McDonald’s Minion is back with Happy Meal Set and $5 Nugget Promotion

mcdonald nugget promotion
mcdonald nugget promotion

McDonald’s Minion is back with Happy Meal Set and $5 Nugget Promotion

McDonald’s Minion is back in town with a new $5 Nugget Promotion!

For the promotion, McDonald’s is offering 9pcs Chicken McNuggets at $5 (U.P. $6.35) along with new Minion menu items from 3 Sep 2020. 

Read on for more details about the McDonald’s Minion Happy Meal Set.

McDonald’s Minion Weekly New Design

35 collectible Minions

The Minion toys will be launched in weekly phases from September 4, with seven designs being released every subsequent Thursday at 11am. Every Happy Meal comes with one random toy, distributed tikam-style in an opaque capsule.

The toys

Each Minion will have a unique look (our favourites are the royal Minion and the vampire Minion). Each of the designs also has its own rare ‘golden twin’, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get an all-gold Minion with your Happy Meal instead of the regular one.

The plastic capsule for the toy is shaped like a Minion’s head. It ain’t the usual flimsy gachapon capsule; the good-quality container with a snap lid feels sturdy and expensive.

Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce

McDonald’s will be also introducing a new Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce to go along with Chicken McNuggets from 3 September onwards.

They come with every purchase of the Chicken McNuggets and Happy Sharing Box, and is also available in bottle version featuring a Minions design for $5.50 each. The cheese sauce bottle is only launching from September 17 with every purchase of Chicken McNuggets or Happy Sharing Box.

Minions Potatoes snack in the shape of the tiny yellow henchmen are also back, available for $2 top-up with any meal (6pc).

There will also new yuzu-flavoured food and drinks including Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.50) and Yuzu McFizz.

End every meal on a citrusy & creamy note with the new Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie!


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