Kenny Rogers Menu with Prices: Kenny Rogers Singapore Menu Updated 2024

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Kenny Rogers Menu Full Compilation

Below is our compiled list of Kenny Rogers Singapore Menu for 2024! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!

Introduction of Kenny Rogers Menu

Kenny Roger

Kenny Rogers Roaster Singapore Menu with price in 2021 was found 30 years ago, but now it has 150 branches world wide in more than 9 countries including Singapore. It is famous because of their specially chicken dishes, it is a home name for comfort western food.

Kenny Rogerss Roasters is more popularly known for its classic rotisserie chicken marinated in herbs and spices slowly roasted in an open fire, as well as its famous corn muffins.

It opened in the country in 1995 and has since then expanded its initial menu to include many other savory items including grilled barbeque chicken, fried chicken, pastas, frozen yoghurts, and others.

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Kenny Rogers Menu Highlights: OMG Chicken

OMG chicken

For a place that is famous for its chicken, it was their rice that make me want to go back for more. Especially the nasi lemak set at $7.90. The rice was so fragrant and coconut-y that you will find yourself reaching for more until there’s none left.

OMG Chicken ($13.90) was so delicious the chicken was so really crispy and moist. Aside from that, their rice was slightly sweet and fragrant as well – taste wise reminded of pineapple rice.

Kenny Rogers Menu: Kenny Rogers Menu & Prices (2021)

Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu, Menu for Kenny Rogers Roasters, Don Jose, Santa  Rosa

Kenny Rogers Menu: Kenny Rogers Menu & Prices (2021)


Kenny Rogers Menu: Kenny Rogers Menu & Prices (2021)

Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu, Menu for Kenny Rogers Roasters, Elante Mall,  Chandigarh Industrial Area, Chandigarh

Introduction of Kenny Rogers Menu

Meals Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Hearty BundleSGD 70.00
Chicken Caesar SaladSGD 14.00
Kenny’s Quarter MealSGD 21.00
Kenny’s Half MealSGD 27.00
Kenny’s Chicken & Pasta MealSGD 22.00
Kenny’s Salmon FilletSGD 27.00
Kenny’s Family Meal (3-4 Pax)SGD 60.00
Kenny’s Wholesome MealSGD 65.00
Kenny’s Deluxe Meal (7-8 Pax)SGD 128.00
Buddy Meal (2-3 Pax)SGD 46.00
Kenny’s Sirloin SteakSGD 27.00
Kenny’s Chicken ChopSGD 22.00

Fresh Hitz Sides Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
ColeslawSGD 4.80
Garden Pasta SaladSGD 4.80
Potato SaladSGD 4.80
Fresh Fruit SaladSGD 4.80

Hot Hitz Sides Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Aromatic RiceSGD 4.80
Mashed PotatoSGD 4.80
Sauteed VegetablesSGD 4.80
Corn on the CobSGD 4.80
Onion RingsSGD 4.80
French FriesSGD 4.80

Pasta Please Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Spaghetti Bolognese (Chicken)SGD 16.00
Chicken Carbonara PastaSGD 16.00
Chicken Aglio OlioSGD 16.00
Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef)SGD 16.00

Kenny’s Nasi Lemak Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (1/4 Rotisserie Chicken)SGD 18.00
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG 2pcs)SGD 18.00
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG Chicken 1pc)SGD 16.00
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak Feast (4 Pax)SGD 68.00

A La Carte Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Whole ChickenSGD 42.90
OMG Chicken (1 Piece)SGD 6.20
Quarter ChickenSGD 12.80
Kenny’s Half ChickenSGD 23.27

Hearty Snacks Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Nuggets (10 Pcs)SGD 8.60
Snacks In A PlatterSGD 13.20

Kids Meals Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Kids MealSGD 16.00
OMG Chicken Kids MealSGD 14.00
Rotisserie Chicken Kids MealSGD 14.00

Iced Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
CokeSGD 2.70
Coke No SugarSGD 2.70
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 2.70
SpriteSGD 2.70
Orange JuiceSGD 3.70
Mineral WaterSGD 2.70
Ice Green TeaSGD 2.70

Hot Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Green TeaSGD 4.30
Chamomile TeaSGD 4.30
Earl Grey TeaSGD 4.30
ChocolateSGD 5.00
EspressoSGD 4.30
AmericanoSGD 4.30
LatteSGD 4.30
CappuccinoSGD 4.30
MochaSGD 4.30
Flat WhiteSGD 4.30

Outrageous Mouthwatering Guiltless (OMG) Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
The OMG ExperienceSGD 48.00
OMG Chicken (2pc / 3pc)SGD 21.00

Muffin Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Corn MuffinSGD 4.00

Kenny’s Soup Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cream of MushroomSGD 4.80

Kenny Rogerss Outlets and Opening Hours

50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-37/38 JEM, Singapore 608549

Thursday 11am–9pm
Friday 11am–9:30pm
Saturday 11am–9:30pm
Sunday 11am–9:30pm
Monday 11am–9pm
Tuesday 11am–9pm
Wednesday 11am–9:30pm

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