Playstation 5 Singapore: PS 5 Price, Release Date & Preorder

playstation 5
playstation 5

Playstation 5 Singapore: PS 5 Price, Release Date & Preorder

Rejoice Playstation 5 Singapore fans!

The Playstation 5 (or PS 5) – Sony’s long-awaited next-generation console – has been officially confirmed by Sony yesterday in an announcement.

The next-generation gaming console war is expected to heat up this year with Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) set to go head to head with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S this November.

Read on to learn on Playstation 5 Pricing, Release Date and Games in Singapore. Check out our page on Playstation 5 Pre Order for information on where to preorder your Playstation 5.  

Playstation 5 Singapore Pricing

The official Playstation 5 Pricing is SGD 729, while the digital edition which comes without a Blu-ray disc drive will cost SGD 599.

Sony has not confirmed Playstation 5 Singapore pricing yet. It said pre-orders are starting on Thursday at select retailers, but did not specify which ones.

Playstation 5 Singapore Release Date

Playstation 5 Singapore release date is expected to be on November 12, 2020, in line with other international markets.  

Playstation 5 Singapore Launch Games (Available on Launch Day)

Below is the list of Playstation 5 Games confirmed to be available at launch (Note: many PS 5 launch games are part of renown game series such as DMC5, Demon Souls etc.)

Playstation 5 Launch Games in Singapore:

  1. Demon’s Souls
  2. Spider-man: Miles Morales
  3. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
  4. Astro’s Playroom
  5. Destruction Allstars
  6. SackBoy: A Big Adventure (from the LittleBigPlanet series)
  7. Fornite

Check out video trailer of the Next-Gen Playstation 5 Devil May Cry to have a glimpse of the gaming experience the upcoming Playstation 5 offers.


We would continue to update this list and page as more details are announced.

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