Teabrary Promotion: Paradise Iced Tea at a special price of $5.90 from 18 November 

Teabrary Enjoy Paradise Iced Tea for only $. original
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Teabrary Promotion: Paradise Iced Tea at a special price of $5.90 from 18 November 

Teabrary invites you to a refreshing escape with their Paradise Iced Tea, now available for the cool price of just $5.90. It’s the perfect pick-me-up to enjoy any day of the week from 18 Novembe till unspecified date!

Refreshing Offer at Teabrary

  • Treat yourself to the blissful blend of Teabrary’s Paradise Iced Tea.
  • Priced at only $5.90, it’s an offer that’s as delightful as the tea itself.Teabrary Enjoy Paradise Iced Tea for only $. original

Whether you’re winding down from a long day or just need a midday flavor vacation, Teabrary’s Paradise Iced Tea is your go-to refreshment. It’s more than just a beverage; it’s a sip of tropical bliss that’s both invigorating and soothing.

Remember, this special price is an invitation to treat yourself to the finer sips in life. So why wait? Step into any Teabrary location and let each gulp take you closer to paradise!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Teabrary Promotion: $2 Milk Tea Weekday Deals

Weekdays don’t have to be so dull! Teabrary is offering a fantastic promotion offering $2 Milk Tea Weekday Deals!

Under this promotion, you can enjoy:
  • $2 U.P($4.6) medium size of Milk Tea with Pearl every Monday
  • $2 U.P($4.2) of medium Chessiato Jasmine Green Tea every Tuesday
  • $2 U.P($6.9) Signature Fruit Tea every Wednesday
  • $2 U.P($4.5) any Cold Brew every Thursday
  • $2 U.P($5.9) Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearl every Friday
The promotion is limited to 1 drink per order/per pax. Please note that the deal is only available for walk-in and not valid on public holidays.
Deal is till an unspecified date.
Terms and Conditions
  • Order at Cashier only
  • Limited to 1 drink per order
  • Not valid on public holidays
How to Redeem the Promotion
Simply walk-in and order your Milk Tea at any Teabrary retail outlets. You can now enjoy different flavors of $2 Milk Tea every Weekdays.