KFC Popsicle: New KFC Popsicle Menu launching on May 12

kfc popsicle may
kfc popsicle may

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KFC Popsicle: New KFC Popsicle Menu launching on May 12

KFC is adding the new KFC Popsicle for a limited time to its menu this May!

The KFC Popsicles will launch on May 12 and come in two flavours: BBQ Cheese and Fiery Mala. The meat features a marinated chicken cutlet, deep fried and drizzled with sauce, and topped with crumbs.

Here’s what to expect:

●      BBQ Cheese Popsicle: The chook is drizzled with a “smoky and tangy” barbecue sauce and topped with crunchy cheese crumbs.

●      Mala Popsicle: Spicy mala sauce and “hot mala crumbs” on skewered fried chicken.

Each popsicle costs $2.95 a la carte.

According to KFC, the KFC popsicles are designed for ease of consumption, wherever you may be. The “piping hot snacking treat” comprises “a whole white meat cutlet marinated and fried to perfection before being drizzled with sauce and topped with crumbs for additional crunch and flavour”.

The limited-time item will be available for dine-in, takeaway, and KFC delivery. 


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