[AD] 5 Revolutionary Shampoos for Hair Growth and Nourishment & Superior Baths for Skin Enhancement

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[AD] 5 Revolutionary Shampoos for Hair Growth and Nourishment & Superior Baths for Skin Enhancement

This is a sponsored post from our advertiser.

Introducing a mini series of REVOLUTIONARY SHAMPOOs and two Quality Milk Baths for Men and Ladies

The skin is a very important organ we have, it helps us feel and touch and much more. So, keeping our skin and hair healthy and nice is very important as not only it makes us feel good, it definitely makes us LOOK GOOD.


To look beautiful and smart, it would be ideal if we could present ourselves with smooth, clean and young (wrinkles-free) skin. But saying is easier than done, many a times, it is tough to achieve a perfect state of balance for our skin and hair.


The skin is normally subject to pollution, stress and many environmental harm, and hence forming fine lines (and wrinkles) or is too dry or too oily. Occasionally with blemishes and acnes.

Hair problems usually occur as one ages, hair loss, thinning and greying hair are common worries of both men and ladies. For younger ladies, it is quite common to encounter frizzy hair, hair breakages and split ends.

hair loss shampoo 10

Such problems occur mainly because hair roots are weak. Hair and scalp problems could also be due to pollution (the environment you work in), emotions and stress, or lack of nutrients (in addition of aging and using certain hair care products). Whatever the reason(s), using a quality Shampoo with the vital ingredients that could strengthen and nourish your hair is important.

Most shampoos could clean any scalp and hair. The question should really be – in addition to cleaning, what other benefits and abilities can each shampoo offer.

Read on to learn more about how our shampoo series can help you address your hair and scalp problems.

The Omega 3,6 + Vitamin E Milk Shampoo (Unisex)

hair shampoo 6

Try our Omega 3,6 + Vitamin E Milk Shampoo –  Japan-Inspired Tested Formula

A quality shampoo that not just cleanse, it nourishes well. Additionally, it gives a beautiful look and a wonderful feel after each use! Experience this REVOLUTIONARY SHAMPOO that gives your hair a bounce!

It adds volume, detangles, enhances your curls & is very effective to improve frizzy hair, hair breakage & split ends. This Shampoo is Effective to balance PH. It has proven results to improve hair loss condition, promote hair growth, enable strong hair & solve hair breakage problems.

This is a specially formulated Milk Shampoo infused with Omega 3, 6 Oils and Vitamin E that not only benefit your hair roots & hair, it truly gives your hair a bounce after each use!

The functions are: it adds volume, de-tangles and enhance your curls (if you have curls) and definitely Very Effective to smoothen hair, improves frizzy hair, hair breakages and split ends. This Shampoo is Effective to balance PH and has proven results to improve hair loss condition & split ends/hair breakage problems.

It adds volume to hair and you’ll find your hair easier to manage and looks much fuller with a bounce! It is a unisex shampoo – for both men and ladies.

The main ingredients in this Superior Quality Milk Shampoo include Argan Oil and essence of Coconut which have known benefits to strengthening and beautifying hair.

It is a look good, feel good tested formula. Definitely worth a try. Great discounts now on.

Click here to purchase: Omega 3,6 + Vitamin E Milk Shampoo –  Japan-Inspired Tested Formula.

The Ginseng + Ginger + Herbs Shampoo

hair loss shampoo 8

Try our Ginseng + Ginger + Herbs Shampoo which are herbs and plants based – it emphasizes on using precious herbs and their known benefits to truly heal and strengthen the scalp and hair follicles without other side effects and damaging the hair roots.

As aging hair is already thinning and roots are weakening (a natural aging process), one would need natural (and fresh) ingredients in order to maintain and keep hair roots strong and clean (rather than using chemicals or worse, using sweet fruits type of shampoos – as it is the same logic as teeth and gums – if one soak the teeth and gums with sweet ingredients – they will soon decay).

hair loss shampoo 7

For thoughts, if one chews raw ginger, the gums and stomach actually strengthen (this is scientific) and ginger is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

This Shampoo is also very suitable for young customers who have scalp disorders such as oily scalp, acne, dandruff and flakes – it corrects oil sebum secretion, heals scalp acne, and reduces dandruff and flakes. It will also solve itching scalp problems.

hair loss shampoo 2

It is as suitable for middle age and senior persons as this shampoo’s main effective benefit is to energize and strengthen hair follicles. When hair roots are strong, it will prevent hair loss and slow down hair thinning and greying.

hair loss shampoo 9

It is recommended to use this shampoo regularly for very problematic scalps and if problem is mild (mild hair loss or hair starting to experience thinning, greying or weaknesses), to alternative this shampoo with your regular shampoos or with our Vitamin E + Omega 3,6 Shampoo.

Click here to purchase: The Ginseng + Ginger + Herbs Shampoo Type 1 (Men).

Click here to purchase: The Ginseng + Ginger + Herbs Shampoo Type 2 (Women).

hair loss shampoo 11

Milk Bath (for ladies) infused with essential oils of Magnolia + essence of Vanilla

hair loss shampoo 3

Check out our Milk Bath (for ladies) infused with essential oils of Magnolia + essence of Vanilla.

Gentle and yet very effective to detox; nourish and calms the body & mind. This Milk Bath effectively leaves a thin film of moisture and nourishment on your skin after use (but it is not oily at all).

Magnolia is a flower that heals the heart chakra and is known to be a flower of love and compassion. It is an uncommon ingredient yet a very superior ingredient which is the main ingredient of this fabulous Milk Bath for ladies.

Click here to purchase: Milk Bath (for ladies) infused with essential oils of Magnolia + Essence of Vanilla

Uomo Elegante (1819) – Truly an Amazing Hair & Body Wash (for men)


hair shampoo 4

Yes, it is a 2-in-1 that has received high praises so far as almost every gentleman who has tried it has solidly praised it as confirmation & testimonials that it truly could purify, detox, hydrate and rejuvenate skin and scalp.

To share, a friend was at first sceptical and asked – if it cleanses well, how could it nourish too? And if it nourishes very well, would the scalp/ hair be sticky after wash since it is full of moisture/ hydration?

Well, he is totally convinced with the outcome ? Hair and scalp feels clean and fresh! It is all a very comfortable and refreshed feeling with each wash! Definitely not sticky – in fact, all testimonials so far have feedback that they feel their skin is softer and smoother! And hair/ scalp feels clean + fresh.

In fact, few customers even feedback that their hair could be styled much easier! They explained that usually their hair is limb so very hard to make their hair gel up smartly. With this product, their hair seems easier to style and now looking much better ?

Additionally, all customers have confirmed that not only it cleans well and not oily, their skin does feel softer, smoother and is very comfortable. The additional praises go to the other benefits – it is very SPA-like with a zen fragrance that is totally relaxing and extremely pleasant.

Feedback so far is that – never had they experienced such a pleasant luxurious aroma from any normal priced products (another friend has commented that it could equate to Aesop and several Italian and French bath gels he was using – which he paid 4 times the price, hehe).

This SPA-like aspect of this fabulous bath is meant to give aromatherapy effect during bath and shower as it rejuvenates and totally relaxes the mind and body. This is in addition to its superior qualities of purify, detox, hydrate and nourish.

It is very well-priced and definitely worth a try. You’ll love it.

Click here to purchase: Uomo Elegante (1819) – Truly an Amazing Hair & Body Wash (for men).

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