McDonald’s Chick & Cheese Burger and Pizza McShaker Fries Launching on 29 April

McDonalds Chick Cheese Burger and Pizza McShaker Fries
McDonalds Chick Cheese Burger and Pizza McShaker Fries

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McDonald’s Chick & Cheese Burger and Pizza McShaker Fries Launching on 29 April

Check out the all-new McDonald’s Chick & Cheese and McDonald’s Pizza McShaker Fries this coming month!

It is time to level up your mealtime with our first duo-patty burger with crispy chicken and mozzarella patties – the brand-new Chick ‘N’ Cheese, accompanied by Pizza McShaker Fries and the returning Ha! Chicken Drumlets! All available from 29 April 2021.

1. McDonalds ChickCheese

Chick ‘N’ Cheese

from $6.40 a la carte


McDonald’s Chick ‘N’ Cheese: Attention all cheese lovers, looking to experience that stringy cheese pull goodness? We’ve got just the burger for you!

Every bite of the new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger will hit a new level with the duo-combo of savoury crispy chicken and cheesy mozzarella patties, matched perfectly with sweet tomato chilli jam.

Head down to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order via McDelivery®, GrabFood and foodpanda, available while stocks last.

3. McDonalds PizzaMcShaker

Ha! Chicken Drumlets (2pc) and McDonald’s Pizza McShaker Fries

from $2.40 and $3.50 respectively


Double the pleasure with more tasty delights. Familiar meets next-level with the Ha! Chicken Drumlets featuring a crispy prawn paste coating and a touch of caramelized mild chicken flavour that is truly reminiscent of home. 

And that’s not all. Shake things up and enjoy a deliciously levelled-up mix of oregano, basil, vegetable and tomato goodness with the all-new McDonald’s Pizza McShaker Fries!


Share the Happiness with Happy Sharing Box D!


4. McDonalds Sharing Box
4. McDonalds Sharing Box

Happy Sharing Box® D – 6pc Chicken McNuggets® and 4pc Ha! Chicken Drumlets

from $7.85 a la carte 

Take sharing to another level with our Happy Sharing Box® D featuring everyone’s favourite Chicken McNuggets® together with Ha! Chicken Drumlets! Gather your loved ones and savour in the taste of crispy goodness.

Good things are meant to be shared! The Happy Sharing Box® D will be available via McDelivery®, GrabFood and foodpanda from 29 April. 

Show Us Your Level Up via TikTok (29 April to 13 May)

5. McDonalds TikTok
5. McDonalds TikTok

Have a special talent you’ve always wanted to show the world? Come duet with us via a TikTok Hashtag Challenge — show us how you Level Up our TikTok video by rapping, singing or dancing along with it.

Remember to include the hashtag #LevelUpwithMcD in your videos. Get creative and the five best entries will stand a chance to win $200 worth of McDonald’s vouchers. Show us what you’ve got!

Say Cheese! (From 3 May)

6. McDonalds Selfie
6. McDonalds Selfie

Want to level up your Instagram selfies? Put on your best smile as McDonald’s partners local photographer, @arianteo to level up your selfies with the all-new Pizza McShaker Fries

Snap a selfie with the Pizza McShaker Friestag us @mcdsg on Instagram and hashtag #LevelUpwithMcD to stand a chance to take your photos from basic to levelled-up! Visit McDonald’s Singapore Instagram page for more information. 

Get More Out of Your Mornings (29 April to 9 June)

7. McDonalds BreakFast McSaver
7. McDonalds BreakFast McSaver

Sausage McMuffin® with Egg from $4.50

For just six weeks starting 29 April, our classic Sausage McMuffin® with Egg joins our line-up of Breakfast McSaver Meals. From just $4.50, choose between the Egg McMuffin®, Sausage McMuffin®, Chicken Muffin and now Sausage McMuffin® with Egg!

Plus, you’ll also get a Hash Brown and a hot McCafé Premium Roast Coffee or tea. The Breakfast McSaver Meals are available seven (7) days a week, and even during Public Holidays. So, make the first meal of your day the Breakfast McSaver Meal!

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