Don’t miss Playmade 1 for 1 Promotion at Westgate (Till 19 Jul)

playmade 1 for 1 promo
playmade 1 for 1 promo

Playmade Promotion: 1 for 1 Selected Bubble Tea at Westgate (Till 19 Jul)

Playmade fans rejoice! Especially if you stay in the west. Playmade is an increasingly popular and rapidly expanding bubble tea chain in Singapore. Its name “Playmade” is actually an English translation of one zo, which means ‘playing with balls of dough’ in Mandarin, and 

From now till 19 July, Playmade is celebrating its first outlet opening in the west with a not-to-be-missed promotion for its top 5 bubble tea. In order to redeem the offer, you have to reserve your self-pickup order on and collect your drinks at Westgate outlet.

Full terms & conditions for this Playmade Promotion as below:
– Promo is valid from 16-19 July 2020 at Westgate outlet.
– Promo is valid for self-pickup orders placed on
– Replacement drinks will not be given to latecomers.
– Not valid for orders with more than 8 drinks in a single order.
– Orders that do not qualify for the promo will be cancelled and refunded automatically.
– Playmade reserves the right to amend/ cancel the promo without prior notice.

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The top 5 drinks on Playmade menu that are eligible for this promotion are as below.

Playmade Promotion: Taiwan Milk Tea

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Taiwan Milk tea is Playmade signature drink and definitely a must-try for bubble tea fans new to the brand. It is one of the most ordered drink on the Playmade menu and has a significantly creamier taste compared to other bubble tea choices on its menu.   

Playmade Promotion: Chrysanthemum Milk Tea

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Chrysanthemum Milk Tea with Chrysanthemum Pearls is a hot favourite among Playmade fans. It is sometimes described as a “modern Liang Cha”, a pretty sound option to consider the next time your parents ask you to “cool down” with some Liang Teh.

Playmade Promotion: Orange Pulp Green Tea

Playmade's Burnt Caramel And Black Sesame Pearls Yummier Than Its Teas

Playmade Orange Plup Green Tea – The combination of citrus notes and green tea gave off a fragrant aroma, and the tangy aftertaste would leave you absolutely refreshed after a hot day out in the sun. What’s more, there is no shortage of orange plups. The three types of pearls were black sesame, burnt caramel and pink cactus, which were interesting because they had flavours, unlike usual pearls.

Playmade Promotion: Honey Green Tea

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Feeling “HEATY” from all your Snacking? Playmade Honey Green Tea is another soothing Liang Teh-like tea that can help sooth your throat and mind. It is one of the few refreshing drinks that might save you from getting a cough or sore throat on Playmade menu!

Playmade Promotion: Yakult Green Tea

The top 5 Playmade tea is rounded off by The Grapefruit Yakult Green Tea which has a strong citrusy and refreshing taste, with grapefruit pulp in it. The Pink Cactus pearls (allegedly picked up from Pink Cactus in “Penghu” of Taiwan)have a slightly citric nd sourish taste, which goes well with the generally refreshing taste of Playmade bubble tea.

Grab this opportunity to check out Playmade at Westgate today! 

Hope you enjoy this Don’t miss Playmade 1 for 1 Promotion at Westgate (Till 19 Jul) brought to you by

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