10 Best Digital Locks In Singapore: Starke Seamless, Loghome LH600 & Zeus Z-2 & Z-4GS [2022]

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10 Best Digital Locks In Singapore [2022]

Gone are the days when you had to dig through your bag for your keys. To unlock your door, all you need is your pin or fingerprint, and some digital locks even have facial recognition technology. Every smart modern home’s entrance is powered by a digital door lock. Password, biometric, Bluetooth via your phone, and card/RFID locks are all examples of digital locks. Some digital door locks include more than one of the features listed above.

A digital lock in Singapore costs between $200 and $1,000, depending on the brand and features. With so many different brands and models of digital locks to choose from in Singapore, the ultimate question is, which should you buy? This series includes so we introduce 10 Best Digital Locks in Singapore (2022) where we will share with you the best digital door lock to buy. 

1. Starke Seamless™ Länge Fingerprint Digital Lock

Starke Seamless™ Tall Fingerprint Digital Lock Singapore

The signature award-winning German-designed Starke SeamlessTM Länge Fingerprint Digital Lock is the enhanced version of the Seamless Désignerin Fingerprint Digital Door Lock and is one of the most popular digital locks in Singapore. This sleek device has a slimmer, taller design that is specifically designed to fit larger doors in modern homes.

The Starke Seamless Tall is equipped with advanced ultra-sensitive sensor technology and has a highly responsive lock interface with an incredibly fast 0.5s unlocking speed. What’s great about it is that it supports five different unlocking methods: fingerprint, pin, mobile app, RFID card, and keys. Furthermore, using its patented PrintSave technology, you can store up to 100 unique fingerprints, easily covering a large household.

With the Starke’s sensitivity to even the slightest tampering, you’re well-protected in terms of security. An intrusion alarm is cleverly hidden within, which aids deterrence. Furthermore, its advanced Anti-Malware and Anti-Breach system protects your digital door lock from hacking.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Sleek German design and superior German technology for top-notch security
  • Store up to 100 unique fingerprints
  • Longest 3-year battery life, potentially up to 5 years
  • 2 years warranty
  • Free installation
  • No questions asked refund policy

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2. Loghome LH600-MG Metal Gate Lock

Loghome LH MG Metal Gate Lock

The Loghome LH600-MG Metal Gate Lock is specially designed to fit metal gates and features quality German design. This metal gate lock supports fingerprint, PIN, and RFID card access and can store 100 fingerprints. Furthermore, its PIN code allows you to create passwords ranging from 3 to 19 digits, assuming you can remember that long a passcode!

The Loghome LH600-MG has several useful alarms, which is a plus. First and foremost, there is a built-in fire detection sensor. Second, there is a force-open alarm. Finally, there is a theft and prank prevention system in place, with a 1-minute pause after 5 consecutive incorrect inputs. They also provide you with a mechanical override key and an emergency power terminal battery in case the batteries fail after a few years.

Check out their Loghome LH-300MG Metal Gate Lock and KAISER+ Digital Lock if you want a more affordable metal gate lock.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Fingerprint (200 capacity)
  • Pin Code access (3 to 19 digits)
  • RFID Card access (able to program 50 cards)
  • Mechanical Overriding Key (3 sets)
  • Remote Control Provided
  • Master Pin available for extra security

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3. Zeus Z-2 & Z-4GS

WhatsApp Image at .. PM

The synchronization function, which allows you to unlock both the door and gate lock with a single tap, is the coolest feature of Zansan’s latest digital locks, the Zeus Sync Series. “Synchronize your locks, simplify your life!” says Zansan. The ease and convenience you will enjoy not only saves you time, but also makes returning home a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone! Furthermore, the Z-4GS (Digital Gate Lock) is the market’s smallest Rim Lock that comes with a key for added security.

These made-in-Korea locks have alarm functions in case of housebreaking and theft, an external double locking device, and self-diagnosis functions, among other features.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • These Korean locks come with a variety of functions to keep your home safe and secure
  • Synchronize both digital locks together for convenience and ease
  • Zansan Singapore is the largest digital lock distributor in Singapore, and the exclusive distributor of BOSCH and Zeus digital locks. It is also the 1st and only Casetrust Accredited Digital Lock company.

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4. Zeus Z-10

Z Lifestyle

One of the best digital lock options we’ve seen is this sleek door lock from Korean brand Zeus. This push-pull digital lock is both sophisticated and versatile, as it can be unlocked in four different ways! The Z-10 not only keeps your home safe and secure, but it also has an award-winning design, having won the prestigious iF Design Award in 2019. The Zeus Z-10 is only available from Zansan, Singapore’s largest distributor of digital locks.

Zansan Singapore, founded in 2017, has quickly grown to become Singapore’s largest digital lock distributor and the exclusive distributor for Bosch, Schlage, and Zeus digital locks. Zansan is also Singapore’s first and only CaseTrust-accredited digital lock company.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • These Korean locks come with a variety of functions to keep your home safe and secure
  • Features an award-winning design, adding sophistication to your home
  • Zansan Singapore is the largest digital lock distributor in Singapore, and the exclusive distributor of BOSCH and Zeus digital locks. It is also the 1st and only Casetrust Accredited Digital Lock company.

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5. ATLAS Digital Door Lock 

ATLAS DV Bundle Best Digital Locks in Singapore for Modern Homes

The Luxus ATLAS Digital Door Lock is an excellent choice if you want a modern digital lock at a reasonable price. It combines functionality and aesthetics in a single dependable device. Its slim and sophisticated black design is ideal for modern minimalist homes. You get the best of all worlds: functionality, appearance, and dependability, all at a reasonable price.

This digital lock employs the most recent advancement in intelligent lock security, in which a semiconductor fingerprint scanner grants access only to the fingerprints of individuals selected by the user. Not only that, but you can also open the lock using a number-code pin, voice navigation, RFID Card access, one-time passwords, or even a mechanical key. You can also instantly track the history of access – the power is literally in your hands!

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Variety of access options
  • Triple-bolt mortise for enhanced mechanical security
  • Anti-hacking certified
  • Smartphone app compatibility for easy usage
  • Long battery life
  • 2-year manufacturer onsite warranty 

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6. Samsung SHP-DR708 Digital Lock with Wi-Fi 

Samsung SHP DR digital lock with Wi Fi

Samsung is one of South Korea’s biggest names in electronic appliances, producing reliable yet stylish digital door locks. The Samsung SHP-DR708 is one of Singapore’s most recent digital locks. Furthermore, it is a smart, WiFi digital door lock with 5 different unlock options. I especially like the push-pull function. See how it works in the video!

This model also includes a smart bell that connects to your smartphone. When your family or friends ring the doorbell, you can unlock it using your app, even if you are miles away. You can see who is coming home in real time.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Able to set a duration password to enter and exit during a period (great for cleaners to come while you are away)
  • Issue single-use one-time passwords for convenient visitor access 
  • Anti-theft set up allows you to burglar-proof your home while you are away 
  • Stylish and sleek design fits any modern home 
  • Includes free installation when you purchase on Lazada

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7. Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

Hafele digital door lock EL

You won’t have to worry about misplaced or stolen keys or forgotten passwords with the Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock’s advanced fingerprint recognition capabilities. It has an auto-lock and auto-relock feature for added security. To protect you and your guests, an emergency warning system is included, such as a break-in alarm that activates a sound when the door is attacked.

It is one of Singapore’s best digital locks because of features like these.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Password and RFID card compatible
  • Has 3 mechanical keys
  • Free installation (Singapore only)
  • With auto-lock feature

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8. Gateman GRAB100-FH Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

best digital lock Gateman GRAB FH Digital lock

Gateman is the leading digital door lock brand in Korea. The best thing about Gateman is its low cost. A digital door lock with fingerprint recognition will usually set you back around $900. However, for Gateman, you can expect to pay less than $400 and still be assured of dependability.

The quick pass fingerprint recognition is my favorite feature of the new Gateman GRAB100-FH. Instead of the usual top position, when you open the door handle, your fingerprint is scanned, saving you time.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Double-hook mechanism to add strengthen security 
  • Features IPX4 class waterproofing and is resilient to UV
  • Smooth metal frame and soft lines give an elegant look  despite the affordable price 
  • Has two communication pack slots to enable you to use it with your video phone and smart home system 
  • 3-minute lock function adds security if the pin code is entered wrongly for more than 5 times
  • Fire resistant 

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9. Schlage S-6800 Digital Door Lock 

best digital lock Schlage S Digital Door Lock

Looking for a reputable brand to purchase a digital lock in Singapore? Check out Schlage, a well-known lock brand from the United States that has been in business since 1920. Schlage has been developing the strongest security products for not only homes but also commercial and institutional buildings for over 90 years.

The Schlage S-6800 digital touchpad includes a fingerprint reader that can store up to 100 fingerprints, allowing you to save all of your fingers (if desired).

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • Temporary codes can be created for your guests, cleaners or contractors
  • Built-in alarm can sense forced entry
  • Auto re-lock feature ensures that your door does not remain unlocked for too long
  • Manual lock from the inside also makes it easy for you to exit in an emergency

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10. Yale YDD424 Digital Door Lock

Yale YDD Digital Door Lock Singapore e

The Yale YDD424 is a solid performer if you’re looking for a digital lock in Singapore with secure technology. With cutting-edge technology like an invisible keypad and features that allow you to enter a fake PIN before or after entering the correct one, you can improve the security of your home. Furthermore, if there is any attempt to damage the door, the alarm will sound.

Why is this one of the Best Digital Lock in Singapore?

  • A security alarm system that detects damage attempt and fire
  • Invisible keypad: Keypad only shows up when you touch the screen with your palm
  • Features automatic locking means that the door will automatically lock once it’s closed
  • Low use of battery and emergency power available

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Types of Digital Locks

RFID Digital Locks

RFID digital door lock uses a radiofrequency device, usually with a card that carries the signal, to open the door. Some RFID cards don’t require you to be so close to the door to open it, as it will open automatically once the signal is detected.

Bluetooth Digital Locks

This type of digital door lock utilizes Bluetooth technology to gain control access to the door. With the Bluetooth digital door lock, you can open the door via multiple phones that connect to its Bluetooth signal, hence it is perfect for big families.

Biometric lock

Widely known as the fingerprint lock, the biometric lock technology is a popular option amongst digital locks in Singapore. Some biometric locks even allow retinal scans, which provides one of the highest security features to date.

Electronic Keypad Lock

Another popular choice amongst digital door locks, the electronic keypad lock requires no physical keys or phones. Instead, all you need is to remember your pin code when you leave your home. To ensure the confidentiality of your codes, many products feature invisible keypad and only show once you touch the keypad region.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a digital door lock?

Instead of using a physical key to unlock a door, digital door lock uses electric and digital technology to secure and unlock a door. There are a variety of ways digital locks use to gain control access to the door. It could be keypads or using code, biometric, Bluetooth, or using radiofrequency through a smart card. While it makes your life more comfortable as you no longer need a physical key, it also offers better security compared to a traditional lock.

Why should I get a digital door lock?

We highly recommend you to use a digital door lock in your home. It is a proven way to provide additional security to your home or room with its technology. All digital door locks usually comes with an alarm that protects your house from any breaking or damaging attempt. On the other hand, it also makes your life so much more convenient! Especially if you are a forgetful person who loses your keys repeatedly, you will be really thankful for the invention of digital door locks.

What are the popular digital locks in Singapore?

For Singapore, Yale and Samsung have been the front runners when it comes to digital door locks. Apart from many different kinds of digital door lock products offered, all of them come with excellent quality, security, durability, and the latest technology.

Is it safe to use a digital lock in Singapore?

Digital locks in Singapore are as safe as the traditional key locks. To take further precaution, do cover up when keying in your access code, and set an access code that is not easy to guess. You may fear that your digital door lock is hackable, but most well-known brands have multiple layers of security for protection from hacking.