Free Hong Kong Air Tickets: Up to 500,000 Flight Tickets will be given away by HK Tourism Board starting 1 March

Free Hong Kong Airlines tickets
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500,000 Free Hong Kong Air Tickets will be given away by Hong Kong Tourism Board starting 1 March

Starting on March 1st, the Hong Kong Tourism board is giving away 500,000 free air tickets as part of their Hello Hong Kong campaign, aimed at attracting visitors back to the city.

The tickets will be distributed among three airlines – Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express, and Hong Kong Airlines – over a period of 6 months, until September 2023.

This is part of the new Hello Hong Kong campaign launched by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to woo tourists back. The campaign launched on 2 February.
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How to win the Free Hong Kong Air Tickets

Winning Criteria: The criteria for winning the air tickets have yet to be revealed by the airlines, however, it has been reported that about 75% of the tickets will be targeted towards visitors from Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as visitors from Northeast Asian countries and China.

An additional 160,000 air tickets will also be given away to Hong Kong citizens starting in July.

The ticket giveaway will take place over three phases. The first phase commences March 1 and is open to Southeast Asia. The second phase in April is open to Mainland China, and the third phase is in May where tickets will be given away to Northeast Asia and other medium to long haul markets. Hong Kong residents won’t be missing out either — outbound tickets from Hong Kong will be available in July.

Tickets given away are round-trip Economy Class tickets to and from Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines or Hong Kong Express. While tix are sponsored by the Airport Authority Hong Kong, all surcharges, fees and taxes will be borne by ticket winners.  

To try your luck at snagging free tix, go to this website from March 1.

Tickets will be given away by way of various promotional activities, including lucky draws, first-come-first-served or buy-one-get-one-free campaigns, according to the contest website

Free Goodies and Vouchers for Foreign Visitors to Hong Kong 

Additional Perks: In addition to the air tickets, tourists can also look forward to receiving a set of Hong Kong Goodies, starting on February 2nd, 2023. These goodies include a complimentary drink from over 100 bars, restaurants, and hotels, a HKD 100 (~US$12.75) cash voucher to be used at selected restaurants, shops or attractions, and an exclusive memorabilia worth over HKD 100 when visiting selected attractions or museums. Bona fide visitors staying in Hong Kong for 90 days or less are eligible to redeem the Hong Kong Goodies, using a non-Hong Kong mobile number.

Instructions on how to redeem the goodies can be found at the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centers located at the Hong Kong International Airport, Kowloon, Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port.

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