Don’t miss this 2 for 1 Free Durian Promotion (Online Delivery)

Durian Promotion: Free D13 Durian for Every 2 Durian (By Durianmon)  

Durian lovers alert! Here is a great 2 for 1 Durian deal for all to enjoy!

To satisfy your durian cravings, Durianmon is currently offering a limited time promotion offering 1 Free D13 Durian with every purchase of two XO or Red Prawn Durians when you order from their website online.

Durian Promotion: About Durianmon

Durianmon Fresh Durian

Durianmon sources a premium selection of Durians and other items to keep customers happy and coming back for more! Their durians are sourced from “Durianmon Super Special plantations” and to ensure only the biggest, fattest and most delicious of the King of Fruits reaches your doorstep. Furthermore, they have an ever greater selection of durians available for online order with islandwide delivery available!

Our experience ordering from Durianmon has been largely positive and we would recommend our readers to give it a try – the Red Prawn and XO durians we ordered were of top quality with creamy and thick flesh from our experience.

Free delivery is available on all orders over $100.

Durianmon Durian Promotion: Freshly Dehusked Daily

Durianmon Fruit Stall

Durians are hand dehusked, weight and quality checked daily just before delivery. No need to worry about getting a subpar durian delivered. Don’t get tricked by some online vendors who use their online sales to ship out old and unwanted durians.

Durianmon Durian Promotion: Weight & Quality Guarantee

Durianmon XO Durian
Durianmon XO Durian

Every outbound Durianmon is checked on the weight scale to ensure that the dehusked mass meets the minimum weight. Furthermore, their experienced fruit dehuskers filter out any Durians deemed undesirable before getting it ready for delivery. Basically they do everything short of eating it themselves to ensure the quality of the fruit.

As per their online self-description – “We Kaypoh every durian for that yummy assurance check”.

Durian Promotion: D24, XO, Red Prawn, King of Kings at Only $14 per kg 

durianmon durian selection
durianmon durian selection

Durian Promotion: Musang King (~$16 / kg) with free delivery 

Definitely one of the cheaper option available online with free delivery if you are looking to buy the famous Musang King Durian.

Don’t miss the chance to grab some yummy durians with this great 2 for 1 Durian Promotion from Durianmon – definitely worth checking out considering their reasonable price and additional free durian with the current ongoing promotion. 

Check out Durianmon website to learn more. 

Hope you enjoy this Don’t miss this 2 for 1 Free Durian Promotion (Online Delivery) brought to you by

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