22nd Century Brand Promotion by Design Singapore Council

22nd Century Brand Promotion – 30th June 2020

Design Singapore Council Singapore  is running a new event called 22nd Century Brand Promotion.

In the final episode of The 22nd Century Brand, a three-part series presented by DesignSingapore Council and the National Design Centre, global branding expert Hunter Tura discusses The Future of Brands.

How different are brands now compared to before? How can brands shape themselves to create greater connection with their customers, which ultimately translate to sales, profits and success?

Catch this episode on 30 June 2020 at 9pm to find out! Click on “Get R eminder” so you won’t miss it.

Catch up on Episode 1: bit.ly/Originofbrands and Episode 2: bit.ly/BrandsToday

The series is part of the #NationalDesignCentre thematic programming for the month of June 2020, which focuses on “Building Strong Brands”.

Check out Design Singapore Council for full details.

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