10 Best Walking Spots in Singapore

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Because of its numerous parks, botanical gardens, wildlife and nature reserves, and hidden treasures, Singapore is also known as the Garden City. The multitude of walking trails has, therefore, made hiking an increasingly popular activity.

For a ground-level view of Singapore, and exploration of secret parts, you should note down the following Top 10 best walking spots in Singapore & things to do in Singapore.

10 Best Walking Spots in Singapore

Garden by the Bay

It is one of Asia’s most prominent futuristic man-made nature parks spreading over 250 acres in the central region of Singapore. Pre-book Garden by the Bay tickets online for a comfortable trip to the garden. Everyone will admire the waterfront gardens, vibrant flora and fauna, conservatories, four themed spaces, the largest glass greenhouse in the world, and Supertree Grove with steel tree plantations generating power.

Kallang Riverside Park

It is another scenic walking spot in Singapore. It provides endless fun both on land and water. You can walk on the nice shady pathways lined with beautiful trees. It is also a paradise for adventure lovers. With various species of birds in the area, its serene ambiance makes walking and unwinding memorable. You can sit under the coconut or palm trees, and enjoy the stillness of the reservoir.

The Southern Ridges

It is a 10-km long trail connecting five parks on the southern ridges of Singapore. Walking or hiking on this stretch of the open-air bridge surrounded by lush greenery is thrilling and relaxing at the same time. You can also get a 360˚ panoramic view of the Singaporean skyline. It is also a well-known point for bird watching. Due to its innovative design, it offers photography enthusiasts myriad opportunities to capture some unique frames.

Jurong Lake Gardens

This lush west-side park comprises Japanese, Chinese, and Lakeside Gardens. It is an ideal picnic spot for families, nature lovers, and everyone in-between. Again, it has swamp forests for boardwalk, playgrounds, dog run, and water sports. You can spot wildlife, appreciate the Rasau Walk, and click some unforgettable photos.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Located at a height of 163 meters, it is Singapore’s highest nature park. It has historical significance, being the spot of the British military’s final stand against the invading Imperial Japanese Army. Moreover, it is home to a high quantity of native flora and fauna. You can challenge yourself with this invigorating climb but with spectacular views.

Clementi Forest

It is an off-beat but popular tourist destination in Singapore. The forest trail is unique and comprises abandoned railway tracks, secret tunnels, and crossing over muddy waters. You should have proper hiking gear for certain parts that can be either too steep or too slippery.

Labrador Natural Reserve

This family-friendly and stroller-friendly park is located at the edge of the secondary forest with a picturesque view of the sea and cliffside vegetation. You will love the tranquil environment and the natural wonders. Moreover, you can spot the resident squirrels, and birds like, the Oriental Magpie robin and Black-naped Oriole. You can take a stroll by the seaside promenade at the park, past a replica of Dragon’s Tooth Gate, and on to the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk.

Thomson Nature Park

This is a 50-hectare buffer park that boasts a rich cultural heritage and biodiversity. It is a prominent conservation site for endangered species. You can explore the 3.8km long five trails. It exhibits the varied flora and fauna, as well as the ways of life during the Kampung Days. You will enjoy café hopping and Prata hunting.

MacRitchie Reservoir

This nature park and reservoir at the heart of the city is a preferred choice for nature enthusiasts, runners, hikers and trekkers, and water sports lovers. The isolated paths, the tropical climate, the cool weather, and the scenic vistas are sure to go for.

Pulau Ubin

You can trek through 6 distinct ecosystems as you head to the Chek Jawa wetlands. Again, you can catch a glimpse of the 1960’s Singaporean way of living. You can take a 15-minute bumboat ride from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to reach Pulau Ubin.


Thus, with a customized and authentic Singapore package, you can capture the essence of the city. Make sure to purchase the tickets in advance for a comfortable excursion and sightseeing.