McDonald’s Happy Meal Reader 12-Book Series Exclusive Launch on 22nd April

mcdonald happy meal reader book series
mcdonald happy meal reader book series

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Reader Book Series Launch

Starting tomorrow (22 April), McDonald’s® Singapore will launch an all-new exclusive 12-book series as part of the Happy Meal® Readers Programme.

Titled The Tiny Detectives, the 2021 book series looks to spark curiosity among young readers – stimulating discovery and imagination. This series marks the third year of collaboration between McDonald’s® and Cressida Cowell, author of the bestselling How To Train Your Dragon series.

The Tiny Detectives series will be exclusively available at McDonald’s®; at all restaurants and via McDelivery from tomorrow onwards.

About McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers Program

The Happy Meal® Readers Programme is McDonald’s® long-term commitment in bringing to life ‘Truly Together’ moments by encouraging reading as a fun family activity.

Launched in 2019, the programme aims to promote the love for reading and this year, McDonald’s® hopes to nurture curious minds – empowering children to tap on their imagination, expand their understanding of the world and create happy and fun family moments together.

The Tiny Detectives book series is exclusively available at McDonald’s®; at all restaurants and via McDelivery. Simply choose the book when you purchase a Happy Meal®. Each book from the series will be released every four to six weeks1 and will also be made available digitally through the McDonald’s® Happy Meal® app. By scanning the back of the book, our little readers can experience the sights and sounds of the Tiny Detectives’ world as they read along.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers Series: The Tiny Detectives by Cressida Cowell

The Tiny Detectives takes readers along the curious adventures of a fun-sized family as they dive into books and play detective to uncover answers to the big, ‘curious’ questions that they have about the world we live in – such as if trees talk to one another, what lies at the bottom of the ocean, and why stars twinkle!

Written exclusively for McDonald’s® by the author of the bestselling How To Train Your Dragon series, Cressida Cowell, The Tiny Detectives series was crafted on the belief that curiosity is the engine of intellectual achievement – stimulating the brain to experience discovery; and sparking creativity.

Supplementary Inserts & Activity Sheets

The new series comes with supplementary inserts such as reading tips for parents, a story starter, and activity sheets such as “Search and Find” and “Spot the Difference” to support parents in further engaging their children during family storytelling or reading sessions at home.