Krispy Kreme launches limited edition Kit Kat Doughnuts with New Promotion

krispy kreme kit kat doughnut
krispy kreme kit kat doughnut

Krispy Kreme Kit Kat Doughnuts Promotion: Free Kit Kat with every 3 Kit Kat Doughnuts purchase 

Kit Kat lovers rejoice! Krispy Kreme just launches its new Limited Edition Kit Kat® doughnuts!

The donuts are priced at $3.50 each and is now available across all Krispy Kreme outlets and online delivery platforms.

With every 3 Kit Kat® doughnuts purchased, customers will be entitled to a FREE Kit Kat® 2 Finger Chocolate Bar!

These latest Kit Kat® doughnuts are more than just pastry, it’s a revelation. Indulge a dozen for your loved ones during a gathering and enjoy an epitome of perfect break treats! 

Promotion is available till 31st July while supplies last.

The three flavours of the new Kit Kat Doughtnuts are: Triple Chocolate, Matcha Magic and Kit Kat Deluxe.

KitKat GIFs on Student Show

Try out this new flavor from Krispy Kreme today with this little promotion! Enjoy your Kit Kat today! 

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