Giant Singapore is offering unlimited durian buffet from only $38 (2nd – 4th June)

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Giant Singapore is offering unlimited durian buffet from only $38 (2nd – 4th June)

Attention all durian lovers! Giant Tampines Hypermarket is thrilled to present the first-ever Durian Buffet, featuring unlimited servings of your favorite Musang King, Black Gold, and other delightful durian varieties. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

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Note that the durian buffet promotion is done in conjunction with the ongoing Durian sale at Giant – see our coverage on Giant Promotion for full details.

giant buffet promotion () giant buffet promotion () 

From 2nd to 4th June 2023, immerse yourself in a one-hour durian extravaganza like no other. With our wide selection of durians, you can savor them to your heart’s content. But wait, there’s more! Giant is offering Early Bird Specials until 1st June, so make sure to secure your desired buffet package now and enjoy incredible savings!

giant buffet promotion ()

Package 1 – Normal Durian Buffet

$38 (Early Bird)
$48 (Walk-in)
100g Mao Shan Wang & 100g Black Gold, UNLIMITED Other Durian Varieties
Package 2 – Premium Durian Buffet

$68 (Early Bird)
$78 (Walk-in)
UNLIMITED Mao Shan Wang, Black Gold & Other Durian Varieties

For the durian aficionados who can’t get enough, we have à la carte durians available starting from just $2 per piece. It’s an irresistible deal that will leave you wanting more!

So gather all your durian kakis and book your slots now for this unmissable event. Whether you’re a seasoned durian connoisseur or a first-time explorer, this Durian Buffet is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Don’t hesitate – reserve your spot today and prepare for a durian feast of epic proportions!

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