10 Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore: InsectOut, Shield Perfect & Flyscreen [2022]

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10 Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore: InsectOut, Shield Perfect & Flyscreen [2022]

In Singapore, mosquitoes pose a severe menace. Some of them, like the Asian Tiger mosquito, have been known to spread dangerous infections like Zika or Dengue fever, and your home may serve as their primary breeding place. If this worries you, you might want to purchase one of the mosquito nets we have discussed below.

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1. InsectOut

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Singaporeans who are knowledgeable about bugs and mosquitoes highly suggest InsectOut as a product. They are renowned for their clever use of a fiberglass interlaced mesh pattern. What best describes them is the quality of the fiberglass and the custom-made design to fit into your window designs.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Effectively seals the frame of your windows to prevent drafts. Keep out any insects including mosquitoes, midges, roaches, lizards, bees, birds, bats, and cigarette ash.
  • All sizes are CUSTOM-MADE and suitable for ALL window types.
  • Unseen Mesh. Interior design won’t be impacted.
  • Allow sunlight into the space, open airflow, and ventilation.
  • STRONG fiberglass-based wire mesh (not thin nylon curtain fabric).
  • Mesh is held in place by interlocking “grooved” PVC and magnetic strips.

Website: https://insectout.com.sg/

Contact Details: +65 8242 9595

Address: 874 Yishun Street 81, Block 874, Singapore 760874

Operating Hours: N/A

2. Insect Screen Singapore

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A mosquito net composed of high-quality fiberglass that prevents mosquitoes from passing through is called Insect Screen Singapore. Home is properly protected with the use of this material, and interior design is permitted because the interior is not hampered. Due to its high-end materials and intricate patterns, Insect Screen Singapore promotes ventilation by enabling unobstructed air flow.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • One of Singapore’s TOP suppliers of insect screens.
  • Mosquitoes and other insects cannot pass through the dense fiberglass net.
  • Magic invisibility screens with high transparency.
  • Improves ventilation by allowing wind to pass through.
  • Durable fiberglass mesh that is UV resistant.
  • PVC Strip Net Frame with Removable 3M VHB Tape & Magnet
  • Custom-Made-to-Fit Screens with a gapless seal.
  • There are 6 colors that can match interior design.

Website: https://www.insectscreensingapore.com/

Contact Details: 6432 8222

Address: N/A

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am–5:30pm, Sat-Sun: 9am–5pm

2. Shield Perfect


Keeping mosquitoes, black flies, and other flying insects at bay, Magicseal offers you their well-known brand of mosquito nets. It is practical for everyone due to the straightforward installation process. It may be fitted in a few minutes and is simple to install. Along with the mosquito nets, your home can still get fresh air because the polyester netting is permeable.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • One of Singapore’s TOP suppliers of insect screens.
  • Free on-site evaluation; no purchase required.
  • Installation service is included in the competitively cheap pricing of S$8–$10 PSF compared to market (with a minimum spend of S$150).
  • Compared to other merchants, they don’t charge GST, thus your cost of purchase is reduced!
  • After site visit, final one-price quote, no surprises afterwards!
  • 100% customer satisfaction achieved by superior service & high-quality output.
  • They have their own factory in Singapore, so if there are any problems, they can respond quickly.

Website: https://www.shieldperfect.com.sg/inscreen-screen.html

Contact Details: +65 8814 3996

Address: 32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #05-04 (S569510)

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

4.The Flyscreen Company


Flyscreen Company is a leading supplier of mosquito netting in the country and their service is open to everyone. Their experience has helped us come up with some great products which can be used for trapping insects, protecting from dust, and above all else serve as an aesthetic addition to any home.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Commercial-grade 3M adhesive tape is used to affix the flyscreen’s component parts together.
  • To open or close a window, lift the flyscreen from the bottom using a lifting grip.
  • Flyscreens are made to be easily twisted to open and close windows and are strong, flexible, water-resistant, and durable.
  • Flyscreen will gather dust, which should be regularly cleaned to improve ventilation.
  • A seal is created around the window frame by attracting magnets, and the mesh’s approximate size hole size. It successfully deters mosquitoes and other obnoxious insects/pests at 1.25mm.
  • Also known as a “Invisible Screen.” Both inside and outside, flyscreen is barely perceptible. Increasing ventilation by opening windows.

Check price on Shopee

Check price on Lazada

Website: https://www.theflyscreencompany.sg/contact.html

Contact Details: +65 96419906

Address: Block 1014 Geylang East Avenue 3 #07-184 Singapore 389729

Operating Hours: N/A

5. Magicseal


In Singapore, Magicseal has been a dependable source for repelling mosquitoes for more than three decades. Their roll-up mosquito screens are composed of non-toxic, safe polyester. Additionally, they are enduring, water-resistant, and simple to clean using a moist towel. A cozy alternative to standard sliding doors is provided by Magicseal if you have a larger area, like a patio or veranda.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Quality and effective invisible insect screens to stop mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards and more.
  • Suitable for All Homes, Offices and Businesses.
  • Strong, scratch-proof screens to keep your pets safely indoors while keeping insects out.
  • Fuss-free installation (No Nails, No Drilling, No Clean-Up)
  • Free demonstration at your doorstep.

Website: https://www.magicseal.com.sg/

Contact Details: +(65) 6296 9212

Address: 101 Kitchener Road #03-08 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 9am-6pm


6. Miss Mosquito Net

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The best mosquito net in Singapore is reputed to be Miss Mosquito net. Clients strongly value their high-quality fiberglass meshes with UV protection and environmental friendliness. Miss Mosquito nets are a fantastic home improvement purchase. When placed, they are virtually inconspicuous and do not block your view. fiberglass mesh that is strong and easy to clean, and quick installation.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Block out insects, lizards, birds, reduce dust, and keep cats safely indoors.
  • No screws, no drilling. custom-fit to your windows, strongly secured with patented magnets and 3m tape.
  • Easy to remove and clean, durable and long-lasting fiberglass mesh.

Website: http://www.missmosquitonet.com/

Contact Details: 96465970

Address: N/A

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am–5pm


7. Mozziefy


Mozziefy’s magnetic screens offer superior protection against all kinds of pests such as mosquitoes, bats and lizards. With their easy installation and removal kits you can easily install or remove your Mozziefy screens within a few minutes.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Full Seal against Dengue Mosquitoes, Lizards, beetles and other pests.
  • Clean and elegant. Aesthetic with multiple colors to match.
  • Maintain Breeze with porous mesh. Reduces Dust entry.
  • Maintain Views with fine mesh.
  • Waterproof and Washable.


8. Amazing Seal Singapore

Insect Screen Specialist

Amazing Seal Singapore manufactures high-quality and reasonably priced magnetic screens, providing a one-stop shop for eliminating mosquitoes from your house. There are numerous manufacturers of insect screens, but what we discovered to be unique—indeed, special—about the ones they produce is that they also lessen dust and sun glare. You may feel safe in your own house knowing that no lizard or mosquito will disturb your quiet thanks to the insect screens from Amazing Seal.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Polypropylene (PP) is what is used in their bug screens. PP mesh is tougher, more resilient, and less likely to tear than fiberglass mesh.
  • It also has strong tensile strength and excellent external visibility.
  • They can cut costs without sacrificing quality thanks to well-oiled procedures and solid supplier connections.

Website: https://www.amazingseal.com/

Contact Details: 91886580

Address: 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #05-41

Operating Hours: N/A


9. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Untitled x

This business is renowned for offering comprehensive contractor services. They handle everything, including decorating and interior design. They also offer the full range of mosquito net services, including installation and upkeep. We were particularly struck by their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They give careful consideration to the needs of the clients and provide lots of possibilities for customization.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Accessible simple installations
  • Complete personalization is possible.
  • A sizable customer base that is completely satisfied

10. Peaceon Screens


Peaceon Screens has been delivering a list of enticing products that are appreciated and treasured by all Singaporeans, and they are now bringing you another fantastic mosquito nets from the heart of Singapore. We really liked the design and construction of the mosquito nets, which makes them a must in every home. Strong construction and excellent quality contribute to the product’s long-term durability, making it a worthwhile investment. After installation, the sturdy but flexible screens will be sure to keep alien bugs at bay, so you can stop worrying about catching strange diseases from them.

Why is this one of the Best Mosquito Nets in Singapore?

  • Magnetic insect screens are a cheap and practical way to keep pests out of your home.
  • Roller screens are popular because they are simple to open and close.
  • Sliding screens are a practical choice for buildings with big sliding doors.
  • It can swing open inside or outwards for casement screen doors.

Website: https://peaceon.com.sg/

Contact Details: +65 6256 8897


Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am – 6pm


This marks the conclusion of our list of the top mosquito nets available in Singapore. The list above was involved in discovering the greatest mosquito netting Singapore had to offer. We developed and tested the list in order to only offer the best they have here in Singapore, from their usage of simple installations to their use of finest quality fabrics that are also available in a wide range of color options.