Starbucks Singapore’s SHIOK-a-ccino Beverages to Return in Two New Flavors from 12 July

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Starbucks Singapore’s SHIOK-a-ccino Beverages to Return in Two New Flavors from 12 July

Starbucks Singapore is bringing back their highly anticipated SHIOK-a-ccino beverages, and this time with two exciting new flavors! Starting from 12th July, customers can indulge in the delightful Intense Coffee with Earl Grey Jelly Shiok-ah-ccino (Less Sweet) and the refreshing Intense Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Shiok-ah-ccino (Less Sweet).

For those who crave a rich and intense coffee experience, the Intense Coffee with Earl Grey Jelly Shiok-ah-ccino is the perfect choice. This beverage combines Starbucks® signature espresso blended with chocolate chips to create a satisfyingly addictive gao flavor. The addition of silky Earl Grey Jelly adds a touch of sophistication to this delectable drink. Topped with fluffy whipped cream and an adorable Singa chocolate topper, it’s a true delight for coffee lovers.


Tea enthusiasts will find their bliss in the Intense Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Shiok-ah-ccino. This milk tea-based beverage features the aromatic flavors of Earl Grey tea, complemented by the smoothness of vanilla syrup. The inclusion of Earl Grey Jelly adds a unique twist to this tea-licious concoction, making it the perfect refreshment for a hot summer’s day. Finished with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a Singe chocolate topper, it’s a creamy smooth treat that will leave you wanting more.

Starbucks Jul

These limited-time SHIOK-a-ccinos will be available starting from 12th July 2023. Don’t miss the chance to experience the intense flavors and delightful combinations offered by Starbucks Singapore. As an added bonus, when you purchase a regular-priced Venti-sized Shiok-ah-ccino, you’ll receive a free Limited Edition Cup Bag. Please note that this offer is available while stocks last.

To skip the queue, you can conveniently order ahead via the Mobile Order & Pay feature on the Starbucks app or opt for delivery through Starbucks Delivers. Make sure to visit your nearest Starbucks store to enjoy these sensational SHIOK-a-ccinos before they’re gone!

Starbucks Singapore’s New Summer line-up, featuring Belgium Chocolate Coffee Frappuccino®, Cantaloupe Cream Frappuccino, and More!

Starbucks Singapore has just announced their new summer line-up, and it’s sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings! Starting from April 19th, 2023, Starbucks will be serving the indulgent Belgium Chocolate Coffee Frappuccino®, Belgium Chocolate Latte, and more.

These new beverages will be available on 19 April for a limited time only, so be sure to head down to your nearest Starbucks Outlets and try them out!

SBUX AP Summer BevPreviewForFoodDelivery BelgiumChocolateFrap x

The star of the show is the Belgium Chocolate Coffee Frappuccino®, a luxurious blend of rich chocolate sauce and coffee, mixed with Belgium chocolate shavings for an added crunch. It’s topped with a heavenly swirl of chocolate whipped cream and Belgium chocolate shavings, making it a perfect indulgence for any chocolate lover.

SBUX AP Summer BevPreviewForFoodDelivery BelgiumChocolateNitroColdBrew x

Make every sunny day count with the Belgium Chocolate Nitro Cold Brew. Enjoy the velvety combination of sweetened smooth coffee topped with creamy chocolate cream and dusted with Belgium chocolate shavings as you bask in summer fun. Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

SBUX AP Summer BevPreviewForFoodDelivery CantaloupeCreamFrap x


Enjoy a piece of melon heaven with the Cantaloupe Cream Frappuccino blended beverage. A delectable combination of fruity melon syrup blended with milk and ice, layered on top of a splash of green-colored melon powder, resembling a slice of fresh cantaloupe. Topped with fluffy whipped cream, cantaloupe sauce drizzle and more melon chunks, each sip is refreshing all the way to the end. Available as a blended handcrafted beverage.

SBUX AP Summer BevPreviewForFoodDelivery OkayamaPeachAppleOolong x

Cool off the heat with the light and refreshing Okayama Peach Apple M:LK Cream Oolong. This apple-lutely peachy summer beverage featuring aromatic Zen Clouds Oolong tea pairs perfectly with fruity peach apple sauce. Topped with a pillowy layer of plant-based cream topping made from luscious oat milk and rice whipped cream, get ready to transport yourself to Japan with every sip. Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

SBUX AP Summer BevPreviewForFoodDelivery OkayamaPeachAppleColdBrew x


Sip on the Okayama Peach Apple Cold Brew for that ultimate vacation feeling this summer. A perfect summertime pick-me-up blending a refreshing mix of peach apple sauce and lemonade, infused with a slow-steeped cold brew for a smooth feeling. Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

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New Starbucks Choc Chip Cupcake Frappuccino launches today, available in stores and delivery

Check out the all-new Starbucks Choc Chip Cupcake Frappuccino!

Starbucks Choc Chip Cupcake Frappuccino

Starbucks has just announced (15 Aug) availability of its new Choo Chip Cupcake Frappuccino on the Starbucks Menu – which they described as “a cupcake you can sip”.  

According to Starbucks, the new handcrafted Cupcake Frappuccino features a combination of milk, ice, caramel and chocolate chips topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder for an indulgent treat.

The new Starbucks Choc Chip Cupcake Frappuccino is now available in stores, via Mobile Order & Pay and delivery.



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