

If you want to know what is happening in the technology scene in Asia, Tech In Asia Telegram channel has you covered. From updates on new games and apps, to information on fourth-quarter earnings, tech trends and even major news headlines, this channel is ready to engage your inner geek.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: SG New Movies & Shows

SG New Movies and Shows

Forget the struggle of finding movie reviews from various websites, SG New Movies and Shows’ Telegram channel provides you with summaries of the latest show and movie releases. Surely, you will find it useful on deciding whether to spend your time binge-watching them.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Financial Tips

Telegram Group: Seedly Personal Finance SG

Seedly Personal Finance SG

Do you find yourself struggling with the ups and downs of adulting? Are you looking for a personal finance telegram channel to save you from the daunting task of saving or investing? Look no further. Seedly Personal Finance SG Telegram channel was created to help Singaporeans in their financial journey. It offers tips, hacks, and recommendations on how to be financially savvy.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: CPF Board

CPF Board

With the Central Provident Fund’s (CPF) Telegram channel, you get simple and handy tips on how to make the most out of your CPF account. Whether it’s information on how to start investing or which investments provide better returns, you get all the information you need at your fingertips.

Let their round-the-clock financial tips help you make the most out of your CPF!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:

Dollars and Sense

Get your daily dose of financial and investing content during the trading day. Daily podcasts, quizzes, contests and real-time polls make sure you’re always in the know, so that you can invest with confidence and become a financial expert!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group:

Money Smart

Personal finance is a complex topic. To make it simple, this Telegram channel gives you useful and short tips on money management. Personal finance tips, hacks on insurance and investment products and latest fund news. Stay smart and informed about your money.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Weekend Plans


Make Clubbing GR Again

Make Clubbing GR8 Again Telegram channel provides exclusive guestlists for various venues to clubbers. These guestlists are created by the channels’ administrators (promoters and partners) for a venue that they like to frequent on a regular basis. Through this channel, you will also be able to enjoy exclusive ticket promotions for major events such as It’s The Ship, Zouk Out and more!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: SG Weekend Plans

SG Weekend Plans

The SG Weekend Plans Telegram channel provides a full-spectrum guide to what’s happening in Singapore.

Feel free to use their app to check out awesome events from day trips to weekend getaways and movies to secret dates – with their carefully curated list of the best things to do and places to eat in Singapore.

Join the Telegram channel here.


Telegram Group: Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Not only is Artificial Intelligence a titanic field, but it also is growing at an exponential rate. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to take years of school and university classes to learn. This channel brings you up to speed and shows you how to get started with the basics of AI and its many fields.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Singapore Data Science

Singapore Data Science

Are you curious about data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence? Then join the Singapore Data Science Telegram channel to benefit from shared knowledge, and learn as others teach each other. Participate in discussions and job postings and keep a look out for conferences and meetups for data science enthusiasts.

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Books Thief

Books Thief

Are you a book collector? Do enjoy reading books but hate the thought of storing them again and again? No more going to the library or bookstore to pick out a book. The Telegram Channel Books Thief has everything you need to read. They have the fastest e-books online with the best quality!

Join the Telegram channel here.

Telegram Group: Books Bag

Books Bag

Books Bag’s Telegram channel is a place where you can find books to read, mostly with educational subjects. Here you can also find self-help and development books as well. Educational, self- help, and development books are available to satisfy your voracious minds!

Join the Telegram channel here.


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