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KFC Promotion: Up to 54% off  Chicken Tuesday Special 5 Pieces for Just $9.90...

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Paris Baguette Promotion: Dreamy Mushroom Cream Soup Special at Just $10.50 (till 30 April)

Paris Baguette Promotion: 1 for 1 Coffee-Based Drinks (Till 4 Oct)
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Popeyes Promotion: Enjoy the Poppy Power Box and Save up to 48% (from 11...

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KFC Promotion: Enjoy 5 Pieces of Chicken for Just $9.90 on Tuesdays (till 21...

KFC Chicken Tuesday Promotion: 6 Piece Chicken for $9
Burger King

Burger King Promotion: Combo for 2 at Just $8.50 via Trust Card Until 29...

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Jollibee Promotion: Prosperity Bundle Starts at $9.75 (From 2 February)

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