Hang Heung Hong Kong Bakery is opening its first outlet in Singapore

hang heung bakery logo2
hang heung bakery logo2

Hang Heung Hong Kong Bakery is opening its first outlet in Singapore and offering 15% off Mooncake Promotion at Pop-up Store

Established a century ago in 1920, Hang Heung is known for its traditional Chinese pastries. Its kitchens in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, produce more than 100 types of confectionery, including its popular wife cakes.

The anticipated opening period is end August or September, delayed due to the COVID-19 situation. The store is expected to open by end August or early September this year, subject to renovation challenges due to the pandemic.

Hang Heung Opening Dates

  • Flagship Shop: ION #B4-33 (end Aug/early Sept)
  • Mooncake Pop-up: Raffles City #B1-K9 from 24 Aug
  • Online Shop earliest delivery date: from 25 Aug

As reported by Straits Times, Mr Alvin Ng, director of Hang Heung Singapore, says the decision to open an outlet here was due to “positive responses from Singaporeans” during the few “short-term pop-ups” that Hang Heung has organised in the past.

Hang Heung Opening: Mooncake Promotion

Besides the store, the Hong Kong brand will have a Mooncake Festival pop-up kiosk at Raffles City from Aug 24 and is offering a 15 per cent early bird mooncake discount.

Hang Heung is well-known for its Signature Double Yolk White Lotus Seed Mooncake. Using specially selected premium lotus seeds from Hunan, Xianglian, the process of making the lotus seed paste is laborious as each step is crucial to the end taste and texture.

Hang Heung Specialty – Wife Cake 老婆饼

Hang Heung Wife Cake, also known as Sweetheart Cake, is a Cantonese pastry made with a thin crust and handmade winter melon paste filling. Also popular are its crispy egg rolls and its silky smooth mooncakes.

Creating the puff pastry, which is made with two different doughs, “takes years of diligent practice to master the technique”. The traditional Cantonese pastry comes with a winter melon paste filling encased within a flaky, paper-thin crust made of two different doughs. 

International Recognition and Online Reviews

Widely known as a household name in Hong Kong, Hang Heung was featured across various local and international media, especially those Hong Kong’s TVB dramas.

In June 2019, Hang Heung Cake Shop was awarded with the prestigious title of a Centurion brand by The Hong Kong Food Council in recognition of its pursuit to preserve the heritage and craft of traditional Chinese age-old delights and bakes.

A quick round up of online reviews of Hang Heung Bakery as follows:

“Super good Lao po bing. I only eat this and it’s extremely delicious compared to the others. HKD 45 per box of 6.. well I suppose it commands a pricing for such good taste. Hard to search for the shop in mongkok though. Maybe getting from Sogo at Tsim sha shui might be easier. A must have if you visit HK, else you really miss it.”

“Went on a Sunday morning, it’s my must have whenever I’m in HK. Their old wife biscuit is to die for and freshly baked. The winter melon filling is sweet, chewy and generous under light flaky pastry skin. Theirs is the best I have ever eaten in the world.”

Check out Hang Heung’s website for more details or to make any pre-orders now. We are certainly looking forward to trying out the famous Hang Heung famous pastries when they arrive in Singapore this August!

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