30 Best Instagram Influencers to follow in Singapore| June 2022 Update

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Instagram Influencers in Singapore |30 Best Instagram Influencers to follow in Singapore | June 2022 Update

One of the best possibilities for companies in Singapore aiming to reach the general public is the Instagram influencer. This platform gives them a fantastic opportunity to connect with their target market and attract clients who can become devoted brand advocates.

As Singapore ranks third in terms of the popularity of Instagram influencers, it should come as no surprise that more and more individuals are using Instagram given that two-thirds of Singaporeans have access to the internet. In actuality, it tops Facebook and YouTube as the most widely used social media sites in the nation. Brands may effectively reach out to a vast number of people via this social media platform. As we can see, Instagram influencers are dependable for achieving their consumers’ satisfaction as well as their commercial objectives.

The success of a brand’s total brand awareness and customer loyalty depends on the effectiveness of its influencer marketing plan. This is due to the fact that brands offer customers a consistent experience and interact with their audience on social media, influencing them to like or purchase the good or service. But the real concern is, “With whom influencer should one work?” The solution won’t be easy by any means. Before selecting the ideal influencer, brands must take into account their own objectives, financial constraints, target audience, and values. In-depth research is necessary before deciding who to work with.

The sheer amount of Instagram users could make you feel a little overwhelmed if you are new to the realm of influencer marketing. So, don’t freak out because we have already compiled our top 30 Instagram influencers in Singapore for you! These influencers serve a range of demographics, industries, and types. So, take a look at it!

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30 Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore [2022]

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Fashion and Beauty

1. Yoyo Cao- 44IK followers

Instagram Account: yoyokulala


Who wouldn’t want to experience rock star status? Yoyo Cao’s Instagram is effective because she accurately represents what a modern lady should look like. Yoyo Cao, better known online as yoyokulala, blogs about fashion. She is regarded as one of Singapore’s most well-known Instagram models. She frequently posts cosmetic instructions, outfit photos, and accessories on her well-liked Instagram account. Her distinctive outfits give her admirers the confidence to hard dance on stage or go into the world of fashion.

Also, one of the first to combine old and modern trends with a distinctive sense of style was this dynamic influencer. She has amassed a sizable social media following because to her distinctive sense of style, who follow her travels throughout the globe.

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2. Soh Pei Shi- 342K followers

Instagram Account: speishi


Soh Pei Shi is a YouTuber that focuses on beauty and style. Her hair styling tutorial video, which has received over 500,000 views, is her most watched video on her channel. She has collaborated with many different companies and famous people. As a result of the numerous beauty tutorials she has produced, she has received sponsorship from well-known companies including Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS), Cleo Hair, and Sunsilk.

In addition to creating content for herself and others, Soh Pei Shi has collaborated with a number of brands and famous people and motivated others to start their own brands or utilize their channels to share advise on a range of subjects in an interesting and engaging way.

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3. Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue)- 589K followers

Instagram Account: xiaxue

Xiaxue, who has more than 580,000 followers on Instagram, began by writing about her experiences as a mother of young children. After becoming a mother, she changed her aesthetic to continue chronicling her life as a parent. Her writing frequently discusses family-related topics like childbirth experiences and recreation. Also, her Instagram account is fantastic for everyone because she skillfully juggles her love for her child and her commitment to their family.

Moreover, as the owner of a dual-mommy blog and a single mum, Xiaxue’s love for her children is evident in her contents. She posts photos from their everyday lives, as well as their birth experience. Her captions are quirky, but so relatable that you can’t help but relate to them.

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4. Leanne Ho- 65.8K followers

Instagram Account: loveforskincare

One of Singapore’s most prominent beauty influencers is Leanne Ho. She is renowned for her candor and truthfulness, as well as for being open with her readers about the pros and cons of certain items. The DO: How To Do Daisy’s 100-Day Beauty Transformation and “A Day In The Life Of A Beauty Blogger” are two of Leanne’s most read articles.

Furthermore, Leanne Ho is a writer and beauty blogger who also manages the “loveforskincare” website, which covers a range of subjects including beauty regimens and fashion choices. According to Harpers Bazaar, she is one of the top beauty influencers.

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5. Rebecca Lim- 426K followers

Instagram Account: limrebecca

One of Singapore’s most well-known beauty influencers is Rebecca Lim. She is well-known for leading a glossy life and posing in pricey designer clothing. She is able to act in both English and Chinese TV series like Miss World thanks to her fluency in both languages.

She is an influencer who has previously collaborated with L’occitane and Armani Beauty. She creates all of her own beauty looks, so she is always coming up with fresh, contemporary looks.

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5. Jeanette Aw- 415K followers

Instagram Account: jeanetteaw

Jeanette Aw, an Instagram influencer, embodies what a successful woman should be. The former model and actress has already collaborated with companies like Gucci, Dior, Hydroflux, and more. She likes to share about her meals, travels, OOTDs, and amazing poses on her feed. If you want to discover more about her life, check visit her website.

She has 415K Instagram followers right now and is a published author, blogger, model, and actress. Her account is chock-full of amazing food photos, lifestyle videos that are motivational, and stunning images that highlight Singaporeans’ natural beauty.

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6. Carrie Wong- 374K followers

Instagram Account: carriewst

This Nanyang Polytechnics alumna is both a well-known actress and a Singaporean Instagram influencer. Her page is filled with pictures of her in stylish clothing and eye-catching positions. She also shares posts about the skincare items she uses the most. She has already collaborated with various major worldwide companies due to her popularity, including Samsung, Guerlain, and L’occitane.

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7. Andrea Chong- 300K followers

Instagram Account: dreachong

Fashion blogger Andrea Chong makes her own outfits and cosmetic products more well-known. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her most recent outfits, top-selling goods, and favorite Singaporean tourist attractions. You’ll benefit from her lifestyle advice, which also includes beauty techniques and wardrobe suggestions.

Also, as one of Singapore’s most well-known fashion icons, Andrea Chong is well-known not just as the creator and proprietor of dreachong.com, but also for her appreciation of designer items and her distinctive sense of style.

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1. Xin Lin Khaw- 164K followers

Instagram Account: xinlinnn

One of the most well-known travel blogger and social media content producer in Singapore is Xin Lin Khaw. You won’t want to miss any of her most recent escapades with her followers. On Instagram, Xin Lin Khaw’s content is very honest, and she always takes professional images. Xin Lin will make sure you have a fantastic time at any resort you visit while in Singapore.

Additionally, she is an excellent travel blogger. Her photography is of the highest caliber, and it provides a distinctive viewpoint on the local way of life.

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2. Daniel and Gina- 5,261K followers

Instagram Account: sunriseodyssey

Daniel and Gina are a couple who enjoy taking trips. They started a travel blog when they wanted to tell their family and friends about their travels. Many individuals were moved to emulate them by the information they provided. They were able to attract a sizable following by using an efficient method of communication in the sector. This increases their income and gives them the opportunity to explore the globe together.

They have a large following on Instagram because of the caliber of their posts. For those who follow their stories, it is motivating, instructive, and informative. Additionally, they update their audience with GIFs that assist visitors in better visualizing their vacation stories.

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3. Danil Palma- 78.8K followers

Instagram Account: whathebronte

A popular blogger and fashion influencer in Singapore named Danil Palma has a gorgeous flair for having a high-end appearance. He enjoys watching motor racing and seeing how drivers maintain their vehicles throughout races, earning him the title of male style star of the year for his wardrobe selections.

Fashion blogger Danil Palma loves to travel and document his amazing adventures. He runs a popular website and wears expensive clothing.

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4. Jade Rasif- 487K followers

Instagram Account: djjaderasif

Jade is a well-known DJ and YouTuber in Singapore. There are a ton of pictures of her posing in different locations, including Paris, opulent yachts, and limos. Additionally, she shares photos of her vacations, workouts, and meditation sessions on Instagram.

In addition, videos of her singing along to hits and even performing covers can be found all over her page. On her YouTube channel, Jade has over 5 million views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

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Fitness and Health

1. Preston Sin- 34.4K followers

Instagram Account: pressonpreston

You can find Preston Sin on Instagram. He is a coach, entrepreneur, and self-improvement specialist who aims to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and a good outlook. His feed is filled with inspirational quotes about enduring and keeping a good outlook in spite of adversity.

Preston Sin also promotes the advantages of working hard, remaining optimistic, and achieving success. His images are inspiring and motivational statements that reflect his philosophy. You wish you had seen the motivation offered on his feed before launching your web business.

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2. Shaun Tupaz Anthonio- 17.8K followers

Instagram Account: shaun_tupaz

A certified trainer with a great sense of humor is Shaun Tupaz Anthonio. Thanks to his humorous and intriguing material, he can make his audience laugh while promoting an active lifestyle. You’ll enjoy yourself without even realizing it if you follow his routines while working out!

He effectively combines humor and fitness, making his fans laugh while they work out. By giving his audience useful information on exercise and diet, he is able to inspire them without them even recognizing it.

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3. Irene Zhao- 444K followers

Instagram Account: b1gqing

Media influencer Irene Zhao runs a personal Instagram and YouTube account. Fans can try her training videos at home when she occasionally releases them. She enjoys posting wardrobe photos and trip images to inspire ladies like her and encourage them to live their best lives by sharing on Instagram photos of her happy and healthy lifestyle.

Through her videos and photographs of exquisite clothing, she provides her fans with advice on how they too can live their best lives. Through her trip images, exercise videos, and stunning clothing, Irene Zhao inspires a huge number of individuals all over the world.

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1. Willabelle Ong- 274K followers

Instagram Account: willamazing

Instagram influencers in Singapore Willabelle Ong has made a reputation for herself in the fashion industry because to her artistic and upscale photos of expensive goods. High-end businesses and eminent people from all over the world are drawn to her beautiful and luxurious photos.

Her work has been highlighted in publications, on television, and in international media outlets. You should absolutely think about hiring Willabelle for your next campaign if you want to reach a large audience with your social media marketing materials because she has experience working with superstars like Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber, and Miranda Kerr.

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2. Ivan Kuek- 41K followers

Instagram Account: phonenomenon

Singaporean photographer and digital influencer Ivan Kuek is credited with founding SGIG, often known as Singapore Instagram. Instagram users who appreciate creating artistic photos and discussing photographic ideas can connect online in the SGIG group.

With his compelling imagery highlighting “Singapore” and its beauty, he has created a prosperous Instagram network.

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3. Yik Keat- 1M followers

Instagram Account: yk

Yik Keat is the person to follow if you’re looking for the next big Instagram inspiration. On Instagram, he is renowned for sharing some of the most spectacular and stunning images. He differs from other photographers in that he uses color to give his street photography flair. It won’t take long for you to want to join his devoted following due to his excellent production quality and large fan base.

Additionally, he has grown in popularity on social media. His photographs, which span numerous facets of society, are posted online in several locations. His images are intriguing because they incorporate some mind-blowing technical aspects into them in addition to being straightforward portraits of their subjects.

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1. Debbie- 412K followers

Instagram Account: debbwie

Debbie Tan, aka “The Starry Co,” is one of Singapore’s most prominent Instagram influencers. This well-known mother offers advice on skincare and cosmetics based on her hectic lifestyle as a wife, mother, and businesswoman.

In fact, Debbie frequently posts pictures of her family as well as recommendations of skincare products. Her husband has a lot of followers on his own account and has worked with various businesses in the field of beauty.

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2. Joanne Peh- 359K followers

Instagram Account: joannepeh

In Singapore, Joanne is a well-known Instagram influencer. After she was won Miss Singapore Universe 2002, her Instagram account started to gain prominence. After accomplishing this, she rose to fame as an actress in the nation and began using Instagram as a platform to positively affect others.

She posts pictures of her daily life, including her exercise routine and nutritional recommendations. She additionally posts articles on her website, joannepeh.com, in addition to Instagram.

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3. Kim Lim- 350K followers

Instagram Account: kimlimhl

Kim Lim, a socialite from Singapore, is the daughter of millionaire Peter Lim. Her daily Instagram postings have drawn 350K followers. She frequently talks about her charitable endeavors and practical way of living in addition to family vacations, celebrity dinners, and pricey outfits.

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4. Jesseca Liu- 344K followers

Instagram Account: jesssseca

The gorgeous photoshoots that Jesseca, a well-known Instagram influencer in Singapore, produces are her specialty. She has been consulted by prominent firms including Dior and Pocari Sweat, who asked her assistance on how to effectively pique consumers’ interest. Jesseca, who recently received the Star Awards 2021, is committed to regularly sharing her gorgeous images with her thousands of followers.

She also creates entertaining and engaging videos while working as a vlogger. She presently uses Instagram Stories as the primary material source for her profile and has gathered more than 340,000 followers on the social media platform.

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5. Qiu Ting- 277K followers

Instagram Account: bongqiuqiu

The Instagram user Qiu Ting is a well-known influencer from Singapore. Her posts about her kids, food, and travel receive the most likes. She presently has contracts with several companies, including Samanco and Cadburry, demonstrating her capacity to network with other companies.

Also, her Instagram is filled with stunning images that show off her passion for lifestyle, natural cosmetics, and beauty regimes.

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1.Daniel Ang- 272K followers

Instagram Account: danielfooddiary

The best source for information on food and eating in Singapore is DanielFoodDiary. Daniel’s blog is a one-stop shop for foodies who want to learn about and sample new foods in Singapore because it has access to a large list of local cooks and the ability to travel throughout Asia. Additionally, there are some great recommendations for where to have your next meal along with a wealth of insider knowledge about nearby markets, restaurants, and cafés.

Additionally, he has collaborated with several of Singapore’s top eateries, such as The Armoury and Tiong Bahru, to assist them in telling their story through his Instagram.

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1. Marina A- 2,983K followers

Instagram Account: mrn.a

Visual artist Marina A has degrees in Visual Communication and Effects & Motion Graphics, as well as a diploma in Design Thinking. She has collaborated with A-list publications including Rolling Stone, Vogue, and GQ thanks to her diverse experiences and mystical skills.

One of Singapore’s most popular Instagram users, Marina A, uplifts her fans with her vibrant creations and luscious, human-centered pieces. Her colorful works perfectly capture the interesting intersection of art and travel.

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2. Lucinda Law- 19.3K followers

Instagram Account: lucinda.law

Influencer Lucinda Law, whose fan base is expanding, does art that is influenced by the natural world. She is one of the top female botanists in the world and has collaborated with companies like Sephora and Garnier to create unique collectible things. Her work has been used to embellish a variety of items.

A multi-award-winning Instagram influencer with lots of followers, Lucinda Law, is the owner of the creative company Within, which emphasizes organic design and environmental concerns. You can view her portfolio at withinstudio.com.

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Entrepreneurs and Consumers

1. Vulcan Post- 11.2K followers

Instagram Account: vulcanpost

The Vulcan Post, one of the most well-known blog websites in Southeast Asia, was established in Singapore in 2017. Before purchasing a new item, it offers interesting content that aids people in making informed choices. Reviews and guides are included in addition to written content. By guiding people in the use of technology based on their expertise, they benefit consumers and enterprises.

Additionally, they are committed to assisting clients with their own enterprises and concentrate on creating informative and engaging material for their readers. Both on their website and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they provide content.

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Financial Tips

1. Money Smart- 33.2K followers

Instagram Account: moneysmartsg

Since its launch in 2011, MoneySmart Blog has received over 4 million readers a month who are drawn to its amusing, approachable, and educational blog content.

Many people enjoy subscribing to MoneySmart since it is a great blog. Great money-saving suggestions are shared by them, such as how to access government benefits, make due with less, invest wisely, and create a budget. Additionally, they advertise their work on Instagram and Facebook.

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Cosplay and Gaming

1.Xiao Yukiko- 416K followers

Instagram Account: xiaoyukiko

Instagram influencer Xiao is well-known for her “cosplay.” She dresses up as various characters and displays them in images and films that she takes. At first glance, you’d assume Xiao is a genuine person, but you’d be surprised. In addition, she updates her Facebook page with information about her gaming streams and hardware.

Because of the quality of her work, she has amassed over 400K followers on Instagram from all around the world and has become well-known in the cosplay scene.

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1.Jianhao Tan- 635K followers

Instagram Account: thejianhaotan

Introducing Singapore’s most watched YouTuber and video game king! We’re talking about JianHao Tan, who has spent the last six years producing a lot of stuff online. He has a sizable fan base on both his Instagram account, which has more than 635K followers, and his YouTube channel, which has more than 4.8 million subscribers at the moment.

JianHao Tan, the creator of Titan Digital Media, enjoys sharing special moments with his family and a few clips from his most recent YouTube series. He established the JianHao Tan Foundation, which focuses on enhancing the lives of children living in orphanages, because he loves to help those in need as well as amuse others with his original ideas.

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Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most effective platforms for reaching your audience if you own a business in Singapore. We can see that the majority of Instagram marketers mostly target female users. It becomes even more intriguing when we realize that some large businesses have previously teamed up with influencers active in this field who have demonstrated the benefits of doing so.

It is indeed wise when you use Instagram influencers as one of the most popular strategies for marketing your company to new markets. These influencers can help your business outrank its rivals in search results, enhance sales conversions, and earn more Instagram followers and views. Fortunately, this article presented you a list of Singaporean Instagram users who have established themselves as top-tier influencers. We hope that this helped you searched for great source of entertainment, educational, health, beauty, fashion and many other contents you find worthy and Instagrammable.