Koi Signature Free Upsize Promotion Till 3rd July


Koi Signature Free Upsize Promotion on All DrinksΒ 

Signature KOI will be offering a 3 DAYS FREE UPSIZE promotion on ALL DRINKS when you order through their Sembawang Central Kitchen via Grab Delivery or FoodPanda! Deal is available from today till 3rd July!Β 

About KOI Signature

KOI Signature or Signature KOI is the most premium KOI has to offer.

They sell more than just bubble tea drinks, and also sell handcrafted pastries such as macaroons and cakes, as well as a range of interesting bespoke drinks that are not available at any other KOI outlets.

KOI Signature Menu

Signature KOIPrices (S$)
QQ Chewy
Ice Cream Black Tea$4.90
Coffee Jelly Green Milk Tea$5.40
Bubble Yakult Green Tea$5.90
Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea$6.90
Konjac Passion Green Tea$7.40
100% Fruit
Lemon Earl Grey Black Tea$4.90
Lime Floral Green Tea$4.90
Hawaii Fruit Tea$5.90
Passion Grapefuit Tea$5.90
Grapefruit Yakult$7.40
Classic Macchiato
Floral Green Tea Macchiato$4.40
Earl Grey Black Tea Macchiato$4.40
Matcha Macchiato$4.90
Signature Honey
Honey Floral Green Tea$4.90
Honey Earl Grey Milk Tea$5.40
Honey Lemon Lime$6.40
Handcraft CafΓ©
Signature Cafe$4.90
Signature Cafe Macchiato$5.90
Ice Cream Signature$6.40
Upsize: +S$1
Jewel Berry$5.90
Mango Dreams$5.90
Earl Grey Truffle$7.90
Hazelnut Royale$7.90
Earl Grey
Box of 3: $6.60
Box of 6: $12
Cold Brew
Jade – Alisan Mountain Tea$4.90
Rose Quartz – Rose Oolong Tea
Amber – Hong Xiu Black Tea
Hot Mountain Tea
Jade – Alisan Mountain Tea$6.30
Rose Quartz – Rose Oolong Tea
Amber – Hong Xiu Black Tea
Topaz – Tung Ting Oolong Tea

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