Phase 3 Singapore: Answers to all Singapore Phase 3 Questions

phase 3 singapore
phase 3 singapore

Phase 3 Singapore – Your Guide to All Phase 3 COVID Questions [Updated] 

Interested in finding out when Singapore Phase 3 date will start? What is the latest updates on Singapore Phase 3? What are the latest activities permitted by the government under the current Phase 2? Fret not, we got you covered! We know that many of you want a quick answer to all these questions!

So we have compiled a comprehensive research to provide provide answers to all your questions on when will Singapore Phase 3 take place or not and Phase 3 permitted activities.

This guide will be updated on a regular basis based on official announcement by the Singapore government. Keep checking this page for the latest updates!

Updated on October 20th with information from the latest Ministry Task Force Press Conference. 

We take an evidence-based approach, by basing our sources purely on Official Government Phase 3 Announcement, credible news sources on Phase 3 Reopening.

Read on to get all your burning questions answered now!  

Phase 3 Singapore: When is Phase 3 Singapore date?

The Singapore Phase 3 Reopen date has not yet been confirmed by authorities. 

Update – 20th October: As reported by Straits Times, Singapore may enter Phase Three of its reopening by the end of this year, should community cases remain low as the country intensifies testing and contact tracing, said the multi-ministry task force handling Covid-19.

The latest update from the government is that “more details on when Singapore will enter the third stage of its phased reopening will be released by the multi-ministry task force in the coming weeks, said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on Monday (Oct 5).” – as reported by the Straits Times.

Phase 3 Singapore: When might Singapore Covid Phase 3 Happen?

In the official government announcement,

  • Phase two of Singapore’s reopening was meant to last for several months even as more measures are lifted, while phase three is the “new normal” until a vaccine or treatment is found for Covid-19.  
  • Focus of the government on reopening is “To further reopen the economy safely, the Government will focus on four key prongs – vaccination, testing, tracing and safe management” – reported by CNA.

On vaccines, Singapore is working very actively to secure early access to safe and effective vaccines, if and when they become available.

Given that globally, most covid-19 vaccines will very likely only complete their Phase 3 Trial in late 2020, our best estimated timeline for Phase 3 is very likely to be in later half of 2021 unless there is a change in Singapore government stance and policy on Phase 3 reopening. 

Phase 3 Singapore: Roadmap to Phase 3 Opening

Update October 20th:

To enter Phase Three, Singapore will have to keep its guard up and meet several key conditions, Education Minister Lawrence Wong said on Tuesday (Oct 20) as he laid out the country’s road map to the final phase of its reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Firstly, Singaporeans will still have to stick to safe management measures, including small group sizes, safe distancing, and exercising social responsibility.
  • Next, testing will be carried out on a larger scale to allow more activities to resume. For starters, a pilot scheme will see people tested for Covid-19 before they are allowed to attend events. 
  • more venues will require people to check in to SafeEntry using the TraceTogether app or tokens, in a bid to strengthen Singapore’s contact tracing regime.

All these measures will be implemented progressively, depending on the situation both domestically and globally.

As reported by Straits Times on the 5th October, more details on when Singapore will enter the third stage of its phased reopening will be released by the multi-ministry task force in the coming weeks, said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on Monday (5 Oct).

This roadmap will include the expected timeline for moving to phase three, changes to current regulations on the size of group gatherings, and participation at mass events, Mr Heng told Parliament.

Phase 3 Singapore: What is the latest updates on Singapore COVID-19 regulations?

This guide is updated as of 8th October.

What activities may be allowed in Phase 3 Singapore (Update on 20th Oct):


  • As part of Phase Three, gatherings outside homes could be increased from five to eight people. Similarly, eight visitors could be allowed on home visits, allowing larger families to congregate.
  • Capacity limits in venues such as museums, places of worship and wedding receptions may be increased, with multiple zones of 50 persons permitted.
  • Singaporeans will still have to stick to safe management measures, including small group sizes, safe distancing, and exercising social responsibility.

What activities are allowed:

  • COVID Wedding and Worship: Up to 100 attendees will be allowed at all worship services and weddings from Oct 3, up from the current limit of 50 as reported by Channel News Asia. This figure includes the wedding couple but excludes vendors and service providers. Watch the latest announcement above.
  • Cinema: Large cinema halls with more than 300 seats will be allowed to have up to three zones of up to 50 patrons each. Other cinema halls will also be permitted to increase their capacity to 50 per cent of their original operating capacity, or maintain the current limit of up to 50 patrons per hall, subject to the relevant safe management measures. – as reported by Channel News Asia.

What activities are being considered and not yet allowed:

  • COVID Nightlife and Bars: Nightlife settings deemed as higher-risk – such as bars, karaoke lounges and nightclubs – are likely to remain closed even at the start of Phase Three. (Updated Oct 20th)
  • COVID Wedding and Worship: In a news release, the Ministry of Health (MOH) also said that MCCY is considering a pilot to increase worship limits up to 250 people (five zones of 50 people for congregational services) and will release further details subsequently – as reported by Channel News Asia.
  • COVID Live Performance: After several months of hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, Singapore will pilot small-scale live performances that will serve as trials for progressive resumption on a broader scale, said the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) on Friday (Aug 21) – as reported by Channel News Asia
  • General Travel to Overseas Countries:
    • Hong Kong: Singapore’s Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung on Tuesday signalled travellers from Hong Kong may soon be able to visit without being required to stick to a controlled itinerary or complete a 14-day quarantine. During a 30-minute speech in parliament, Ong said Singapore had responded “positively” to Hong Kong’s intention to establish an “air travel bubble” – as reported by SCMP.
    • Other countries : Singapore Minister Ong Ye Kung said Singapore would continue to consider similar arrangements with countries and regions deemed safe. Risks could be managed, he said, by setting a quota on the number of travellers and ensuring protocols for Covid-19 testing were followed. – as reported by SCMP.
    • Low Prospect of General Travel being allowed by this year: However it is unlikely general travel will be allowed to other countries by this December as per Minister Ong’s quote on 6th October – “”I need to manage expectations here. For members who are hoping that I’m about to announce some air travel resumption and even possible December holiday destinations, I am sorry I will disappoint you,” – reported by CNA

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