FREE $90 Cashback with $500 New Deposit into Regular Savings Plans with Moomoo (Till 30 June)

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FREE $90 Cashback with $500 New Deposit into Regular Savings Plans with Moomoo (Till 30 June)

This Father‘s Day deposit S$500 to get S$90* cashback until June 30 with moomoo

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, what are we doing to honor our unsung hero — Dad?

Our dad raise us up, but he never asks for anything back. Dad will support you when in anything, buying the things you like, taking you to your favorite restaurants, and giving you a regular allowance. Helping you build your understanding of the world, your values, and your philosophy of saving.

Now that you’ve grown up, and have a stable job, and your dad is close to or already retiring, what can you do if you want to give back to your dad?

Now moomoo launched our Father’s Day Event, set up a RSP now and invest S$100 each time into a fund of your choice.

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【For a limited time only, deposit S$500 to get S$90* cashback until June 30, when you start a regular savings plan on moomoo

As your dad ages, his ability to withstand risks reduces and a monthly low-cost investment plan can be an effective strategy to plan for his retirement.

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[What is a Regular Savings Plan (RSP)】

RSP is an investment plan where one plans to invest into a certain fund with a fixed investment amount and frequency.

【Advantages of RSP】

  1. A disciplined investing approach – You can set up an automatic debit instruction on a fixed frequency. There is no need to time the market any more. RSP allows you to enjoy fund returns and also to save on a regular basis, growing your wealth in preparation for a rainy day.
  2. When the market fluctuates, it is hard to grasp the lowest price. Through RSP, the average cost of investment can be lower than one-time purchase and losses caused by operational mistakes can be prevented.
  3. Be able to start investing from a small amount.

【Fund Advantages in moomoo】

Moomoo has provided a number of funds that are suitable for starting an investment for your dad. Amongst them, Fullerton SGD Cash A is currently the largest SGD Money Market Fund. In current interest rate hikes, the fund’s yield has exceeded 1%, which is much higher than that of banks (0.25%). Since its establishment in 2009, this fund has never had a negative monthly return.

If you would like to save up for your dad in a smart way and receive additional cashback, click on the link below to open an account and start your RSP!

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【How to Get Your Exclusive RSP Reward】

Users can get rewards for completing the following tasks. Each user is only entitled to one set of rewards for each task.             

1) Click this link to sign up and open an moomoo account:

2) Download moomoo app and log in.

3) Create a new auto invest plan        :

  1. Navigate to the auto invest homepage, select a fund, and set up an auto invest plan.
  2. The auto invest plan must be set up during the Campaign Period and after clients entering this landing page to be eligible for the rewards.
  3. Users who set up an auto invest plan with a minimum deposit of S$100 per period will get the following rewards:
  4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposit: S$10 cash coupon for each time.

            e: 5th deposit: S$50 cash coupon.    

            f:Please note that only weekly, bi-weekly and monthly investment cycle, regular savings plan can be rewarded

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4) The auto invest plan must not be suspended or terminated before the end of the Campaign Period.                   

5) If the plan has been suspended, users can resume the plan to qualify for the campaign rewards. If the plan has been terminated, users will not be able to participate in the campaign again. T&Cs apply. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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