New KFC Satay Crunch launching on 20th July, comes with KFC Satay Sauce

kfc satay crunch
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New KFC Satay Crunch launches on 20th July

Who says satay must be grilled? Get ready for a new crispy fried satay experience with KFC Satay Crunch!
kfc satay crunch
KFC has just announced the all-new KFC Satay Crunch will be coming to KFC Singapore Menu on 20th July.
pcsSatayCrunch wsauce promotion
Every piece of chicken in the new KFC Satay Crunch is marinated in a special blend of turmeric glaze that has a hint of spice, freshly breaded and fried to golden perfection.
The KFC Satay Crunch meal comes with a side of KFC Satay Sauce, it’s sweet and savoury with generous topping of crushed peanuts!

Available on 20th July. Order on KFC App to skip the queue! Check out our coverage on KFC Promo or KFC Menu.

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