Singapore Korea Travel Bubble: South Korea hoping to expedite talks with Singapore

singapore korea travel bubble
singapore korea travel bubble

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Singapore Korea Travel Bubble: South Korea hoping to expedite talks

South Korea said on Wednesday (June 9) that it is pushing to allow people who have taken two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to go on group tours to countries that have strong virus control measures in place and have been relatively successful in containing the pandemic.

The countries involved in discussion include Singapore, which means that the Singapore Korea Travel Bubble might happen in the near future if both countries can come to an agreement.
Health officials further confirm that will accelerate travel bubble talks with the likes of Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to allow quarantine-free package tours for those who are fully vaccinated from as early as July. 
With only group tours allowed at the beginning, one or two flights will fly a week, carrying up to some 200 passengers once a travel bubble is formed, with plans to extend the scale of the travel scheme later, the Transport Ministry said.

The move comes as the Korea government is set to announce new social distancing rules this month that will take effect starting July.
The Singapore Korea travel bubble could start as early as July, which would allow vaccinated travelers on direct flights to by-pass quarantine. 

As of 9 June, around 9.2 million South Koreans have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, accounting for about 18% of the country’s population. Around 2.5 million Singaporeans have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine.


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