Google Pixel 4a launches in Singapore for only $499 with favorable reviews

google pixel 4a
google pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a launches in Singapore for $499, early reviews are favorable  

Google announced on Aug 4 that the Google Pixel 4a will be coming to Singapore.

Right now, online pre-orders for the Pixel 4a have gone live on the Google Store as well as Courts and Challenger.  The affordable alternative to the Pixel 4 is available for pre-orders starting Aug 4. 

It follows in the footsteps of the Pixel 3A by trying to offer value at a low cost. According to Google’s blog post, the Pixel 3a “gave people a chance to get the helpful features of Pixel at a more affordable price” and the Pixel 4a will continue to do the same.

For comparison, their previous premium smartphone, the Pixel 4, costs S$1,119.

The Pixel 4a also undercuts Apple’s entry to the budget smartphone lineup. The iPhone SE costs S$649 without contract in Singapore.

Their latest addition to Pixel smartphone lineup will only cost S$499. At S$499, it is Google’s attempt to win back consumers in view of the covid economy, targeting customers who have been reducing their budgets because of the pandemic.

Google Pixel 4a: Value for Money

First look at the Google Pixel 4A budget smartphone

Based on initial reviews by most major media sources, the Google Pixel 4a is being touted as “Google’s best value for money phone in years” by Straits Times, “impressive camera, affordable price” by TechRadar and “Best budget Android phone you can buy today” by Asiaone.   

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US Prices and Specs for the various phones attached above for reference and comparison

For one of the most competitive prices (S$499) on the smartphone market, you get a phone that is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Mobile Platform, offers storage space of 128GB, 6GB of RAM, new re-designed hole punch front-camera that is embedded within the display and a 5.8-inch bezel-less OLED display screen. It is also protected with on-device security by the Titan M security module.

Google seems to get it right for their budget phones. Everything’s kept clean, everything’s kept simple both inside and out.

Aesthetically, it reflects the no-frills spirit with a plain polycarbonate unibody and only one colour option, which is “just black” with an accented power button. The non-metallic chassis results in a significantly reduced weight, and it still feels nice to the touch due to the matte finish.

Google Pixel 4a: Cool Software Features

So what has changed since the Pixel 4? On the inside, there’s now a very capable Snapdragon 730G processor, RAM is upped to 6GB, storage is a decent 128GB, and shockingly ample battery capacity — more than 10 per cent larger than the Pixel 4. 

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Google Pixel 4a’s adaptive battery did last 24 hours as promised. How it achieves that is by using machine learning to determine which apps we infrequently used and limits their background battery usage.

It also can now predict if the user will run out of battery before the next charge, and reduces background activity further to help keep your phone powered longer.  Basically, it manages the battery life based on how I use the phone.

Live Captions for Phone Calls

Initially built for users who were deaf or had hearing difficulties, it’s a feature that has been expanded to be useful for a whole host of other situations.

Forget your headphones in a situation where it’s not appropriate to listen out loud? Need to take notes during long meetings, seminars and conduct interviews? This comes in handy.

The bonus is that Pixel 4a comes with a new update that will allow the user to provide live caption support for calls – which means it will automatically caption your phone calls, video calls, and calls made through apps, such as Google Duo or Facebook Messenger.

Google Pixel Phone Announcement

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Alongside the launch of their long-awaited budget handset (Google Pixel 4a), the company also announced its next two phones: a 5G-ready Pixel 4a and the flagship Pixel 5, both of which will be available “this fall”. 


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