McDonald’s Ninja Burger makes its return to Mcdonalds Singapore Menu for a limited time

mcdonald ninja burger
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McDonald’s Ninja Burger launches on Mcdonalds Singapore Menu

Leave no room for regrets, and choose from the all-time favourite Samurai Beef & Ninja Chicken Burgers, with golden-crisp Seaweed McShaker Fries & tangy-sweet Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie!

Samurai Beef Burger

Samurai Beef Burger

Juicy, grilled beef patties dipped in our signature Teriyaki sauce and topped with crisp lettuce for perfection in every bite. Itadakimasu!!

The Samurai Beef Burger is available in Single and Double patties, while stocks last.

Allergen information: Wheat, Egg, Soybean
Food sensitivities: Gluten and MSG
May also contain milk.

Ninja Chicken Burger

Ninja Chicken Burger

Ready your appetite for an honourable meal like no other. Crispy chicken thigh covered in Sweet Nanban sauce and topped with a fluffy charcoal bun. SUGOII!

Allergen information: Egg, Fish, Soybean and Wheat.
Food sensitivities: Gluten and MSG
May also contain milk and shellfish/crustaceans.

Seaweed McShaker Fries

Seaweed McShaker™ Fries

Complete your meal with the all-time favourite, golden-crisp Seaweed McShaker Fries.

Allergen information: Soybean and Wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten and MSG

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie

Make the right choice even at the end of the meal with a Yuzu Cream Cheese pie, bursting with tangy-sweet goodness in every bite.

Allergen information: Milk, Soybean, Wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten
May also contain egg.

Make The Right Choice With Samurai & Ninja Burgers!
Crispy chicken thigh covered in Sweet Nanban sauce. Or grilled beef patties dipped in an irresistible Teriyaki sauce. Whichever you choose, will be the right choice to Honour Your Appetite.
Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured product may contain allergens. Full allergen listing available at

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