TransitLink Promotion: $5 Travel Credits at Selected Ticket Office Till 14 April


TransitLink Promotion: $5 Travel Credits at Selected Ticket Office Till 14 April

Want to get $5 travel credits? Take part in TransitLink’s service audit!

Just visit TransitLink ticket offices located at the following designated zone:

  • NS 15 Yio Chu Kang
  • NS 13 Yishun
  • NS 11 Sembawang
  • NS 10 Admiralty
  • NS 9 TE 2 Woodlands
  • NS 7 Kranji
  • NS 5 Yew Tee
  • DT 1 Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang

Perform a transaction at the selected ticket office. Then, visit to submit your feedback. Once validated, TransitLink will send SMS to inform you of your $5 travel credits.

Service Audit period is from 1-14 April.

Terms & Conditions apply. Visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at for more information.

Free $5 MRT Credit from TransitLink if you give your feedback 

Bargain hunters alert! You can redeem a free $5 MRT travel credit today by simply taking the train and filling in an online feedback form from TransitLink. TransitLink operates the fare ticketing system for all MRT Lines, so all ride transactions with along any train lines are eligible for this promotion! 

Background of Transit Link

Transit Link Pte Ltd was incorporated on 16 November 1987 and became a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority on 30 April 2010.

TransitLink provides integrated services and solutions to the authorities (such as the Public Transport Council and the Land Transport Authority), the Public Transport Operators (SBS Transit, SMRT, Tower Transit and Go-Ahead), the Card Managers (EZ-Link and NETS).

Full process to earn the $5 travel credit from TransitLink as follows:

Step 1: Visit TransitLink Ticket Offices located in the designated zone as shown.

Step 2: Perform a transaction at the selected Ticket Office. Thereafter, visit to submit your feedback.

Step 3: Once validated, TransitLink will send an acknowledgment SMS to inform you of your $5 travel credit.

Details of the FREE MRT Credit and TransitLink Survey

1. Why should I participate in this service audit survey?

TransitLink is committed to providing excellent customer service and this service audit is a key element in that process. Your accurate feedback would provide us valuable information of our service level and allow us to better serve you in future.

2. How can I participate to earn the $5 travel reward?

Step 1: Perform a top-up at the designated Ticket Office or Concession Card Replacement Office during the service audit period.

Step 2: Visit the TransitLink Facebook Page and click on the link to access the survey portal.

Step 3: Follow the instructions and provide your feedback.

(For the list of designated Ticket Office and Concession Card Replacement Office, please visit

*Please be reminded to perform the above steps in their proper order. To ensure that our survey results remain genuine, surveys that are done before the transaction at the Ticket Office will be automatically invalidated. 

**Do note that our system will capture the timestamp once you access the survey portal. Hence, please note to only click on the link and access the survey portal AFTER performing the transaction.

3. Are there any limits on the number of surveys that I can do?

Each participant can only do a maximum of two surveys for two different Customer Service Officers per month. Do take note that one CAN ID can only be tagged/linked to one mobile number throughout the SA participation. Should you need assistance in updating your details (CAN ID, mobile number), please send us a private message via our Facebook page.

4. The name of the Customer Service Officer that I wish to audit is not listed/has been deactivated, why is that so?

The feedback quota for the specific Customer Service Officer could have been reached. You may wish to visit another designated Ticket Office or Concession Card Replacement Office to participate in this survey.

5. How can I participate in upcoming service audit surveys?

You may wish to visit our Facebook page to find out more information regarding upcoming service audits.


1. How can I redeem the $5 travel reward?

You can redeem the $5 travel reward at any Add Value Machine (AVM) located island wide.

(For the list of AVM, please visit for more information.)

2. How long will it take for the $5 travel reward to be processed?

Upon successful completion of the service audit, the $5 travel reward will be processed within 5 working days.

3. How will I know when can I collect the $5 travel reward?

An acknowledgement SMS will be sent to your mobile number.

By participating in this Service Audit, you are deemed to consent to TransitLink in sending you Service Audit-related SMS (acknowledgement SMS).

4. What can the $5 travel reward be used for?

The $5 travel reward can only be used for travel on trains and buses.

5. What is the redemption period for the $5 travel reward?

The redemption period for the $5 travel reward is 30 days upon receiving the acknowledgement SMS from TransitLink.

6. Is the $5 travel reward transferable?

The $5 travel reward is non-transferable and it can only be redeemed via the registered card.


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